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A Teaching about the actions on the physical plane

Gautama Buddha
June 29, 2007

Gautama Buddha
About Gautama Buddha

I AM Gautama Buddha, who has come to you on this day for new guidance.

I have come to give you a Teaching that you have most likely heard before. However, when you take in a world-old Divine Truth, you are able to understand it at a higher level every time.

There are people among you who are not ready and do not want to know any Truth. They are quite satisfied with the world that surrounds them. However, it is not they whom I am addressing. I am addressing those of you, in whose hearts the fire of striving for a better world is burning, who are ready to sacrifice life itself in order to bring new models into the physical plane, regardless of what area of life these models concern and in which area of activity they are manifested. There are too many imperfections in your world that need to be replaced by more perfect models. We work on that in alliance with our devoted disciples, who have been with us for thousands of years and who come to the incarnation one time after another in order to help with the manifestation of the Divine models in the physical world.

There are different levels of comprehension of Truth, and there are different levels of Service. It is quite enough for some people to read prayers, rosaries, decrees, and mantras. There are other people who have brought their bodies in harmony by means of long-term service to Life, and they are ready to perform work for the Brotherhood. They are ready to perform a Service that is manifest in specific work in the physical plane. Many people come into the incarnation to complete a very small task. They need to support our work and make a stand for it at the right moment. This small task, which has been completed at the right moment, is capable of turning the consciousness of millions of people away from hatred, antagonism, and suspicion toward Divine Love, Harmony, and Divine order.

There are no small tasks among those tasks that our devoted disciples fulfill. All tasks in the course of following the Divine evolution are equally honored. The human consciousness cannot evaluate the true importance of each task of the Brotherhood that is being fulfilled.

There are no little things in the Divine Service. Every time when it seems to you that your contribution is negligible and that you do not have any impact, think of this Message of mine and think of my words about the importance of every action performed for the Common Good in the feeling of devotional Service. Remember, always remember, that it is not the work itself that is important, but the impulse, the momentum that you put into your action in the physical plane.

If you put the whole momentum of Love that you have, if you perform a very small task with great Love, this contribution of yours is capable of changing a lot on planet Earth.

You should not forget that you are not only a physical body. For your physical body, it is important what you see with your own eyes and what you can feel; for your more subtle bodies, the state in which you perform actions is important. The subtle world is very responsive to your inner state and your inner attitude. Therefore, even when you complete right actions in the physical plane but do not do it with the best state of your consciousness, you may create such a barrier in the subtle plane that will turn all your efforts upside down at the most unsuitable moment.

Do not forget that all your bodies should be balanced at the time when you perform actions in the physical plane.

I would also like to talk about the practices in which you try to do something with your thoughts, when you concentrate on the completion of a task in the subtle plane. Indeed, if you are an adept of the highest level, then any of your thoughts and any inner messages that you produce can be completed not only on the subtle plane but also on the physical plane. If you do not have the accomplishments of an adept and are trying to create something with your thoughts and feelings in the subtle plane, you produce the same imperfect models that have flooded our world, but only in the subtle plane. Later, after some time, you yourselves will have to clean up the layers of the subtle plane that you stained with your wrong actions.

Is it not easier for you to begin performing actions in the physical plane, but in a proper state of consciousness? In that case, all your right and wrong states of consciousness will be reflected and you will be able to see with your physical senses the imperfections in your creation and correct them.

It is very difficult to create blindly. Therefore, being in the physical plane, it is easiest for you to begin performing actions in the physical plane but in a proper state of consciousness. Then, you will visually see the result of your actions and will be able to correct the mistakes in a timely manner.

You should learn with practice that is targeted at the transformation of your physical world.

When you interfere with your imperfect consciousness and try to transform the subtle world, in 99 percent of cases it does not render any good results. Believe me, in the subtle plane and in the Higher planes of Existence, there are a sufficient number of beings who complete their work in those planes. When your consciousness allows you to leave the earthly world and no longer incarnate in a gross body, a new horizon of work related to another plane of Existence will open up for you.

Yet, now you have come to your world in order to perform specific actions in the physical plane.

The requirement of a prayer before completing a specific task is still valid. It is because when you are in a prayerful state of consciousness, you are capable of harmonizing yourselves and completing the given task in the best way possible.

Now I would like to speak about your manifestation of low-quality thoughts toward somebody else. Believe me, any of your negative thought-forms are capable of attracting other thought-forms with similar vibrations from the surrounding space. Before you notice it, you end up in such a foul-smelling cloud of low-quality human emanations that you stop seeing the Truth and recognizing it. Therefore, it will be best for you to keep your consciousness constantly attuned to the Divine models. Many people who do not follow any teaching or any religious practice but only adhere to the Divine norms and principles in their lives, have achieved much more than many of those who think that they have achieved great results on the Path but in reality have not made a single step toward the Divine Peak.

I am asking you to think over this Message of mine in your spare time. Do not rush to reject and condemn angrily what you have heard. For there is a difference between you and me, and it would be good for you to gain a small portion of humbleness, which I have.

I AM your brother Gautama.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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