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I feel your Love and I impart my Love to you!

Beloved Saint-Germain
March 25, 2005

Beloved Saint-Germain
About Beloved Saint-Germain

I AM Saint-Germain! I have come!


The joy of our meeting will be clouded by sad news that I would like to tell you now. You know that I have pawned my causal body so that mankind of Earth could take advantage of the violet flame gift in this difficult time for the planet.

The Law sets down that the energy should be used reasonably. And someone has to compensate the damage caused by wasting the energy in vain.

I pawned my causal body for the right of people to use the violet flame. It was a colossal opportunity that should have promoted a leap in people’s consciousness. Having dissolved all your karmic loads with the help of this universal dissolvent, you could ascend to a new degree of evolutionary process, passing by cataclysms, all sorts of natural and technogenic calamities and disasters.

But it did not happen. Violet flame was not used by humanity in accordance with the plan of the Ascended Hosts. At present, the violet flame dispensation functions selectively and only for the individuals capable of using this flame without damage to the planet. It was already explained by beloved Surya.[1]

Someone should have compensated the energetic damage of the wrong violet flame qualification tolerated by mankind. And this someone was I. I have lost a great part of my causal body, the energy of which was used for the compensation of the damage caused by people’s wrong qualification of the violet flame energy.

Therefore, I have come to tell you about this sacrifice that I made for you. I have come not to receive your sympathy or support. I have come to inform you about this occurrence. If it did not happen, the karma created by the human misuse of the violet flame energy could lead to irreversible consequences for Earth.

I have come to inform you about this sad event. But do not be dejected! Your world has always demanded sacrifices from the higher beings. And such sacrifices have always been made during the entire course of the development of civilization on Earth.

I will tell you more. Many Light Beings have sacrificed and are now sacrificing their causal bodies in order that the momentum of Light and the momentum of attainments contained in their causal bodies could be used for the stabilization of the situation both on this planet and on other planets in other galaxies where the situation is as bad as on Earth.

I suppose that many of you will be saddened by this news. I observed many of you at the moment of your reading the violet flame decrees. You are doing it so sincerely and selflessly that for the sake of your aspiration, your noble impulse, and your achievements I am ready to sacrifice everything I have, all my bodies and all that I AM.

Maybe it will seem unreasonable to you. However, I wish to remind you, that we, all the Ascended Hosts and the non-ascended humanity compose the united body of God. We are united. And we are immortal. That is why it is impossible to die, even when you have already sacrificed all your bodies. It is a mystery of God and some day you will understand the meaning of this mystery.

Now I can tell you that there is no greater enjoyment in this universe than the enjoyment that you experience while sacrificing yourself for the sake of life, for the sake of salvation of living beings.

You also make such sacrifices in your life. Everyone makes sacrifices according to his individual abilities and his consciousness level.

You sacrifice your free time while reading the violet flame decrees; you sacrifice your habits and your weaknesses.

Some day you will ascend to that stage of development that will allow you to sacrifice either a part of your causal body or your whole causal body for the benefit of Life.

I will reveal a secret to you. All your sacrifices that you have already made and that you will make in the future, are not sacrifices actually, if you look at them from the position of Spiritual World. You are sacrificing a mortal part of yourselves, but at the same time you are receiving an invaluable experience that paints your monad in amazing colors.

You receive exactly as much as you give. You receive even more because you sacrifice things liable to decay that are in use in your world but acquire invaluable and imperishable treasures in Heavens.

And the day will come when you will be ready to sacrifice even these invaluable treasures because you will understand that there is no longer a border separating you from God. And you will no longer discriminate in your consciousness things on those belonging to you and to God. It is because you and God are united.

This is the state that you should obtain.

I AM Saint Germain, that Saint Germain whom you love. I know how much you love me. I feel your Love. And I impart my Love to you.

Love of your hearts and the energy of Love are necessary for us, Ascended Hosts. For us your Love is like the best food on Earth that you can taste.

And we send our reciprocal Love to you. And you feel our Love as Bliss. And it is the best and greatest pleasure that you can feel while dwelling in your physical world.

This is the mystery of the alchemy. It is an energy exchange between the octaves. And it is God’s plan for mankind on Earth.

Very soon, already at the times of the Sixth Race, mankind will give up solid food. It will live on concentrated Divine energy that will penetrate through the chakras into the lower bodies and feed these bodies.

It sounds like science fiction, but it will be. You will become a race of spiritual beings, and you will manage to recollect all your previous lives on Earth and all the events of each life. However, I would like to tell you that the first thing you will try to do is never to remember your earthly experience because it will become an unendurable reminiscence for your delicate souls.

And the world surrounding you now will seem to you a nightmare that continued for millions of years. But even deep sleeps come to an end one day. And I wish you the soonest awakening into the real life!

I AM Saint-Germain, and I impart my Love to you!

[1] Dictation We simply took the matches away from the children, Beloved Surya, March 19,2005. Dictations are available on the website (English version) and (Russian version).

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