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I appeal to those of you who experience a special affinity for me

March 21, 2005

About Jesus

I AM Jesus. I have come through this Messenger of God.

About 2000 years have passed since my last incarnation on the earth. I am happy to use an opportunity to give you a short Teaching through this Messenger.

You know that at the time of my incarnation I worked wonders and many people came to see them. Many fewer people came to listen to my Teachings. And only my 12 closest disciples were able to perceive that secret knowledge that I imparted.

This knowledge differed greatly from the religious beliefs of that time.

But I kept teaching because I was to sow the grains of the Truth in the hearts of at least a few of my followers.

What happened then? Those people who had fully adopted my Doctrine were prosecuted and executed.

Then other people emerged, opportunists, who managed to adapt my Doctrine to their mercenary interests and utilize this Doctrine for their own well-being, not taking care of the fact that they were misrepresenting the Divine Truth.

There is a great precipice between the Doctrine I brought into this world during my incarnation and the doctrine that is being given now in Christian churches, though the most advanced souls have understood this difference in the course of 2000 years. They have been guided by such understanding of my Teachings that emanated from their hearts but not from the dead letters of the distorted writings.

Each of these zealots of Spirit had a certain degree of inner contact with me.

And I have always answered the sincere aspirations of their hearts. I helped them as much as it was possible through the exhortations that they were receiving in Spirit.

And I continue my inner link with many incarnated individuals now.

I am saying this for those of you who feel a special affinity for me, maintained from life to life.

You do not need any external doctrine in order to feel the sweetness of our communion and my Love. External Doctrines just serve as a powerful spur to direct your consciousness. Regretfully, the existing official church does not give a big incentive to your aspiration to commune with me honestly.

Therefore, I appeal to those of you who feel a special affinity for me. I want you to know that I am open for contacts with you in your hearts.

I come to everybody who invites me, to everybody who has prepared his temple for receiving me.

Do not be frightened or despairing if our communion is not immediate. It is important for me that your vibrations should reach a certain level of purity. Then I will be able to dwell in you and to communicate with you.

Your aspiration to our communion will create a certain aspiration magnet, and I will have an opportunity to descend into your heart for our inner communion.

If you read attentively even that variant of the Gospels accessible for reading now, you will see that I have never called you to observe the external ceremonials. I have called you to follow the Path in your hearts.

And I have taught you to prepare your temple for the bridegroom’s coming. Your bridegroom is your Christ Self.

When your lower bodies and your soul reach a certain grade of purity, you acquire an opportunity to commune with your Christ Self, you higher part. And through your Christ Self you acquire an opportunity to commune with all the Ascended Hosts.

In reality, for the process of our communication you do not need any outward messenger.

I give you my support, and peace, and consolation. You will find all this inside of your heart.

I will come to everybody who has missed me and is waiting for me. I promise to come to each of you and give you the very things that your hearts have been thirsting after for so long. I will give you knowledge about your Source, about the world you have come from and to where you aspire to return. I will help you to recollect your first love and give you knowledge about the Path that will lead you Home to your Father in Heaven.

Do not believe those who say that this kingdom is here or that kingdom is there. Do not believe those who talk you into building such a Kingdom in the external world regardless of the name they give it — the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth or communism.

You do not need to go to the world’s end — to India, America, or Tibet — to seek this Kingdom.

The Kingdom of Heaven is the state of your consciousness. And when you reach a certain level of your consciousness evolution, you acquire access to this Kingdom of Heaven.

This is hard for you to understand, so I ask you to trust me.

Take my hand. Hold it firmly, and I will show you the way to this Kingdom, the entrance to which is inside of your heart.

Only first you have to give up freely those qualities that burden your hearts and prevent you from seeing me, even when I come to you and am standing right in front of your eyes.

You will not see me until you free yourselves from the load on your shoulders. This load is nothing else but your attachments to the world around you.

I will give you an exercise. Promise me to practice it every day.

Every day visualize a radiant dazzling Light straight in front of you. Feel a desire to join with this Light and to become one and indivisible with it. If this Light burns you and you cannot approach it, then there is something in you that does not let you find the state inherent in your true nature — the state of Light, Fire and Flame.

Think of what prevents you from doing this. What is not from Light in you? You do not need to try to get rid of all your imperfections immediately. Find only one trait in yourselves that, in your opinion, most of all prevents you from manifesting your true nature. If you do not know what this trait is, meditate on me, ask me, and I will tell you what this trait is. It will manifest itself in your life and you will wish to get rid of it.

You must have such a passionate desire to get rid of this bad habit or trait that you will be constantly asking me in your prayers to deliver you from it and help you overcome this imperfection of yours.

You can simply ask or you can pray. And the day will come when you will completely get rid of this habit or trait. Then start getting rid of your next imperfection.

Give all your imperfections to me. Ask me, and I will take them.

And there will be nothing in you that will prevent you from seeing me standing in front of you. I will only have to lead you by the hand into the Kingdom of Heaven, along the secret path hidden in a secret place inside your heart.

We will meet when that moment comes. I will come to you again and again until you are able to hear me and feel my Love.

I AM Jesus, your friend and brother on your Path.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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This book contains selected Messages from Jesus, a Great Divine Being. In the chaos that exists in the world now, the only regulator and guarantor of stability is the inner governor, the human conscience, or God, who resides in every human being. We come to you in the hope that many of you can understand the truths being given by us at this stage of human development. We sincerely hope that these truths will germinate in your hearts and you will become one with the Teaching that we are giving. (Jesus).

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