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Beloved Serapis Bey
June 24, 2007

Beloved Serapis Bey

I AM Serapis Bey, having come to you again.

I have come today to give another Message containing the Teaching as ancient as this world.

We come time after time, not to give a new Truth but to enable you to recollect that Ancient Truth that you knew long ago but forgot because you have plunged into materiality too much. And now the time has come to remember your Source and to return to it.

We are glad that despite many factors distracting you in the matter, a sufficient number of individuals still show their interest in our Teaching. There are many other, as they seem to you, fashionable teachings that offer you many things for consideration and examination. However, if you unbiasedly consider the Truth we are offering and compare it with those teachings which are offered in abundance on the spiritual market, then you will understand the only thing: This is the Truth that has always been with you. This is the Truth that you learned in ancient Lemuria and Atlantis, in all Schools of Mysteries of the past and the present that ever existed on Earth.

There is nothing new in the Teaching offered to you except one thing: This Teaching is aimed to return you to the Higher reality. Through this Teaching you must begin the ascending cycle, the ascending spiral that will raise you from the matter and will enable you to return to that world from which you have formerly descended into the matter. You must remember your Source and your mission. You must comprehend the simple truth that there is nothing in your world that can be the meaning of your life because your world has been created for a while, for that period of time during which you must learn your lessons and mature.

This period of time allowed for your maturation is elapsing. It is very sad that too many souls are still in the state of a deep sleep and cannot be awakened despite all the efforts we undertake. We are ringing the bells of Liberty, we are calling you to your Freedom, to the liberation from the fetters of the matter. And we consider it our duty to inform you of the fact that the time of being in the state of a deep sleep is elapsing. Many of you will be rudely awakened, for it is impossible to wait any longer. You do not heed our admonitions; you continue wandering in the illusion and do not pay attention to our call.

The Heavens are appealing to you. We need your help. Those of you who are ready to accept our Teaching and those of you who do not only read our Messages but also are ready to really do something for the Brotherhood, must respond first of all. We are calling you not only to prayer but also to be ready to do practical deeds in the physical plane. It does not mean that you must leave everything and aspire to the place we show you. You must bring the Divine consciousness and Divine patterns to the place on the globe where you live, to your family, and to your workplace. You and only you are able to bring the new consciousness into the world. And I foresee that it will not be easy for you to do. You will be required to perform a feat, many feats, because everything surrounding you will resist. You will face one difficulty after another, one obstacle after another. It is very difficult to act in the world surrounding you, and it is very difficult to introduce the new consciousness and the new thinking into the world.

Everything must be changed. And everything must be changed in accordance with the Divine patterns, in accordance with the Law that was commanded by the prophets and was reflected in many Holy Scriptures of the past.

Now the time has come when the Divine patterns and the Divine Law must precipitate in the physical plane. Do not expect it to be easy for you. Do not expect that everyone around you will welcome the new with open arms. No, every step in the right direction will be taken with incredible effort. And doubts will come to you about whether or not the direction you have chosen for advancement on the Path is correct. You will be whispered to in the ear and it will be pointed out to you that a Divine deed cannot cause such difficulties and encounter such resistance. However, I would like to remind you that your world has gone so far from the Divine patterns that the return to the Divine patterns is seen by too many people as an encroachment upon the fundamentals. Indeed, over many millennia mankind has developed so much on their own, different from the Divine, which must be demolished, that parting with these obsolete things causes resistance in many people.

Remember how difficult it is for you sometimes to make yourself change something in your life, even simply to give up some bad habit. And now imagine that the way of life for millions of people has to be changed on a tight schedule. What attitude, do you think, will unprepared individuals have toward the new behavioral patterns that you introduce? Of course, each step will be taken with great effort. And every step you take in the right direction will naturally cause resistance from the side of those forces that defend their way of life, from their understanding of the Divine Law.

Over many millennia of human civilization, people managed to introduce distortions into all spheres of life, including the sphere of religion. And many religious dogmas and rules will make people stand up for the established system of religious world outlook. Therefore, do not expect that it will be easy for you. You must realize the whole greatness of the work you are to do. You must consciously stand up for the Divine patterns in everything: in morality, in ethics, in the sphere of education, in religion and in health service. Every sphere of human activity needs changes. It will be a revolution in consciousness. That is why those people who are not ready for the changes will resist and stand up for their way of living and their comprehension of God.

You are to stand up for the Divine behavioral patterns without being involved in a struggle. You are to stand up for the Divine Law. And you will have to demonstrate this Law in your lives. In the past many people were standing up for the new patterns and the new way of living so firmly that they slipped into intolerance and religious extremism. I warn you that you will rather sacrifice your life than allow any manifestation of intolerance or fanaticism.

You are required to repeat the feat of Christ when He chose to go through His crucifixion instead of standing up for the Law with a weapon in His arms.

Every one of you must be ready to sacrifice yourself but not to break any of the Divine Commandments[1] recorded by Moses on the tablets. Now the time has come when you must not only observe these Ten Commandments but also you must fulfill the main commandment: to sacrifice your body but to save in the Spirit the principles that we are teaching you.

Be ready to lose your body but save your souls.

We will not all sleep, but we will all be changed.[2]

I was glad to give you my help and my instructions today.

I AM Serapis.

[1] You shall have no other gods before Me.

[2] Listen, I tell you a mystery: We will not all sleep, but we will all be changed. (1 Corinthians 15:51).

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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