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Rose Path

March 5, 2005


I AM THAT I AM and I am speaking from within you. Not everybody succeeds in obtaining the experience of communication with his own higher part. At the same time it is quite a natural process accessible for the majority of humans living on Earth nowadays.

Terrestrial life is very rich in such forms that, while not being real from the point of view of the higher reality, still capture humans’ attention too much, distracting them from this reality.

The goal coming to the fore nowadays is to obtain an opportunity to glance behind the veil and to break through the density of the physical world while living in this world of illusions.

Due to the new dispensation we are getting an opportunity to conduct a dialogue between the worlds. And this dialogue can be accessible for any person who strives sincerely, not in pretense.

The greatest difficulty is to overcome your own external illusory consciousness, these illusory clothes of yours, to throw the physical thoughts and feelings off yourself, to elevate your own consciousness first to the height of your own Christ Self, then to I AM THAT I AM and further into boundlessness.

The most difficult step, which should be the first one, is to make a decision to follow the Path in spite of everything — to follow it every day. The illusion of this world will distract you from the movement on this Path. Each step may become more painful at times as if you walk upon crushed glass or along a footpath scattered with roses. You walk barefoot and suffer from pains as the thorns pierce your feet.

This is a painful Path. When a child comes to this world it is a big stress for him. He leaves his mother’s womb for the world unknown to him, and he must live through the stress and the pain of the first breath, through unknowingness and light.

When you come into contact with the higher plane, it is also a stress for you. You begin to know the unknown part of yourself. But it differs greatly from your external part.

Nevertheless, you keep going in spite of everything, despite the pains and losses you encounter on your Path.

You lose your former friends — communication with them seems to be absolutely idle and deprived of any sense.

You lose interest in your former hobbies. Little by little you start to understand that this world becomes absolutely alien to you. Your vibrations differ from the world around you, and it seems to you that you are falling out of this world. But your ego does not surrender. It tries to draw your attention to the attachments to this world that are known only to you and that you haven’t managed to give up yet.

Sometimes it is shameful to acknowledge these attachments. However, they do exist and they will leave forever one day. It is enough simply to show your desire to get rid of imperfections more actively. And you continue your Path.

And the thorns of the roses pierce your feet more and more painfully. At times the pain is unendurable. But there is no opportunity to turn back. It is a painful Path. The person with a strong ego is simply not ready for this Path. And he turns off.

He prefers to seek pleasure.

But the more you resist, the more painful is your return to the Path.

In truth, it is a very difficult Path. A road covered with roses and thorns.

Yet, I do not know another Path. It is a Path of sacrifice and each step on it is hard. But there is no other Path.

Thus, the first step is to show your desire to overcome yourself.

Once you have made this decision, there will definitely happen to be a person close to you who will help you to go further and give you the necessary knowledge and understanding.

After that you should go independently, without witnesses. There comes such a moment when you stay in private with yourself and with your ego and the conflict begins. It is a deadly struggle. Each part of you, both real and unreal, asserts its priority to existence over the other part.

Such a state is very far from rest, tranquility and comfort. For this reason, many people leave the Path, searching for groups, trends and sects that give them seeming pacification, histrionic love, and ostentatious care.

Many people leave the track strewn with roses and walk on soft carpets.

Tens and hundreds of incarnations pass before they come back to the Path of initiations. God does not hasten them.

There is always a chance to return to the Path. But sometimes a very significant hint from the higher part of you is required to make you start thinking and return to the Path.

When the moment of the combat with your unreal part comes, it is really similar to a fight. All your bodies are covered with wounds. You wound yourself. Your unreal part does not understand what happens. It can seem to you that you go mad, that you are incurably sick. It is really a dark night for the Spirit. It is a temptation in the desert. And it endures for a long time. All depends on the degree of resistance of your ego.

When you overcome your ego and strike your guard of the threshold — your unreal part — you become a different person. Yes, you continue wearing a human body, you still remain in the physical plane, but the major part of you stays in another reality. You become a dweller of two worlds, staying simultaneously above and below.

You become a point at which the worlds meet.

But with this, your movement on the Path does not come to an end, it just begins because you become an axis of the world. An axis, a pivot supporting contacts between the worlds passes through you, inside of you.

You become a channel through which Light comes into this dark world.

And, certainly, like any axis, you experience the greatest pressure. You have such a feeling that you are a Titan holding this world on your shoulders.

It is an eternal overcoming of yourself, a constant refusal from the unreal part, new initiations again and again, and constant pressure.

But this is the only way for you to grow. And this is what God wants you to do.

There is no other Path.

If you are ready for this Path of initiations, you will understand well enough what this conversation is about. If you are not ready for this Path, nothing that you have just read will make any sense to you.

It only seems that all people are alike. Everyone is on his own level of development. Just such a moment has come now when for plenty of individuals the opportunity to follow this Path and to start moving on it appears much more real than it was literally one year ago. The Cosmos, together with its energies, contributes to this movement.

Those of you who understand what is spoken about here, please find time. Seclude yourself. Remain in private with yourself. Concentrate on your heart and ask yourself whether you are ready to follow this Path. And — if your heart prompts you that you are ready — do go. But every day when you get up in the morning and every evening before going to bed, do recall the decision you took. Keep on going without paying attention to the painful thorns piercing your feet and to anything happening to you in the external world. Do not be afraid of anything. Nothing — no insults, losses, or troubles of this world — can do harm to your immortal part.

I AM THAT I AM, and I am always with you on your Path.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

The Teaching of the Ascended Masters in the book "WORDS of WISDOM. Volume 1"

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