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Sanat Kumara, March 4, 2005

Sanat Kumara

I AM Sanat Kumara, and I have come today to inform the world about a new opportunity, a new dispensation which the Heavens have decided to make available through our new Russian Messenger Tatyana.

This turn of events will be unexpected for many of you. Many of you will experience contradictory feelings while reading this Message.

However, we are not forcing anybody to believe or not to believe what will be said. Our task is to give you this knowledge, and it is up to your free will to accept it.

Times have changed and the New Age has come. The worlds have come closer to each other. What seemed to be an impossible dream a few years ago, even last year, is now starting to become the reality. We are getting an opportunity to speak through many, and we are using this opportunity.

The situation on Earth continues to be stressed. The level of the vibrations of the planet is rising. New energies are coming to Earth. Due to these energies, the majority of mankind feels that it is impossible and meaningless to continue following the paths in the darkness that they have been following for many thousands of years.

This is manifested as a feeling of dissatisfaction, sadness in the heart, and the expectation that something may happen at any moment. The most sensitive people have lost interest in their usual activities. It seems to them that the things that were important and gave purpose to their lives are absolutely meaningless today. All their previous activities — wasting time with friends, watching endless television shows, the pursuit of new trinkets — seem to have lost all meaning. All of this resembles festive tinsel left in place after yesterday’s party. Today, it is all meaningless.

The most sensitive people feel the anticipation of the New World and of everything new that is coming to take the place of the old and obsolete. No matter how much the human consciousness tries to hold on to its habitual paradigms or to the traditions of the past, whether religious, social, or family traditions, all of this will be swept away by the wind of the coming changes. There is no point in resisting these changes because everything in this world follows the Divine cycles. Free will is, in fact, limited by the temporal and spatial frameworks.

The mortal human consciousness, limited by the framework of the material world, suggests that everything in this world should be subordinate to the will of man or to the will of human leaders.

No! There is a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them.

If a cancerous tumor makes its home in a human body, a healthy organism starts to free itself of the malignant cells. Exactly the same principle works in this universe.

If any human civilization begins to concentrate only on the satisfaction of personal interests and thinks only about obtaining pleasures from this world, such a civilization is subject to annihilation, just as a cancerous tumor can be surgically removed.

Any resistance is useless in this case. Everything not capable of assimilating the New Consciousness, the principles of the Common Good, Kindness, Cooperation, and God’s Guidance, will be wiped off the face of the earth just as the recent earthquake and tsunami killed several hundred thousand people in a few hours.

Stop focusing only on obtaining pleasures in this world. There are much greater pleasures available to those who open their hearts and minds to the vibrations of the Higher planes.

There is nothing outside of yourselves that you need. All Divine knowledge and perfection is inside of you. Seek this treasure in your hearts; seek the entrance to countless riches inside of you.

But you will have to pay for this entrance, and the price for that is your ego. You have to leave the mortal part of your Self and all of the accumulations of your electronic belt that are tying you down to Earth and to the lower plane of this planet like ropes.

The melancholy state experienced by many of you now is a definite sign that you are tired of the pleasures of this world and that you are ready to come in contact with the higher planes.

All you need is simply to make a choice and to step into the boundlessness, give up yesterday’s festive tinsel, and take a step toward reality. First take one step, then a second one, and continue to move without stopping toward your real Being, which is your true essence.

There is nothing outside of you that keeps you from moving toward the higher reality. Only you hold yourself back.

Can’t you cope with your own double who has been wandering in this unreal world for thousands and thousands of incarnations?

You have no other Path. You must either take a step toward the everlasting reality or cease to exist as individuals. A healthy organism can get rid of cancerous cells by itself. Metaphorically speaking, all of you are in God’s belly, and you think that God will let you live by your own rules. I say, No. He will simply get rid of everything that does not comply with His Will and His Law.

Think over what I have told you. I am hoping to meet with you in the future through this Messenger or through any other person who prepares their temple to let me be their guest.

I AM Sanat Kumara. Om.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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