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The authenticity of the Messages coming to the physical world

Sanat Kumara, March 13, 2005

Sanat Kumara

I AM Sanat Kumara and I have come through my Messenger again. Any person’s consciousness is subject to the influence of thought forms and images of this material world. These ideas and images are floating like gigantic fish in a fishbowl, seeking people’s consciousness in order to engross it. Therefore, our task is to deter these imperfect images and to take their negative influence away as much as possible. The presence of these masses of energy and their movement in space, which we cannot control, makes our task difficult.

The human consciousness is very mobile. It can seem that a human is motionless. However, his consciousness is at the very same time attracted by energetic images, resonant with this consciousness by vibrations, and is able to travel along different layers of the astral and mental planes.

Therefore, it is very hard to fulfill our task and to give you pure knowledge.

This is the first limitation. The second limitation is connected with those layers of consciousness that have been accumulated by a person transmitting information or a Messenger in the current embodiment. This is a young and very active kind of energy that cannot be completely surmounted.

These are two main problems that we face while transmitting any information from the higher plane to the physical world.

The most complicated is the verbal transmission of information, the so-called Dictations. Their quality varies from time to time, from one sitting to another.

That is why the authenticity of the transmitted information changes all the time. Its authenticity can be better or worse from time to time. Therefore, it is possible to judge the authenticity of the information received only after a long period of time. In this case the following expression can be used: if it is the Truth, it will not stop manifesting itself; if it is a chance process, caused by definite astral energetic masses, then the process of receiving information will be either stopped, or its source will be revealed after some time due to the quality of the received information.

A person guided by blind astral forces is not able to estimate the quality of the received information.

Therefore, the process of receiving information is very complicated and demands great efforts both from our side and from the receiver of the information.

The authenticity of the information contained in the Messages can also change from time to time.

You can ask us why we have to find individuals capable of receiving Messages and continue giving these Messages and Dictations again and again.

The answer to this question is in the question itself: We do this because it is necessary for mankind standing on the threshold of a new stage now. Many people begin to hear higher planes and contact different forces. Not all of those people realize what forces they are making contacts with. Among these forces there are some that are quite friendly, that wish you well. But there are also quite evil substances that use the man mastered by them for their mercenary aims. But there can be only one mercenary aim in this entire unreal world — to lead a man as far away as possible from knowing the Divine reality.

Everything in this world has two sides. Any activity inherent in this world has a dual character and can be focused either on the good or on the evil, death, hell.

The receiving of Messages does not differ from any other activity or from any other manifestation of this dual world.

When a new invention appears and at first seems to be aimed at doing good, almost immediately the illusory forces of this world start mastering it and directing it at reaching the opposite aims. Take any example. One of the latest inventions is the Internet, providing you with an immense level of freedom for almost immediate communication over oceans and continents. Just a few decades ago a human mind would have considered such a possibility to be a fantasy. But with what is the Internet filled up today? Instead of bearing the ideas of the good, it is up to 90 percent filled with the most dubious images borne by the dual human intellect.

Grains of truth are also contained in this world’s information system but in the same proportion as the truth itself dwells in this world — one to ten. Yes, there is only 10 percent of the Truth, the Divine Truth, in this world now.

Communication with the higher worlds is not an exception from this rule. The proportion of authentic information contained in the messages from the Higher planes also equals one to ten.

This does not mean that such is the authenticity of all the messages. There are messages coming to this world with the authenticity of 95 percent and even more. But 90 percent of the messages contain lies.

Therefore, we use definite methods of transmitting information for those of our representatives with whom we work. We give them the keys for access to this information, known only to them and given to them in the process of training, during which our Messengers are put to definite and very heavy tests, thus proving their right to receive the information from the Divine Source.

However, you must develop an ability to distinguish the level of information yourselves in order to be able to feel the difference in the quality and authenticity of the information from different sources. You must listen to the vibrations contained in the Messages and distinguish them.

Even the presence of our Messenger’s mantle does not endow a person with an opportunity to bear the Truth constantly. The percentage of the Truth changes from time to time, from one sitting to another one, depending on the external conditions and the inner state of the Messenger.

Today I have raised a very sophisticated topic about the authenticity of the Messages coming to the physical world.

But due to the fact that the process of contact between the worlds continues to develop, this knowledge will be necessary for you in order to find this 10 percent of the Truth in everything surrounding you and in everything coming to you from different sources, such as the radio, newspapers, TV, the Internet, or the Messages from the higher worlds.

Therefore, the only advice I can give in order to protect you from 90 percent of this world’s lie is to improve your own receiver. Purify your bodies.

Purify your physical body as well as your mental, emotional, and etheric body.

Analyze your circle of contacts, your thoughts and feelings.

Maintain control of yourselves during the day. What are you thinking about? Are you in harmony?

Do not think that the choices you make during the day are harmless for you.

Your preferences — everything that you choose for your activities — lay an indelible energetic coating on you. It is very difficult to get rid of such a coating during one embodiment.

Everything surrounding you represents energy and vibrations. So, when preferring imperfect kinds of activities, you voluntarily impose extra restrictions on yourselves.

Any usual activity that seems to be absolutely harmless for an ordinary person can delay your movement on the Path for an indefinite time.

Keep an eye on your activities during the day. How much time do you waste watching endless serials, chatting in smoke rooms, contacting so-called friends? Is it so necessary for your spiritual growth?

You cannot free yourselves of your chains immediately. But you can do it gradually, day after day, step by step, giving up one attachment after another. You must keep going on your movement on the Path and return home to God without a stop, being guided only by your inner aspiration. This aspiration has been with you primordially and it is inherent in you now. All you need is to recollect your first Love. And go.

I AM Sanat Kumara, and I AM always with you on your Path.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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