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All of us are one and indivisible and have a common Source

The Presence of the One
March 6, 2005

The Presence of the One

I AM the Flame, the eternal Flame, and the indivisible Flame, the uniform Flame staying in eternity, indivisibility and boundlessness. I AM a stream of Light and Fire.

The Flame…

The Fire…

Mortal consciousness cannot sense me. But it can feel my vibrations, my Spirit, my Fire.

Radiant boundlessness! Eternity!

Beauty. Proportionality. Bliss. Joy. Harmony.

The Creation of the Universe bends my Law. Everything I am speaking about represents the ancient Truth that mankind has always attempted to realize and that has always been a source of aspirations for the best human minds.

I conceive the worlds and I realize the conception. I create by means of my Will and Fire, gradually detailing the creation and delegating my powers to the spiritual Beings inhabiting My World.

I reside in each of these spiritual Beings, but at the same time each of them is endowed with his own individuality, his own ability for creativity and self-development. All the beings have my Flame as their basis.

We are all indivisible at my level of consciousness.

But in the course of the differentiation of the universe, the processes of condensation and division take place. The lower the vibrations of the manifested world become, the greater are the disunity and confusion among my parts.

I tolerate such disunity because I strive to self-actualize with its help.

The universe is similar to a human organism. Each galaxy or each group of galaxies can be compared to the systems and parts of a human organism.

All this makes up my body, just as your body is formed by various organs and systems. We are alike.

Just as it is difficult for you to realize the existence of the higher planes of this universe, so too is it hard for me to appreciate the problems of your material world.

There is a whole hierarchy of reasonable beings, each at various levels of development, for the management of the universe.

This hierarchy stretches from me to the smallest material particle of this world.

All of us are bent to the Law general for this universe.

The higher the level of a spiritual being in this hierarchy, the less freedom this being possesses. Therefore, man, whose freedom is almost unlimited, is fated to give up this freedom in the course of time and to obtain greater authority, greater might, and greater power in return.

The footstep occupied by reasonable beings in this universe depends directly on their level of consciousness. Man — in particular earthly mankind — occupies the place at the bottom of the pyramid in such a hierarchy.

Humanity demands constant care and guardianship on the part of the beings who have already reached higher levels of development.

This process can be compared to the process of children’s upbringing at schools or nurseries when different teachers come and teach.

And these teachers can come either from outside in the form of another person or appear inside of you.

If it is permitted by the level of your achievements connected with the level of your vibrations, there can be one or several Beings of Light in your somatic temple. You simply receive some additional Divine energy, a strengthened stream of Light. The presence of these Beings inside of you is not revealed outwardly in any way. But each human who has these Beings inside of him is well-informed about it. He knows which of the Beings of Light is present within him.

Additional light does not bring any advantages from the point of view of your physical world. The difference in vibrations and the greater density of your world lead to the fact that the presence of additional light ruins your lives from the point of view of earthly logic. Habitual communications collapse, work is lost, and the physical temple does not endure the pressure, revealing external symptoms of some illnesses. However, the presence of these Beings of Light is necessary, and each volunteer who lets these Beings of Light penetrate inside him does so of his own free will, sacrificing external physical attainments and preferring to master the achievements of the thiner worlds.

The Presence of these Beings of Light grants you the expansion of consciousness, the ability of mastering energies of the thin world, known as gifts of the Holy Spirit.

There is a fine line separating people who have granted their temples for the service to Light and those people who give their temples to some of the lowest spirits and discarnate spirits. Unfortunately, nowadays the majority of mankind — 90 percent of mankind — voluntarily grants their temples to these lowest spirits, not caring and not worrying about the consequences of their free will manifestation.

People giving their temples to the lowest spirits of the dark can possess precisely the same gifts as people giving their temples to the spirits of Light. They can cure people, foresee the future, and receive messages. However, there is a difference. A human being who has sacrificed his lower bodies for the sake of service to Light will never use his gifts for getting material things and values of this world. These can be money, power, influence, authority. There are a lot of manifestations of people’s unreal part in this world.

This phenomenon is the reason for the confusion. People see miracles and healings, and they cannot make a distinction between the representatives of the dark from the representatives of Light with the help of their human consciousness.

There may be only one criterion here: your inner knowledge and your inner intuition.

Just look at whether a person acts in his life just as he teaches.

He teaches to forgive, but does he forgive people?

He teaches to give up the sin of adultery, but does he follow his own advice? Doesn’t he allow distortions of sexual energy? He teaches Divine Love, unselfishness, but what does this person possess himself? Does he live in luxury? What does he eat?

Do look. Do observe.

However, any person from outside is necessary for you as a teacher just until you reach that part of your Path when you no longer need a teacher outside you in the physical plane.

You will be able to meet any Being of Light whose level you reach in your consciousness. You will be capable of receiving knowledge directly from these Beings of Light. In the course of time your vibrations will coincide with the vibrations of these Beings of Light to such an extent that you will let them be present inside of you constantly. You will offer them to have at their disposal all your somatic temples and lower bodies and it will be of your own free will. There is nothing evil or mismatching the supreme Law in it, because all of us are one and indivisible and have a common Source. Division is inherent in this world only. In the thiner worlds the Unity is felt more and more strongly as matter becomes thinner and the quality of the Fire, the Flame, is acquired.

You choose whom you serve of your own will and this is determined by the level of your consciousness.

Do give up voluntarily any manifestation of the dark forces through you. Get rid of the burden you have acquired during the long millions of years of living on this planet. Raise your consciousness and head for the Higher Worlds. It is together with the growth of your consciousness that changes in this world will take place. All those who stick to the old and whose time has run out will be forced to leave your world, which is destined to become beautiful and perfect relatively soon according to the space measures. And your planet is destined to turn into a shining star.

I AM the Presence of the One, and I wish you success on your Path towards the oundlessness of Existence.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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