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Sanat Kumara, December 20, 2016

Sanat Kumara

I AM Sanat Kumara. Om.

Today is the day that I have planned to bring to your consciousness many things that are not very pleasant.

I thought about it for a long time and came to the conclusion that you need to know this in order to make your choices consciously.

The time that you are living in is characterized by the term Spiritual warfare. That is the battle between the Light and the dark.

It seems to you that the sky is peaceful around you and there is no devastation.

Beloved, many of you have a wrong understanding about the battle that is taking place.

This battle can be manifested in the physical plane in the form of a war, explosions, bombing, or artillery attacks.

Yet, the battle that is taking place for your souls is much more frightening. This battle is in full swing right now.

Perhaps some of you are not aware of this battle. You are trying to protect yourselves from the worst, as it seems to you — a war similar to the one that happened in the middle of the last century.

No, beloved. This war, this battle that is taking place now, is much more dangerous because you do not even realize that you are in the midst of this battle for your souls.

Now I would like to briefly deviate from the topic. This will allow you to better understand how the forces of Light work and how the opposing forces operate.

You know that in the beginning of this century we made an attempt to give the Teaching in Russia in the form of Messages.

We said many times that it is an absolutely unprecedented opportunity and a great mercy from the Heavens.

We repeated again and again that each Message is accompanied by a tremendous expenditure of the Divine energy. It is so, beloved.

Why did the Heavens make such efforts?

Were they justified?

Only now can I tell you part of the truth about the purpose for which the Teaching was given.

We were preparing our Messenger at an accelerated pace. We were rejoicing that everything was successful. The vessel was ready to transmit the energy of Light.

We began to free the Teaching and to free the accompanying Light.

The transmission of the Teaching lasted for over 10 years.

Only now am I ready to uncover part of the truth for you, why such transmissions were necessary.

Every time when cosmic cycles come to an end, the moment comes when the souls must make a choice. Depending on that choice, they will either continue their evolution at the new level, or they will lose their accomplishments and continue their evolution at a lower level, or the evolution will terminate completely and the angels of death will reap their harvest.

That is why at the end of each cosmic cycle, people are given an opportunity to receive a renewed Teaching that will allow the souls to have the proper orientation points and retain the ability to continue the evolution.

We began our mission in Russia. This county was selected on purpose. Exactly at that time, the best souls, who had been specially selected for this mission, were incarnated there.

Several hundred souls had volunteered to come in order to save millions of souls not only in Russia but also around the entire globe.

We began our mission in Russia. A tremendous amount of Light was released.

However, something that we had not planned at all happened next: The body of Russia rejected our Messenger.

Our Messenger had to leave the Russian territory.

We waited for another four years with the hope that the light-bearers would come to their senses and would be able to work together and change the situation.

However, that did not happen.

You know that nature abhors a vacuum.

As soon as the territory of Russia became free of our energies, the opposing forces flooded it like a powerful mud-flow.

The dark forces directly seized the country.

This was the result of the choice made by the most conscious part of society, by the light-bearers that had chosen not to fulfill their mission.

The light-bearers withdrew under one pretext or another by anything from direct treachery to silent inactivity.

The body of Russia was taken over by the forces opposite to us.

You were awaiting a war; you were expecting havoc.

Beloved, the war is in full swing. It is the spiritual war with the most sorrowful ending.

People’s souls are killed using the most insidious means.

Young people are especially targeted.

Young people are the focus of the technologies that strike the soul and do not allow it to continue the evolution.

Computer games, destructive music, drugs, and false moral ideals instigate desires and motivate young people to fulfill these desires by any means, stopping at nothing — even murder.

The level of vibrations of the surrounding space is lowered to such an extent that our energies are no longer able to penetrate into the space of any big city.

Without our help, people became completely helpless against the treachery of the opposing forces.

Now I will remind you about the essential point, for the sake of which we have been giving our Messages. We strived to return your souls to the evolutionary Path of development. This Path is impossible without God.

God does not live in a temple or a church. God resides in the hearts of people.

When the critical majority of people reject God, then all of society becomes captives of the opposing forces.

And the Path closes.

Every day, the flame dies out on the altars of more and more new churches, temples, and mosques.

Every day, hundreds of thousands of people lose the flames burning on the altars of their hearts.

Every day, hundreds of thousands of people get deprived of the opportunity to continue the evolution.

That is the result of your collective choice.

This is the result of refusing God and His guidance.

It is sad to hear this. Yet, it is even more mournful to bring this sad truth to your consciousness: The entire world is moving toward death.

As Russia goes, so goes the whole world. This prophecy was pronounced at the beginning of this millennium.

It is becoming a reality before your eyes.

Nothing less than Divine perfection can enter the next stage of evolutionary development. A great cosmic cycle is coming to an end. Everything that is not from God will be subject to destruction.

To do this, God allows the outrage of the opposing forces.

Someone must do the work to clean the planet from the space debris.

I AM Sanat Kumara. Om.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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