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Open your hearts to Divine Love and you will change this world

The Presence of Unconditional Love
March 7, 2005

I AM the Presence of Unconditional Love within your temple. Divine Love is the main and prevailing quality in you.

We have chosen you to be our Messenger due to the predominance of the quality of Love within your heart.

There is too big a domination of anti-love forces in your world. We feel grief about that.

The quality of Love is the greatest of all the Divine qualities. The aspiration to love, the desire to love and to be loved is characteristic of all living creatures. It is due however to the breach of the Divine Law, which happened through the misuse of free will in the times of ancient Lemuria and Atlantis that the greatest distortions were brought into this quality.

If we manage to completely restore this quality in the souls of just a few people embodied now, we could disseminate it around the world very quickly. And this quality of Divine Love is impossible to oppose.

This is the quality that allows you to tune into the Divine Reality immediately.

Very often this quality is mixed up with the sexual instinct. Hence, different sexual perversions take place.

The ability of man to do creative work, his creative power is manifested through Love. The creative power that is the basis in the conception of a child, is at the same time the basis of everything created by man in his life.

Man is inherently similar to God. The keynote quality of God is Love. Thus, it is impossible for Man not to create.

But the creative power can be manifested only in as much as it is not limited by blocks of anti-love imbedded into man’s consciousness from outside, and supported by his imperfect consciousness from within.

The Perfect Flame of Love comes to this world through your I AM Presence. But the filters of your imperfect thoughts and feelings are in the path of this stream of Love. As a result, the stream is distorted. You are constantly manifesting the quality of Divine Love. It is impossible for you not to manifest this quality, as it is inherent in all creation. But you should simply purge the filters from both your consciousness, and your perception of the Divine Reality.

Open your hearts to Love, Divine Love, and you will change this world.

There is no force mightier than Love in this world.

Therefore, those forces that have decided to separate from God live off the distortions of the quality of Divine Love.

The entire industry of sex and pornography, stereotypes of interrelations between the sexes, propagandized and circulated by mass media is aimed precisely at keeping you from any manifestation of Divine Love.

It seems harmless if you watch a film cultivating your desire to satisfy your sexual instinct. It seems to be an innocent amusement to look at a naked female body, advertising objects that are absolutely unnecessary for your spiritual development.

As a result, hatred for Divine Love settles in your consciousness. You voluntarily strengthen the filters that are embedded in your consciousness, and are preventing you from manifesting the quality of true Love in your life.

It is impossible to draw a comparison, but there is a huge difference between the primordial Divine manifestation of Love, and the understanding of love that has settled into people’s consciousness since the days of the fallen civilizations.

It is like life and death.

One of the qualities of the saints is their ability to absorb the nectar of Divine Grace into their hearts. There is no pleasure in this physical world that can be compared to receiving this Divine Grace.

Only pure hearts are capable of obtaining this Grace.

A stream of the Divine energy and Divine Love passes through all your bodies and caresses you. You experience ecstasy in every chakra, every energetic center.

The greatest sexual satisfaction that you can have in the physical life cannot be compared with the experience of Grace sent to you by God.

Think whether it is harmless for you to watch pornographic films, to tolerate foul language, to be in the company of people allowing dirty thoughts and actions in their attitude toward women and sexual interrelations.

Each of these negative vibrations contributes to your separation from the quality of Divine Love.

Contemplate flowers, nature, and children’s smiles. Constantly guard your love against any manifestation of anti-love. Guard your relatives and your children. The future of your planet depends on the conception of Love that will be obtained by the new generation.

True Love begins with the veneration of a woman, a Mother. The feelings you experience towards your Mother can leave their mark on your whole life. The happiest families are those where the respect for the Mother as the keeper of the hearth, has become a tradition.

May your consciousness never be burdened by any bad thoughts directed against the Mother, against the female Source.

All of you are mothers in this world, both men and women. You have descended into your embodiments to master the quality of the Divine Mother. Therefore, your correct attitude toward a woman, a Mother is a guarantee of your successful acquirement of the quality of the Divine Mother. Without mastering this quality, you will not be able to know the Father and the Son.

I wish you to acquire the quality of Divine Love in your present embodiment.

I AM the Presence of Unconditional Love, and I caress you with the rays of my Love.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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Tatyana Mickushina
Omsk, Russia