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A Teaching on the focus of Light

Lord Shiva
June 20, 2016

Lord Shiva
About Lord Shiva

I AM Shiva!

I have come on this day of the summer solstice!

For you, I am ready to overcome all difficulties and obstacles so that you can enjoy our contact.

Now, I wish that you would concentrate all of your strength and abilities of your soul.

Get away from your fussy thoughts.

Put out the flames of desires.

Keep contradictory feelings away.

Enjoy the inner peace.


The breath of Eternity.

Breathe in…

Breathe out…

Connect to the breath of the Universe.

Right now, I want to share the Teaching of the Masters with you.

The subject of our talk today will be something that you cannot touch, and many of you are not even able to feel it.

You have to take that on trust.

And if you do not want to believe, then there is no point in you reading and listening to my Message.

So, in our Messages, especially at the beginning of the work of our Messenger, we have mentioned the concept of the focus of Light.

You remember that the focus of Light was moved from America to Russia in 2005.

What is this focus of Light?

I will give you the Teaching on this subject today.

The focus of Light is the ability to transmit the Divine energy. This is a real point in space and time that allows a huge amount of the Divine energy to pass into the physical world.

The amount of the Divine energy is quite enough to make any changes in any country of the world.

However, certain requirements must be met for the implementation of these changes.

To begin with, the focus of Light is not anchored somewhere in the physical world. It is not a rock and not a building.

The focus of Light is anchored in the bodies of our Messenger.

This is her ability to transmit Light into the physical world, and it is an ability that was deserved in many previous incarnations and also in this lifetime.

The ability to transmit Light does not mean that the Light, the Divine energy, will enter the dense world.

No, the decision of the Supreme Council of the Universe and the decision of the Karmic Board are necessary in order to provide the Divine energy.

At the moment the focus of Light, anchored in the subtle bodies of our Messenger, passes not more than 10 percent of its designed capacity.


This is because there are no conditions in the physical plane for the implementation of our plans.

We told you about the opportunity that had been given to Russia in 2005.

However, in order to realize the opportunity, the conditions in the physical plane must be created.

Several times we asked you to take care of our Messenger.

Devoted hearts are needed for this; the hearts that are ready to sacrifice much for the sake of the mission of Light and the plans of the Masters.

How does the focus of Light work?

First, aspiring and devoted hearts must be found.

Then, on the feelings of Love, gratitude, respect, and honor toward our Messenger, they can get a part of the Divine energy that our focus of Light is spreading in the physical world.

With the growth in the number of people who can perceive our energies, we increase the power of the source of the energy, and we start pumping the energy through the focus of Light into the physical world.

Each devoted disciple of ours receives more and more of the Divine energy. This is similar to how a nuclear power plant flows current through wires to enable the operation of many objects and units, mechanisms, and machinery, and it gives light to buildings and streets.

In the same way, Divine energy fills the space through the hearts of those who are ready. The vibrations of the physical plane change, and many things that happen on Earth now will be impossible when the space becomes full of Divine Light.

This is similar to the fact that it is more difficult for criminals to manage their dark business in the light of day.

However, what we expected did not happen.

Our Teaching was not in demand among people.

Although many people read our Messages, there are no people among them who bear the flame of Service in its fullness within their hearts.

I will say it again: The flame of Service can only flare up based on the qualities of absolute devotion to the Masters, to our Messenger, and on the qualities of love, gratitude, and honor.

For the last 10 years, we have not managed to gather a sufficient number of hearts devoted to us.

Therefore, the focus of Light could not work at its full capacity.

That is why people did not get enough energy to transform the physical plane.

After that attempt of violence against our Messenger in 2012, I ordered her to leave Russia immediately.

Therefore, the Divine opportunity is now withdrawn from the territory of Russia.

The focus of Light has been moved from Russia.

Human intelligence tends to associate the prosperity of a country, or an economic miracle that takes place in a particular country, with achievements in science, technology, management, or the discovery of advanced technologies.

However, these are only the consequences of the fact that the people in that country allow the Messengers of the Masters to stay on their territory.

Not all of our Messengers are shown. Many of them are completely unknown. However, they could work and transmit Divine energy where it was necessary according to the plans of the Masters.

But when our Messengers are pursued, persecuted, and are not honored, then the country stands in front of an abyss.

It is possible to change the situation at any moment.

God has unlimited reserves of energy needed for transformation.

However, all transformations in the physical plane can only be realized through the hearts of people, through their hands and feet.

That is why it is said that the future depends on everyone — literally on every person who is reading these lines.

Since Russia is the key country on which the changes for the future of the entire planet depend, the lack of changes in Russia will manifest on the entire planet in the near future.

This time the Divine opportunity has not been realized.

Will there be another one? And when?

This depends on each of you, beloved.

I AM Shiva!

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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