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A Teaching on prophets and prophecies

John the Beloved
July 13, 2006

I AM John the Beloved. I am known to you as the author of the Apocalypse. I have come again in order to give a Teaching based on the internal knowledge — the knowledge that was accessible only to prophets and mystics. Such people still exist in this day and age, but they are often mistaken for charlatans who declare themselves prophets, clairvoyants, or psychics, but the threshold of their perception of the Divine World is so low that at times it would be better for their future if they stopped their prophecies and became silent.

What do you think — is there any karma carried by prophets, and what is that karma? I will tell you, since I know very well what kind of karma we are talking about.

There is no difference between prophesying and any other activity that you can be engaged in the physical world. And prophets come in all shapes and sizes. There are prophets making prophecies from the Light, and there are prophets who soothsay from darkness. Each prophet chooses for himself which forces to serve.

Prophecy: the gift of contact with the invisible world. This gift is not acquired during just one embodiment. When this gift is granted to a person prophesying from God, this person usually realizes the full karmic responsibility that rests on his shoulders. Prophecies represent probabilities of the occurrence of events sensed from the Higher plane. Depending on the plane and the level at which the prophecy is sensed, it can be more or less accurate. But, because things that are familiar on the physical plane are missing in the Higher plane, the gift of prophecy involves interpretation of events based on impressions from contact with the Higher plane.

Since the human mind is involved in the process of the representation of impressions, a distortion of information can take place at this stage, and the authenticity of the prophecy is lost. I wrote the Apocalypse with symbols, so I managed to avoid the karma that is laid on the Prophet if the prophecy did not come true. And each expert in forecasting provides his veiled knowledge in the form of verses, parables, and quatrains. This is very fair because it makes it possible to avoid karma if the prophecy is erroneous.

There are other prophets who use human interest in oracles and soothsayers, and give their prophecies in down-to-earth language, based on the knowledge they draw from the lowest levels of the astral plane or while being under the effect of mind-altering drugs.

These prophecies do not contain big truths. And usually they do not come true. The probability of such prophecies coming true is fifty percent. This is the case when people say, There’s many a slip between the cup and the lip.

However, the desire to satisfy human interest in soothsaying puts a great karmic responsibility upon such prophets and clairvoyants. In the case where the prophecy is incorrect, the more people who know about this prophecy, the greater the responsibility is. The fact is that any prophecy programs the consciousness of people who give credit to it. And if there are many people who wish to believe the prophecy, then these people create by their consciousness an opportunity for the realization of such a prophecy. And if a phenomenon predicted by a forecaster does not coincide with the Divine vision, but it is realized and takes place due to the momentum of human consciousness involved in this phenomenon, karma lies upon both the forecaster and the people who contribute to the realization of this phenomenon by their consciousness.

Therefore, any prophecy is a double-edged sword. If a prophecy alters the Divine plane for the better, then the realization of such a prophecy brings good karma to all the people who take part in its realization by their consciousness. If the Divine plane is worsened as a result of the prophecy, then a negative karma is created from the prophecy.

Prophecy is a phenomenon as dual as everything else in your world.

The people who come under the influence of the energy of prophecies of false foretellers create negative karma.

The prophets of Light have always been out of favor because the majority of people did not like the oracles coming through them. People have always treated such prophets cautiously. They would rather have no dealings with them and even tried to physically destroy them. The karma of reprisal for actions against a prophet of Light falls as a heavy burden on the next generation.

In contrast, any veneration of God’s prophets brought good karma to the family of the person who showed hospitality to a prophet.

True prophets were always Messengers of God, and their mission was necessary in order to contribute to the proper development of human consciousness. Those who declared themselves as prophets without having been stamped with the seal of God incurred a descending heavy karma on themselves. Therefore, always observe and examine and do not get involved in any activity relating to prophecies if it is not from God, if it is demonic.

Although hundreds of years have passed since my incarnation, I am giving you this Teaching because it has not lost its relevance. On the contrary, it has acquired urgency since many visionaries and clairvoyants have appeared who do far more harm than good. And if you are involved in their activity, hire them, and pay for their services, then you create karma from a wrong action.

I have come to give you this important Teaching on the true and false prophets in order to help you to be able to approach everything you meet on your Path in this sphere with your eyes open in your consciousness.

It is very important where you direct your energy. None of the false prophets would be able to foretell if you did not give them the energy of your attention and your money, thus encouraging them to take up this ungodly business.

False prophets are the children of impure human consciousness, ignorance, and superstition.

Now that the body of the Teaching has been given, I would like to make a prophecy relating to your future. Before my coming to you, the other Ascended Masters and I were pondering whether it was worth giving you this prophecy through this Messenger because we had to consider the purity of the conductors and the degree of distortion of the information that might occur. We have decided to run a risk, and I will proceed.

In this difficult time in which you are living, you constantly think about many things and especially about the future of your planet, whether there is a threat of the next global cataclysm on it. That is why it is very important for you to hear that it is unlikely that any global cataclysm will take place during the lifetime of the generation living now. However, everything can change if you do not endeavor to transform your consciousness daily. The stable equilibrium on the planet that has been achieved so far exists and depends on the fact that many people have raised their consciousness to such a level that they are able to think positively and to direct their efforts to the Common Weal, goodness, and the Light. If the number of such people increases with each year, no global cataclysm will occur during the life of the next generation either because each preceding generation paves the way for the next one. Through your consciousness you are preparing a sustainable development for all life on Earth during the next cosmic cycle.

I wish you to successfully continue keeping your consciousness at the highest level.

I AM John the Beloved, with great respect to your lifestreams I AM.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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Tatyana Mickushina
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