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Be able to get at the root of the Truth

Gautama Buddha
March 17, 2005

Gautama Buddha
About Gautama Buddha

I AM Buddha Gautama. I have come again. The time is short, and I want to speak about the very heart of the matter.

Do not let the words in which our Messages are expressed embarrass you. Words are just garments of the Truth in the same way as leaves are garments of trees. When autumn comes, the foliage falls and then appears again in spring.

The same can be said about words. The Truth is enveloped with words, and you feast your eyes upon this Truth. But the time comes when all these words fade like autumn leaves only to give the new Truth an opportunity to develop during the next cosmic cycle.

Therefore, there is no use in getting attached to the words in which the Truth is enveloped. Be able to recognize the Essential Truth, hidden in different teachings and religious systems. But do not get attached to the words.

Your attachment to any of these systems is like an attachment to last year’s foliage.

Be able to get at the root of the Truth.

Nowadays, the Truth is being given through this Messenger. We are not aware of the future situation. The world you are living in is too unpredictable. Therefore, you are given a direction in the form of energy, a kind of magnet enabling you in the future to find the grains of the Truth scattered in different Teachings and beliefs.

Do not forget the fact that the Truth is one and indivisible, but its interpretation in people’s consciousness is different and is determined by the level of their evolution.

Just as trees lose their leaves during autumn, you also lose your physical bodies, but this gives you an opportunity to return to this world and to be born again and to get new bodies. A wise man thinks about his future life while living in his current life. He realizes that each of his choices, deeds, actions, thoughts, and feelings compose his future in this life, and the circumstances of his future life.

It will do much good for your evolution, if every moment of your life you think about how your actions will affect your future. Do not strive to be rewarded for your good actions during this life. Strive to be rewarded in your future life. This is the minimum task facing you.

Those of you who have a more extended consciousness realize that you are an indivisible part of God and that you make up the body of God, just like all the other living creatures on Earth. Thus, getting a reward loses its point for you even in the future life.

You see your aim is to help all living creatures, because you are each of these living creatures simultaneously. You are just a part of the indivisible organism of the whole Creation, and you are no longer able to affirm that one of the parts of this organism, or the class of organism you belong to is the most important one.

If the heart or the kidneys of your organism declare that they are the most important and deserve being paid a special attention to, it will be reflected in the whole organism. The whole organism will feel sick.

Your own separation from all the other living creatures in the Universe exists only in your consciousness, and is characteristic only of the given stage of evolutionary development.

The more developed the consciousness of a person is, the fewer contradictions he sees in different religious systems and the more unity he feels with every living creature.

Just try to seek contradictions and evil in everything around you. This is the very way of action of the so-called egoistic and self-centered consciousness. By doing so, you lower your vibrations to such an extent that you draw the worst manifestations from the outer world into your life. You will be unhappy. And all people around you will be unhappy.

If you think it over, you will see that most people act in just this way. They point out imperfections in everything surrounding them. And this is natural, because their consciousness is so imperfect that it sees only the imperfections around them. Therefore, such people are in some way generators of imperfection, generators of the illusion. They represent gigantic creators of the illusion. They are simply record holders in creating imperfect thoughts and feelings, imperfect emotions and actions.

But this must be stopped one day.

And, as the law of free will functions in your world, it is you who can wish to change this situation. Only you can attempt to change yourselves and your attitude to the surrounding world.

Chase out of your heads and hearts everything that separates you and makes you condemn others and seek contradictions and imperfection in everything. Chase out of your heads your constant search for those who, as you suppose, disturb you from the outside.

These may be your neighbors, representatives of any other system of world outlook, fallen angels, or world evil.

Yes, your world is rich in imperfection. But, when you constantly concentrate on imperfection, you willingly pour your Divine energy upon the weeds of imperfect human consciousness.

Watch how you spend the energy given to you by God and what you pour it on.

Constantly keep the maximum level of your vibrations as high as possible for you. It is really very hard to keep your consciousness in purity every minute while dwelling on imperfections. But you need to do this. You may use everything that helps you raise your consciousness.

Verses. Music. Nature. Games with children. Flowers.

Pour the energy of your attention only onto patterns of perfection.

This does not mean that you have to isolate yourselves from the world. Dwell in this world, be in this imperfect manifestation, but do not let it master you, your consciousness and your soul.

When you start concentrating on perfect Divine manifestations, you raise your vibrations. You start being a happy person. But do not forget that your responsibility is also to help all the living creatures. The law of this Universe is such that the highest serves the lowest.

Those whose consciousness is developed enough must help their younger brothers and sisters.

And we set an example for you in this. Just look how much energy and strength we use to help you open your lotus of comprehension of the Divine Truth.

I am not telling you anything that you do not already know. You have to do just a small thing: Act in your life in accordance with the knowledge that you have been granted.

I AM your brother Gautama.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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