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The reaping time

Lord Shiva
June 21, 2016

Lord Shiva
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I AM Shiva!

I have come again!

In order for our communication to take place, please get yourself into the proper state of consciousness.

I am fully aware that few in your time are able to raise their consciousness to the level where it would be possible to perceive the energies of the Ascended Masters.

Yes, beloved, your world has separated itself from the Divine world to such an extent that every time it becomes harder and harder for us to find those hearts who are able to perceive our energies and therefore, to grasp the meaning of the Teaching being given by us.

Unfortunately, the thing that is happening in the world today can be compared to totally worshipping the golden calf.

Everything surrounding you, especially in large cities, is only the scenery where you are presented with this single dominant world religion — namely, the religion of worshipping the golden calf.

We have talked many times in dozens of Messages about the fact that the illusion surrounding you obediently adjusts to your consciousness. However, your consciousness is formed by the illusion surrounding you.

Therefore, if you are constantly staying in a large city, you cannot be free from the vibrations surrounding you. You obediently follow the way of life and the stereotypes that surround you.

It takes great faith and strong will to resist the impact of the civilization that exists on Earth now, on the whole world, and especially on the inhabitants of large cities.

If you are constantly in an environment where discordant music sounds, where the wrong patterns are constantly flashed before your eyes, and where the desires to possess bodies and things are constantly flared up, then your vibrations are constantly on the level where it is impossible for you to hear God. It is impossible to make a distinction between what is right and what is wrong at this level of vibrations.

You are in the swamp of mass consciousness. And if you have only plunged into the swamp for a little while, then there is a chance for you to get out and jump out of the swamp. If you have plunged into the swamp up to your neck, then the hope for your salvation is almost gone.

Each year, millions of victims worshipping the golden calf are added to the garbage heap of history.

Come to think of it, it is the biggest disaster in the history of humankind.

However, we warned you and gave our recommendations 10 years ago when you had just plunged into the swamp.

You have free will. According to the Law of free will, you have made your choice. And the choice was simple and obvious: Either you choose to worship God or you choose to worship the golden calf.

You choose either eternal Life or you choose to stay in the mortal world at the price of your individuality.

As you deprive your soul of the Divine nutrition necessary for it and continue feeding it with the surrogates that the servants of the golden-calf cult are obligingly giving to you 24-hours a day through television, Internet, entertainment, and pleasures, your soul is gradually dying.

The moment comes when you do not have a soul any longer. You become a bio-robot and you have no future.

Everything is determined by your choices, beloved.

If you choose an illusory world according to your free will, it is obvious that you will stay in this world.

If you believe that you only have one life and try to get all pleasures within this life, then you get all the pleasures of this life in exchange for your very Life.

You sell your soul to the devil. Because of all the tinsel and pleasures, you deprive yourselves of an opportunity to continue your Life.

Hardly one person in a thousand living in big cities will be able to prolong his or her evolution as an individualization of God.

All the rest are either dead in the spiritual sense or hopelessly sick, and their souls are at death’s door.

This sweet and so funny and careless cult of the golden calf has gathered millions of victims within a short period of time — those who were laid on the altar of service to the golden calf.

Well, at least we have done everything possible from our side in order to show another possible path of development for human civilization.

However, time is unstoppable. And the moment of the final choice has come.

Life or death — everyone chooses by himself.

Nature has to get rid of those individuals who are not capable of further evolution.

The time for reaping has come. The reaping is taking place.

The chaff is being separated from the wheat.

All who are ready to continue the evolution are carefully collected in the Divine reserves.

All who are not ready to continue the evolution will remain in the garbage heap of history.

Therefore, I use this last opportunity so that at least a few people can hear me and return to eternal Life.

Absolutely all of the recommendations were given in our Messages that we were giving through our Messenger.

Only the dead could not hear that.

I AM Shiva!

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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