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A Talk about the Law of Karma

Beloved Lanello
July 2, 2007

Beloved Lanello

I AM Lanello, who has come to you on this day through our Messenger.

As always, I am very glad to meet with you! And as always, our meeting today is taking place under the sign of tremendous Love that I feel toward mankind of Earth, toward you, my brothers and sisters who are incarnated now.

From my current state of ascended consciousness, a lot of what had happened when I was incarnated as Mark Prophet seems to be a pointless waste of time and energy. When the consciousness becomes free from human feelings and attachments, many circumstances and many things look completely different. When you experience negative states of consciousness, please refer to this Dictation of mine and read it again because your consciousness makes a considerable impact on everything that happens to you. Every time you come back to the same events in your life, you evaluate them differently because the state of your consciousness changes. It is this change in the state of your consciousness that you need to trace in your lives. You need to understand how your consciousness, the level of your consciousness, is related to everything that happens in your lives.

Your karma, as the Divine energy that has been misused in the past, inevitably returns to you. But, if you are armed with knowledge and understand that everything that happens to you in your lives happens exactly because there were reasons for it in your past, whether in this or former incarnations, it is much easier for you to accept the circumstances of your life than it is for those people who are not familiar with how the Law of karma works. Those people are like irrational beings who got entangled in the circumstances that they created by themselves and who cannot untangle the nets. Each wrong movement makes the manacles of their low-quality states clasp them more and more tightly. When it seems that there is absolutely no way out of this situation, the anguished ones finally turn their gaze toward Heavens. The heart opens up with last hope. At this moment, enlightenment comes, a premonition of the Higher world. Some more time passes by, and the person begins to reflect on the fact that there is a Highest Law that rules his or her entire life.

Of course, one needs to have a very high self-conceit to think that you do everything in your life by yourselves and manage everything yourselves. You manage your lives exactly to the extent that the Divine Law allows you.

Do not think that you will be eternally using the Divine energy without control for the satisfaction of your caprices and pleasures of your lower bodies. When the cup of your karma becomes full because of many of your negative deeds, you receive with perfect constancy the return of all the energy that you had used improperly. You encounter those problems in your lives that you yourselves had generated in the past. Only when you begin to realize that nothing happens to you besides what you yourselves had created before, when you stop complaining about your destiny and blaming other people for your miseries and misfortunes, when you are able to repent and lighten your heart with repentance, then the clamps of karma open and you are able to look differently at the world, at yourselves, and at your position in the world.

The knowledge of this very simple Law makes your life much easier. That is because you learn by the examples of how this Law operates. You become capable of properly treating everything that happens to you in your lives. When you properly perceive the lessons of life, you pass your tests and your trials, and you work off the negative karma that you had created earlier.

The more consciously you approach all of your life circumstances, the easier it is for you to live. If you know the diagnosis, you can receive appropriate treatment, and that treatment will alleviate your condition.

Believe me, your state of consciousness determines all circumstances in your life. The circumstances of your life inevitably change together with the change of your consciousness. That is why, for those of you who follows the Path that we teach, I would recommend that you learn how to accept the very prompt changes in all of your life circumstances, of everything that surrounds you. If either yesterday, or today, or tomorrow you do not encounter any changes in your life, it means only one thing — your consciousness is not changing. When you step on the Path of discipleship and follow it persistently, everything in your life begins to change with lightning speed. You will only need one quality — treating any changes calmly — and realize that all changes, good or bad, come in the order that they must come, in accordance with the implacable Law of Karma.

Your life circumstance and your life difficulties are directly related to the actions that you yourselves performed in the past. That is why you cannot complain about your spouse, or your children, or your boss, or your friends and acquaintances. That is because you yourselves generated all of the consequences at the time when you were creating karma with your improper deeds.

The understanding of this simple Truth and submission to the Law gives you an opportunity to act in accordance with this Law in the future and to not create any new karma.

You also begin to realize that not only your improper actions create negative karma but also your right actions, acceptable before God, create karma; but that is good karma. The correlation of your good karma and negative karma gives you the opportunity to regulate the process of karmic return and direct it yourselves, using the dispensations and Divine Graces granted to you by the Masters.

Karma changes from the blind weapon of fate to your helper and Teacher.

When this Divine Truth acquires you to the extent that you analyze each of the deeds that you perform from the point of view of the Law of Karma, you realize that you become free from the effect of this Law and you gain true Divine Freedom.

The same analogy exists in your world. If you obey the law of the society, you reside in freedom, but if you want to break the law, then sooner or later you go to prison and have to serve your sentence.

You are all in the prison of matter. Your liberation will inevitably come to you when you acquire the Divine Law and follow it in your lives.

I was happy to give you this short explanation of how the Law of karma works. I truly hope that this talk of mine will be useful for all of you.

I AM Lanello.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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