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The time has come to return to your Father’s House

Beloved Alpha
March 8, 2005

Beloved Alpha

My beloved children, I AM Alpha. I have overcome a vast distance, not a physical one but the distance inside the consciousness of this particular Messenger, to have an opportunity to speak to you now.

Children of Earth, the time of the new cosmic opportunity that you have been hearing about from the lips of messengers and prophets during the past several thousands of earthly years, has approached.

This is the time of the direct and unrestrained intercourse when your sensory organs will no longer limit your perception of the Divine reality. This is the time of your transition to a new level of consciousness, to its higher level.

You can agree that the abilities of your sensory organs, as well as of your consciousness, are too limited.

You are entrapped by your limited consciousness, and this was your own choice. You believed that you would be masters of your fate and planet. You wished to become similar to gods, but you limited your world within the framework of this planet in advance.

In nature there always comes a time for a nestling to hatch out of an egg. Now the time of a cosmic opportunity has come for you to finally break through the limits of your world.

How can it be achieved? Should you build new innumerable state-of-the-art aircraft or mightier telescopes?

No! The opportunity to reach the far worlds and boundlessness about which you were told by prophets and messengers of the past is inside of you.

You were created after the image and likeness of God and, therefore, there is nothing impossible for you in your own creative work.

Do create! Do build up! Do aspire!

Seek and ye shall find.

But seek not in the outer world around you. Seek within the depth of your heart.

Listen to your heart. This connection, the most lasting in the world, between you and me, your Father, has never been broken off. Just as it is inherent in all children in their teens to be self-sufficient, you wished to put yourselves to the test. I did not prevent you from doing so. You were doing with your bodies and your world everything you wanted.

But the time is up and an end has been put to your experiments.

It is time to come back home to your Father.

And many of you will not return. You relied excessively on the material world and on the fluctuating illusion surrounding you in your illusory world.

You have created this illusion with the help of your consciousness while using my energy. And you yourselves have become bogged down in this illusion.

Just as children seek help and apply to their parents when facing a difficulty, you have to apply for help to me now, your Heavenly Father.

The moment has come for the cycles to turn, when another stage of the space play — the contraction of the manifested worlds — comes to take the place of the expansion of this illusion.

You are probably acquainted with the Eastern orderliness of the Universe — for example, with such systems as the Breath of the One, Brahma’s Exhalation, Brahma’s Breath, The Expansion and the Contraction of the Universe.

This is not a fleeting process as the very turning point usually lasts for a few millions of years. At the same time this duration is different for different worlds’ systems depending on the degree of the world’s materiality.

It is very important for you to understand that the time for multiplication of this illusion has expired and that the time for the illusion’s contraction has come.

It will take much time according to earthly standards. But this process has begun already regardless of whether some naughty children want it or not. The illusion must be contracted. The consciousness must be transformed.

Everything stubborn and resistant to the Law will simply be sent for smelting in the cosmic furnace like last year’s grass or straw.

When children grow up they leave their paternal house. They simply live, create, build, and experiment. Unfortunately, not all of them return to their paternal house after wandering along the roads of life.

Today I invite you to come back to your Home. I apply to all my sons and daughters. I love all of you regardless of your wrong actions in this life or in any of your lives.

The time has come to return to your Paternal House. I have come to arouse your consciousness and to wake your memories about your Source.

I have come to remind you about your first Love.

Come back. Hear my Call.

Aspire to contact the higher planes in your heart. Start to perceive another reality and it will come into your consciousness. Your consciousness will expand and become able to perceive the higher planes more easily.

The scales will fall from your eyes and you will see Angels and elementals. You will see the Divine kingdom around you. The kingdom that you have been aspiring to reach in the physical world will come to you as you give up this physical world in your consciousness.

Do dare. Do aspire.

And I will receive you with open arms in your Father’s House.

I AM Alpha, your Heavenly Father, and I am waiting for your return with patience and Love.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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