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Right now is the time for your work for the good of the evolutions of planet Earth!

Master Morya
December 23, 2015

Master Morya
About Master Morya

I AM Master Morya!

Now, I have come to you today, my beloved chelas.

I understand very well that the black clouds have gathered, and how hard it is for you now to endure the pressure of the forces opposing us.

It would seem that there is nothing joyful and positive. However, I have come to assure you that, on the contrary, there is a reason to rejoice and a cause to celebrate!

We have had long conversations with you, and we have been giving our Teaching.

At last, for those few who were able to absorb our Teaching in its fullest, it is exactly the period of time that we have prepared you for — and not just during these 10 long years when we have been giving the Teaching through our Messenger. Of course not. You have been preparing for this work of yours in many of your incarnations.

We have repeatedly said that now the best of our disciples are incarnated. This is due to the harshness of the time and the intensity of the battle between the Light and the dark.

And now the decisive stage has come for you!

All that we have been doing before is just the groundwork.

The two forces clash in the global battle for the future of humankind: the forces defending the illusion and the forces wishing humankind to return Home to God.

When the forces are strained, when each party brings to bear all its power, a period of chaos arrives when everything is mixed up, and it becomes almost impossible to discern who acts on which side.

And your turn comes in this period of chaos.

The opposite forces use rough methods of influence, brute physical force, and haunting patterns and stereotypes.

However, the most cunning and dodgy understand that the more brute force they apply, the stronger is the probability for them to be ruined under the impact of these forces. That is why they use more subtle methods, by influencing the consciousness and the unconsciousness of the masses to adopt the states of fear, aggression, hatred, and hostility.

Although, beloved, all of these states cannot have any continuation in the New world.

The world is on the threshold of the New Age. It will be coming inevitably, exactly as the sun rises at the end of a night, no matter how dark it was.

At this time, each of you, our devoted chelas, becomes indispensable because at this time of chaos, it is exactly the slight impacts that have the strongest influence.

I will give you an example of a doctor who uses the method of acupuncture.

Imagine a patient suffering from a serious disease. However, if the doctor is highly qualified, one slight impact of a thin needle is enough to improve the state of a patient. And several such impacts can cure the patient completely.

Our devoted disciples have the skills that allow them to keep the inner balance of energies within them, no matter what the outer chaos is around them.

Thus, they represent the conductors of our most subtle energies coming into this world, and this can change the world situation.

We have our disciples in every country. Through them we can influence the situation in the world.

We are glad that the time has come when we can use this reserve of ours. Exactly now is the time when only by the inner power of the few, the situation in the world can be changed at the global level.

Well, I wish you good luck!

Always remember that the outer is determined by the inner. Thus, if a sufficient number of individuals can manage to maintain inner peace and harmony, and the feelings of joy and love in any outer chaos, then the situation in the world can change for the better literally within a few years.

However, never forget that in the state of chaos, the situation can quickly worsen as well.

Therefore, you must not relax!

Your complete readiness is needed!

Complete concentration on the Supreme.

The inner determines the outer.

Right now it is the time for your work for the good of the evolutions of planet Earth!

Only inner balance, even if the whole world collapses.

None of the souls that have chosen the Divine Path can be lost!

As soon as you make your choice in favor of God, all the Ascended Hosts stand up to protect your soul, no matter what the external circumstances are.

Therefore, remember God every moment of your life and devote your entire life to God and to fulfilling His Law!

I AM Morya!

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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