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May the readings of my Rosaries become your immediate task in the near future

Mother Mary
March 26, 2005

Mother Mary
About Mother Mary

I AM Mother Mary, your Mother in Heaven. I have come to you through this Messenger.

Many times I came through many people who are incarnated on planet Earth today. The dispensation that was granted to me lets me appear in the physical world with the help of the energy that people emanate while reading Rosaries.

I come to many people and I will have this opportunity until the stream of energy flowing from your hearts into mine is full.

I use every opportunity to appear before those who are ready to see and hear me. At present I come through Tatyana, as the time has come to set you on the right path and to tell you the words that are necessary for you at this time.

You may imagine me. I am standing right in front of you when you are reading these lines. I am standing in front of you with a bunch of roses in my hands. I have prepared this bunch for you, my beloved. For you, who aspires and spends so many hours reading my Rosaries. Do not give up this work, I ask you, my beloved.

I understand that there are many temptations and seductions in your world that seem to you to be more important than the prayers that I ask you to read for me every day.

However, if it were not necessary to ask for your service at this period of time I would not have bothered you.

Beloved, it does not matter which Rosary you read and whether you read traditional Catholic Rosaries or Rosaries I have given through many Messengers lately. I would like you to understand that only your heart’s aspiration and purity, your wish to help the entire Life on this planet are of importance.

I do not want to frighten you with any forthcoming calamities and cataclysms. It is not because they are not coming in the near future. Cataclysms are inevitable, as people stubbornly do not want to keep their eyes on Heaven and go on persisting in their aspiration to get more and more pleasures of this world.

That is why the energy of your prayers is so necessary for us. I assure each of you who read my Rosaries every day at this difficult time that within 100 kilometers around the place of your reading there will be no cataclysms or calamities.

I especially appeal to the people of my favorite country, Russia. Due to the great space your country occupies and very low density of population in many regions, you are expected to give us your service with double and even triple efforts. Russia has been granted a great mission to transform mankind’s consciousness and to raise this consciousness onto a higher level.

That is why I ask everyone who hears this Message — may the reading of my Rosaries, independent of the Messenger through whom these Rosaries come to you, become your intermediate task in the near future. You must give me one Rosary every day. I ask you. I beg you, my beloved.

I will come myself and give one rose from my bunch as a sign of my love to each of you who pledge to faithfully read my Rosaries every day.

And that is not everything, my beloved. I ask you to read my Rosaries with a feeling of the mightiest love you can feel towards your planet, towards all living creatures inhabiting this planet. And I ask you to descend into your heart and to feel its warmth before reading a Rosary. Think of me. I know how hard it is for you to be incarnated on Earth at this difficult time. But remember how difficult it was for me when my son Jesus was crucified before my eyes. How could I watch his sufferings?

Beloved, do you love me? Can you send me Love from your heart just for a few minutes before reading a Rosary every day? It is not difficult. Will you comply with my request?

I love all of you, and I will come to you while reading your Rosaries. You will feel; you will certainly feel my presence. You may stop reading and talk to me. I will lend my ear to all your requests and wishes.

And I promise to render you any help that the Cosmic Law will let me render.

I will do my best to help you. Can I also expect you to do what I ask you?

Believe me, if I did not know what I know and what is hidden from your eyes, I would never ask you to do the work that only you can do.

Least of all I want you to feel fear. Be afraid of nothing. I was among you; I was stepping on earth and I can assure you that each of you receives during his life as many trials as you can endure.

The karma created by mankind is too heavy. Great sacrifices and sufferings are demanded for the redemption of it.

But God is gracious and He grants you the means to soften your karma and relieve your burden. Do not scorn these means and the opportunity granted to you.

I leave you. I was happy to use this opportunity to remind you again about the work you should fulfill.

I will certainly meet with each of you while reading your everyday Rosaries.

I AM Mother Mary, and goodbye until we meet again.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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