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The feeling of struggle is not a Divine feeling

Beloved Alpha
March 18, 2005

Beloved Alpha

I AM Alpha. I have come. In accordance with the Law I can descend into the temple of a Messenger only by invitation.

Tatyana has invited me. And now I have an opportunity to speak to you again.

It is the wish of the Heavens to go on speaking through this Messenger until the external or internal circumstances change.

Your world can be compared to a bog, and as soon as the vibrations inside of any person start to differ too much from the average vibrations of your world, the opposition to the Law starts making efforts to deaden the source that is dangerous for it.

High vibrations are perceived as a source of danger by almost every being linked with your world in this or that way. These vibrations of Light really bear danger in them. They destroy everything that does not correspond to the Divine plan for the next stage of the space evolution.

Times have changed. If earlier we could act through our Messengers and this action could be compared to a stream of Light; nowadays it resembles more a waterfall of Light.

We are striving to fill your world up with as big a stream of Light as possible. And this stream will literally sweep away everything that does not correspond to God’s Plan for the next stage of the evolution of Earth.

Therefore, the opposition is essential. And the front line runs through the hearts of our Messengers.

This is truly a great fight, demanding a great mobilization of strengths.

It is a new stage, a new Space opportunity, and at the same time it is a great resistance to this opportunity.

The two forces that form this universe and seem to be absolutely opposite to each other, in reality just participate in the realizing of the Creator’s Plan for this universe.

One of these forces contributes to the manifestation of the illusion and the creation of manifested worlds. The other force contributes to the return of this manifested world back into the original state of non-manifested Omniscience.

At the first stage of the universe’s expansion the force contributing to creation of illusion meets resistance from the side of the force striving to preserve the original peace.

After crossing the critical point for this universe the forces change their roles, and the resistance now comes from the side of the force striving to preserve the illusion.

These are the forces, named in different systems of world outlook as Yang and Yin, male and female aspects, the forces of good and evil.

As you see, both forces are a necessary part of the Creator’s Plan. They complement one another and the denser the world is the larger is the level of hostile manifestation between them.

And vice versa, the higher the world is the more harmonious is the interaction between these two main forces of this universe.

Overcoming the seeming hostility of these two forces inside your consciousness is the main part of the Teaching given here.

The feeling of struggle is not a Divine feeling. It is inherent only in dense worlds. And the interpretation of the meaning of the fight in the Heavens, which is given in many teachings, has absolutely another sense. But this sense is also different and depends on the level of consciousness of beings during their evolution.

There was a time when it was assumed that the interpretation of this struggle was as a battle between angels in Heaven. This corresponded to the level of consciousness of mankind at that stage.

Now the moment has come when it is necessary to change this image of the fighting angels in your consciousness and to replace it by the image of the interaction of the two counteracting forces of this universe.

The closer to the Truth you see the interaction of these two forces the less painful is the transition of your planet to a new level of comprehension of the Divine Truth.

The correct understanding of the battle taking place in this world will save you from many errors on your spiritual Path, connected with your wish to defend your understanding of the Truth by force.

You can affirm the Truth, but you must not struggle with everybody who, in your opinion, understands this Truth incorrectly, and is due to be punished and judged only on the basis of your opinion.

Leave the privilege of judgment to those who are responsible for it. Do not try to judge with your human consciousness the things that are so far beyond your understanding.

Stay in Peace, keep the feeling of Love and Harmony and all the other things will come to you.

I have come specially to give you this important Teaching. I hope you have understood me.

I AM Alpha, your Father in Heaven.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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