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Drink the Nectar of the Divine energy

Beloved Surya
March 14, 2005

Beloved Surya

I AM Surya having come through this Messenger again. Exactly a year ago I laid the mantel on her shoulders on the Great Central Sun. A whole year was necessary for the activation of this mantle.

Such a service, when a person receives Messages, is the most responsible one. This is that possible help which is being rendered now by the Ascended Hosts to mankind on Earth.

The Dictations contain our vibrations, our energy. Even if the words of the Dictations may be twisted by the consciousness of the incarnated Messenger, their energetic element, charged by us at the moment of transmission, can be removed only by our wish.

You can feel the energy of the Dictation, not only as a vibration of purity (to feel a high vibration you must be in keeping with it) but also simply if you have an interest in it.

You can simply want to read it. And your external consciousness does not even need to understand that at the moment of reading all your bodies absorb the Divine energetic nectar.

Your bodies suffer from constant hunger; they literally thirst for Divine energy. The vibrations of the world surrounding you represent an energetic surrogate. It is the food that does not give your higher bodies the necessary energetic recharging.

You are in need of our feeding. You must be fed.

And we do it again and again through every Messenger, especially at the beginning of his or her activity, when the attacks of the dark forces opposing us are not yet activated.

Drink the Nectar of Divine energy; remember your Father’s House. Feel the familiar vibrations of the higher worlds and recollect these vibrations.

I would like to stroke your heads, to caress you, and to give you my protection, love, consolation, peace.

You are warriors in this world — warriors of Spirit — and your battles are continual. This battle started at the moment of the beginning of the illusory manifestation and will end only after the universe has finished this cycle of its existence and the manifested worlds have been contracted. Before that moment the battle between the forces of Light and darkness will continue and they will always oppose each other and penetrate each other.

This is an eternal movement, eternal aspiration and eternal opposition to evolution.

Incarnated mankind has different levels of consciousness. These different levels comprehend the battle differently and try to take their own part in it.

Actually, everything is determined by the consciousness of man. Just try to tell a knight in the middle ages, going to take part in a crusade to protect the Holy Sepulcher, that his understanding of the battle in this world is incorrect.

Try to tell suicide terrorists nowadays that they understand the present battle erroneously.

Try to tell those people who have got the Teaching from the previous Messenger and are trying now to pass judgment on this earth by word of mouth that they understand this battle incorrectly.

You can easily imagine the result of your attempts to convince all these people of their wrongness.

This is their level of comprehension of Divine reality. They are sincerely ready to sacrifice much in their lives, even to offer their lives as a sacrifice in order to protect the victory of those forces they actually support.

The problem lies in the fact that the level of consciousness of these people determines which forces they actually make a stand for.

But if they were endowed with Buddha Consciousness or Christ Consciousness, they would understand that any manifestation of the fight in the physical or higher planes of thoughts and feelings only contributes to the multiplication of the illusion.

These two forces, constantly fighting within the framework of the creation, represent by themselves just illusory forces aimed at the illusion’s multiplication from one side, and the Real Divine world’s forces aimed at the illusion’s contraction from another side. This is a battle in Heavens and it will last until the entire manifested universe and the manifested worlds are in existence.

This is a battle relegated to the consciousness of living people, and it is understood by them in proportion to the development of their consciousness. Their activities in this battle fully correspond to those energetic karmic loads they acquired in the past. And those knights, who were ready to kill the heretics in their seemingly honest battle for Christ, now fight verbally and continue to immobilize the forces of the dark by using other ways of fighting with them.

If you tell them that they are acting incorrectly from the point of view of the Teaching of Buddha and Christ, they will never believe you. Such is their level of consciousness.

Therefore, the energy contained in their electronic belt must exhaust all its resources. It will return to them again and again in new embodiments until their consciousness rises to such a level where it will understand the true sense of the battle in this world.

This battle will go on during all that period of time while mankind allows it to take place inside of the human consciousness.

The world is just a reflection of human consciousness. An individual reaching Buddha’s Consciousness or the state of nirvana in his meditations, understands that there is no fight in this state. In this state there can only be love, harmony, bliss, and joy — all the Divine qualities not distorted by the low state of human consciousness.

Do you see many Buddhas in a state of meditation around you?

You may not believe me, but just one such Buddha is capable of keeping the balance of the planet.

In your towns you will see Buddhas on the benches in the parks and under the trees, sitting in their pose of meditation. Nobody will pay attention to them, because it will become a phenomenon as natural as elderly people walking with their pets. When this happens, there will be no terrorism, no feverishly arguing dogmatic people representing different religious beliefs, convincing each other of their true incontestable comprehension of God.

But before that happens, each of you will be working out your karmic loads and facing such life situations that will push you up to a new level of the evolution of your consciousness, up to a new step, leading to comprehension of the Divine Truth.

I will return. I hope that I will return and will be able to give the correct direction to your thought. I hope that there are people in embodiment who are ready to listen to Buddha’s Teaching.

I AM Surya.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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