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Distant Worlds are open for visits and wait for you

March 16, 2005


I AM THAT I AM, I am speaking from within you.

Moderation and harmony are the very qualities that a Messenger must manifest to be able to accept Dictations from the higher plane. It is impossible to reach the state of absolute separation from everything surrounding you in the physical plane, to tear your consciousness away from the surrounding reality, and to rise upward without these qualities.

It is possible to visualize leaving the body and ascending to the Highest Planes as climbing a peak. As a matter of fact, the moment of ascending to the higher plane is connected with the rise of the level of the vibrations. If your physical bodies were better prepared for such journeys through space and time, it would be possible to reach such a level of vibrations that would enable you to move in any direction to any system of the worlds.

However, your physical temple, your physical transmitter of vibrations, is very crude and cannot bear even an insignificant increase in vibrations. It will simply burn out.

We use higher bodies for our journeys. So now the readiness of the higher bodies for such journeys is coming to the fore. The higher bodies of most people are damaged to such an extent that they have neither the right shape nor the necessary lightness.

The state of the higher bodies is completely dependent on the level of consciousness of a human. Therefore, the journeys to far off worlds are simply inaccessible for most of mankind. You yourselves are your higher bodies but only in a higher world. And you obtain mobility in the higher world proportionally to the readiness of your consciousness to perceive this world.

As a rule, most people cannot rise higher than the layers of the so-called dense astral plane. But these layers do not allow you to tear yourselves from the earth and visit the higher and more developed systems of the universe.

Therefore, the task of perceiving higher worlds and the task of perfecting your higher bodies with the aim of acquiring an ability to move in these worlds is coming to the forefront now.

You are to acquire the ability to leave your body and travel throughout the worlds. This quality is inherent in the further level of development of the human consciousness, and it will be acquired by mankind together with the ability to get rid of the protective suit of your flesh that pins you down to the material world.

Distant Worlds are open for visits and wait for you. But you need to become light and to free yourselves of the loads of your karmic debts on this planet.

The separation of the bodies and the journeys through space in your higher bodies are now at a very close point in human evolution when man turns into a Cosmic Being from the creature, chained by the framework of one planet and tied down to this planet. He becomes a Being whose home is the entire cosmos and the entire manifested universe.

This stage of human evolution will be revealed to you as soon as you complete your schooling on Earth. But this will take many more human years.

I would like to touch upon the subject of the so-called ascending.

It is not fair to say that through the previous Messengers you were given incorrect information about ascending. But ascending as a process, during which you leave your physical world forever and start to exist in the higher planes, will not happen just as you imagine it.

You are ascending gradually as if part by part, moving from race to race, from one cosmic cycle into another. Nevertheless, any final ascent is unattainable if it is understood as a process of achievement of any ultimate aim. It is because the evolution is unlimited and cannot be terminated. And therefore, no aim can be ultimate.

Every day you ascend in your consciousness, in your vibrations, acquiring more and more freedom and reaching that energetic level that your vibrations correspond to.

Inside of you there is a part that has already achieved the so-called ascending in the previous cosmic cycles. This part of you is your Christ Self or your Higher Self. This is the part that helps you draw all your lower bodies out of this material world.

Your Christ Self is your foothold, your guide, who shows you the way and directs you.

So this link with your Higher Self is very necessary. Nowadays this link is becoming reality for more and more embodied people.

When raising your energetic level you acquire an opportunity to communicate with your Christ Self and get the experience of communicating with your Higher Self, with your I AM Presence. The very thing that you admit into your consciousness happens.

If you admit into your consciousness an opportunity of communicating with your Christ Self, sooner or later you will get this opportunity.

Once it happened that Tatyana stopped hearing the answers of her Higher Self. It was a shock for her. It means that the process of communicating with her Higher Self became so natural for her that she simply could not realize what her life would be like without it in the future.

The same thing can be said about your consciousness. Unless it admits a thought about communicating with its Higher Self and with the Heaven Worlds, you will not be able to acquire any experience of such communication.

If you do not want to learn to swim, you will not learn. But in order to learn you need to get into the water and try to swim.

All the people who read these Dictations and realize what is told in them are able to swim and to communicate with their Higher Selves.

But, if you do not wish to get into the water, nobody can make you do it. You decide to learn to swim, and you either get into the water or not.

There are very many methods of communicating with your Higher Self.

I will give you the simplest one.

You have a Friend. Your best and most devoted Friend who dwells inside of you. This Friend has always loved you and aspired to help you as much as you allowed him to in all the difficult circumstances of your life.

You were often in need of getting advice from a friend in a difficult situation. You were seeking friends outside yourself. You were aspiring to human communication with them.

But at this very time the best and the most devoted Friend of yours, dwelling inside of you, was waiting patiently for you to pay attention to Him.

He is ready to communicate with you. He is full of love and friendly feelings towards you. Pay attention to Him.

Tell Him that you love Him and that you miss communicating with Him.

Choose a time when nobody will bother you. Switch off everything that can disturb you. Find a comfortable position. Concentrate on your heart. Ask your Higher Self whether it wants to communicate with you. How do you know if the response is yes?

Lend an attentive ear to yourself. You can get this response as a very subtle feeling, as a palpitation of your heart or in many other ways. You must feel the way that your Christ Self chooses to answer you. And it will answer you in the way that you are able to perceive.

You may not hear any answer. Do not force or tire yourself. Repeat your attempt the next day. Do it every day.

You have to discover what time of the day is the most convenient for you. Try again and again.

At first it will seem to you that you hear answers. Ask your Christ Self. Speak to it as you speak to your closest friend. Tell it that you love it, that you are dreaming of communicating with it.

And sooner or later your communication will take place.

I wish you success on your Path. The time will come and we will meet. And I will speak with you from within, just as I am speaking from within this Messenger now.


© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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