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The moment has come for you to give up any manifestation of conflict in your consciousness

Beloved El Morya
March 20, 2005

Beloved El Morya
About Beloved El Morya

I AM El Morya! I have come!

Beloved, have you recognized me? Lend your ear to my vibrations. There is something dwelling beyond all the words and images, and this something is Divine reality that cannot be mistaken for anything else.

I have come from this highest reality to give you the following Teaching.

During the time of my last incarnation, I was known to you as El Morya. I came aiming to give the disciples in the West that part of secret knowledge that had been possessed only by initiated people since the times of the ancient Lemuria and Atlantis. The access to this knowledge was open only to a few initiated people, incarnated again and again with the aim to keep the flame of the Truth burning in this physical octave.

The Fire of the True Knowledge has never burned out, but it was accessible only for a very small circle of people who have always thoroughly guarded this knowledge from neophytes and laymen.

We, the three tsars El Morya, Kuthumi, and Djwal Kul, were incarnated in the 19th century and got an opportunity to share a part of the secret knowledge that had been possessed only by the highest initiated people on this planet. We managed to create the organization, the Theosophical Society, to spread this knowledge.

Due to the negative attitude of the West to everything coming from India and Tibet as being a lower knowledge in comparison with the knowledge possessed by the best minds of that age, we had to act through mediators capable of receiving and transmitting images and knowledge contained in our physical minds. Such a mediator who received information was Helena Blavatsky, our faithful disciple and follower. We also used a few people from the English aristocracy to spread our ideas.

A series of books was written under our Dictation. We proofread thoroughly all the information that was to be published in order to explain the Truth as well as possible. And in fact all works given by us through Blavatsky contained the Truth, but the form of the given material was intentionally complicated. Therefore, the use of this Truth was possible only for those souls in embodiment that were given the necessary keys for its identification.

Our task was fulfilled brilliantly. We left on Earth the material evidence of the ancient Truth in the shape of Blavatsky’s printed works, though the true authorship of these books was certainly ours.

And we achieved the set goal. The creative thought of the best western minds was given the right direction. And the seeds of knowledge we had sown managed to germinate in many esoteric doctrines of the following century.

We were not able to give our Teaching in Russia. This country was the most receptive to receiving this knowledge. But exactly because of this fact all attempts were undertaken from the side of our opposition not to let this knowledge be available to Russians. Thus, the dissemination of our Teaching in Russia was delayed for a whole century.

And when it finally came to Russia, this knowledge had already been diluted and made dull by many other Teachings born on the ground of America.

And even though the knowledge presented in our works and published through Blavatsky was on the basis of these esoteric Teachings, the distortions typical of the American mindset were still inherent in these Teachings to a significant extent.

At the moment of giving the knowledge we deliberately muddled the information so as not to reveal the Truth to unprepared minds. But in the new Americanized doctrines the Truth was already diluted by lies without our slightest wish.

These Americanized surrogates have finally reached Russia. And their only benefit was in the fact that people took up reading Blavatsky’s works, for the authenticity of which we were personally responsible as we had participated in the creation of these books ourselves.

However, the minds of our sincere disciples were confused by the contradictions between new Americanized doctrines and the doctrines we had given.

As the new doctrines were given in a simple and clear language, exactly these new doctrines were preferred by our disciples and followers.

But the time has come when an insistent need has arisen to clear up the main contradiction. And it touches on the subject of the downfall of the angels and the question of Lucifer’s downfall.

Last year we attempted to give a more simple explanation of the downfall of the angels and mankind through our Messenger Tatyana, explaining and clarifying the description of these subjects given earlier in The Secret Doctrine by Blavatsky.

And now I have to return to this subject again as we see that this subject has come to the fore for our best disciples.

That is why we insist on your more attentive studying of this subject precisely as it is given in The Secret Doctrine.

The moment has come for you to give up any manifestation of conflict in your consciousness including the fight with fallen angels.

In fact, two points of view, two approaches to mankind’s history and to the conception of the universe’s evolution, clash at this point. On the one hand, it is the approach typical of eastern philosophy and having found its reflection in the religious systems of India and Tibet. On the other hand, it is the approach inherent in western consciousness and borrowed from the ideology peculiar to the western Christian thought and new Americanized doctrines mentioned above.

Being geographically situated between the East and the West, Russia has a potential to absorb and master both philosophic systems.

That is why we have come again through a Russian Messenger to direct your thought.

The subjects of the downfall of the angels and the so called rebellion of Lucifer are explained best of all in the works we wrote during our incarnation.

That is why the time has come to reevaluate the knowledge given in the past and to raise your idea about the Truth to a new level.

Every time you have a wish to fight with fallen angels, remember that each of you has such an angel as the so-called fifth principle or Christ Self.[1]

You cannot fight with a part of yourself. Your task is to help this fallen angel to come back Home to God. But your four lower bodies, burdened by your karma’s loads which you have accumulated during many embodiments on Earth, prevent him from doing so.

That is why all efforts should be directed to giving up the unreal part of yourselves, your ego, your karma’s accumulations, and to raising your consciousness to the level of your Christ Self and your Guardian Angel. It is the next stage of evolution and it will take place irrespective of how strongly you resist and stick to any system, offered to you kindly but always leading you to the path of struggle.

Recollect the Teachings of Christ and Buddha. Did they teach you to fight with fallen angels?

Read the Bible again. Even in this source, though not pure enough from our point of view, you can find a correct conception of the history of Earth’s evolution if you read these quotations with the help of the keys given in The Secret Doctrine.

We spent a lot of effort and energy in order to overcome the resistance of Tatyana’s external consciousness, to overcome any respect for the previous Messengers, and to overcome the ideas about fallen angels given through these Messengers from America.

That is why I speak through this Messenger while there is an opportunity to speak through her. And I confirm that times have changed, and it is necessary for you to rise to a new level of understanding of the Divine Truth.

You may choose. You may speculate. But do not forget that there are cosmic deadlines. And those who fail to meet these deadlines will swallow road dust.

I AM El Morya Khan.

[1] Tatyana N. Mickushina, The fall of angels, in l, An individual interpretation of The Secret Doctrine by Helena P. Blavatsky. Available from

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