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We simply took the matches away from the children

Beloved Surya
March 19, 2005

Beloved Surya

I AM Surya and I have come today from the Great Central Sun to give you the Teaching on karma through this Messenger.

You have known the term karma as the energy that accompanies you during your earthly cycle of embodiments. You get Divine energy that is the source of life in the universe. Further, you utilize this energy in accordance with your free will given by God. But your utilization of this energy does not always correspond to God’s Will. In this case, this incorrectly qualified energy supplements your karmic load, being deposited in your higher and physical bodies.

Further, the Law of likeness comes into force.

This incorrectly qualified energy, constantly accompanying you in life, brings to you such life situations through which you have to live. It makes you learn a lesson and act in such situations not in accordance with your will, but with the Will of God.

As a matter of fact, you are creating your karma constantly when you break the Will of God and act of your own selfish accord.

Therefore, your karma is directly proportional to the level of your egoism, to the level of your isolation from God’s Law, and to the level of your disagreement with God’s Law.

Your correct choices, which you make in each situation conditioned by karma, help you work out your karma. Each such choice brings you nearer to God and makes you reject and part with the unreal part you created.

In accordance with the cosmic cycles, you descend into materiality at the beginning of a cycle, create karma, and then leave the material world, as if constantly analyzing your previous mistakes. Again and again you are placed into the same situations that demand that you work out your karma.

Such a cycle of your leaving materiality has just begun and it will last for many millions of earthly years.

Let us now examine the dispensation, which has been given to you through our previous Messengers, that is the violet flame dispensation.

The essence of the karma transmutation with the help of reading the violet flame decrees was in the following: During the reading of the decrees you were to realize those traits of yours that were not Divine and to transform these negative qualities into positive or Divine ones with the help of additional Divine energy attracted to your physical world.

What has happened since you received this dispensation?

You live in a dual world, and this means literally that everything in your world can be used in favor of good as well as in favor of evil.

You can ask how it is possible to use the reading of the violet flame decrees, intended for the karma transmutation, in favor of evil.

It is very simple, and I can explain it to you now straightforwardly because the violet flame dispensation has been withdrawn from planet Earth at present.

At that moment when you are drawing to yourself the additional flow of Divine energy during your reading of the decrees, you control this flow through your thoughts and feelings.

And if at the moment of receiving this additional energy your thoughts and feelings are not of high purity and are far from Divine perfection, the following thing happens: Instead of transmutation of the karmic deposit in the electronic belt of your four lower bodies, you add to this deposit the energy that was incorrectly qualified by you at the moment of the reading of the violet flame decrees.

Thus, you create new karma instead of working out your old one.

You see that the violet flame decrees represented a mighty weapon given to you at this difficult time for your planet. And you see that 90 percent of this violet flame energy was forming a sediment in your lower bodies at the moment of the reading of the decrees, because at that moment you were thinking not about getting rid of your ego and imperfection but were speculating about what you could get from God in exchange for your many hours of vigils. What is worse, in your thoughts you permitted condemnation of your brothers. You permitted other negative thoughts and feelings while reading these decrees.

Therefore, the violet flame dispensation has a selective function at present. It is in force only for those groups and people who have a correct inner motive when starting to read the violet flame decrees.

And this is a reasonable precautionary measure. We simply limited access to this mighty instrument for those individuals who have not reached the necessary level of evolution of their consciousness, so as not to let them do much harm to themselves.

We simply took the matches away from the children.

The same is true for my dispensation on the 23rd of each month, which allows the transmuting of the karma of the following month. It is also limited and functions selectively.

How can you define whether you are under the function of the dispensation or not?

You can define it in accordance with your achievements on your Path. If a year ago, the same as two years ago, the same as ten years ago, you were offended by people, condemned them and permitted other imperfections, and if now you persistently continue doing it, then you can understand that this dispensation cannot be applied to you.

However, nothing is lost irrevocably. If you truly decide to leave your unreal part and if you manifest your readiness to do it in your constant everyday aspirations, everything will return to you. You will feel the violet flame returning to your life and helping you get rid of your imperfection.

In the end, everything is determined by your inner aspiration and your inner motive.

I would like to remind you that the reading of the decrees and prayers is not the most essential thing. The most essential is your wish to get rid of your ego and to serve life and God. This wish can be realized in any action and any situation you face in life.

Your usual actions, your attitudes to people and the surrounding world can work out karma just as well as reading the decrees.

You make your choice at every moment of your life. And you either work out your previous karma through your actions or create a new one.

Any most perfect spiritual practice or the best prayers will be of no benefit to your spiritual evolution if you perform these practices with a mercenary aim to get some privileges for you or your relations.

There is only one true motive for a person starting any spiritual practice or any spiritual methodology. And that is to get rid of your ego and to approach God, to serve God and all the living creatures.

If you start any spiritual practice with any other aim, you create karma.

The same principle of duality, inherent in your world, functions in the spiritual sphere and in the religious sphere.

And sometimes a person, devout from the human point of view and regularly attending all church services and ceremonies, is on a lower step in his spiritual evolution than a person who never attends church services but has a correct inner motive and realizes in his life those Commandments that were taught by Jesus and other Teachers of mankind.

It will not be a big revelation if I say that there are many more spiritually advanced people outside the religious confessions than among the people acting in the frames of a certain religious system.

I have given you today enough information to think about. And I have taken advantage of the opportunity to give you the information about the changes that our previous dispensations have undergone so far.

I AM Surya from the Great Central Sun. Om.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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