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Only faith in God and love for all of Creation can save humanity in the near future

Lord Shiva
December 21, 2015

Lord Shiva
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I AM Shiva!

Today I have come!

Most regrettably, I have come in order to share sad news with you.

Well! All in this world is only an illusion.

You yourselves choose the illusion that you reside in.

Your illusion is formed with your consciousness. If you wish to constantly reside in fear, hatred, and anger, then the illusion that surrounds you adjusts to your consciousness, and you receive the reflection of your imperfection in the outer world in the form of wars, terrorism, social tension, and financial instability.

You choose all that for yourselves, beloved.

It is your choice.

Our task is only to invite you to our table and to offer our viands. However, you can refuse and not accept them. This is the Law of free will.

Over the past 10 years the dispensation was active that allowed us not only to come and give our instruction in the form of Messages but also to transmit our energies into your world.

You were only required to agree to instruction and follow our recommendations.

I personally granted a tremendous dispensation that alone was able to turn around the situation in the entire world.

You need to agree that after 10 years of instruction we have the right to ask you to do something for the benefit of humankind.

So, I gave the dispensation that alone was able to change everything for the better. I asked our Messenger to found The Morality Movement.

So, what happened? Did the thousands of people around the world who were reading our Messages rush to fulfill my request: to carry the idea of morality into the world?

No. During those exact six months when I was maintaining the stream of energy and directing it to the expansion of this dispensation, our followers were disserting and doubting.

You missed an enormous opportunity. The best representatives of humankind did not pass the final exam of our school.

You failed the test.

The result was not long in coming.

When you refuse the Divine models, the opposite tendencies in the world increase immediately.

You refuse morality and receive completely immoral manifestations of your world: the lying politicians and economists, the increase of terrorism, and the unfolding of wars.

Let me remind you that you live in the world of consequences. Each of your choices leads to corresponding results. The missed opportunities turn into a humanitarian disaster that you have been facilitating by any means. In this way, the leaders of humanity who have been reading our Messages all this time have made their choice.

We lost.

Of course, you will have to face the consequences of your choice.

When you do not fulfill the plan of the Masters, when you do not follow the voice of your conscience, when you choose doubts and laziness, then you receive consequences, and these consequences will increase more and more starting next year.

I would like to clarify for you one more aspect of our Teaching that concerns the karma with our Messenger. When our Messenger gets persecuted, discredited, or accused, it creates a tremendous karma, equivalent to the level of karma with God.

As it is known, God deprives intelligence to those whom He wishes to punish. Insanity can take over not only a single person but also entire countries and nations. You observed that many times throughout the history of humankind. Fascism and communism are such diseases of insanity of peoples and nations.

The karma of godlessness and the karma of accusations toward our Messenger is one of the most severe kinds of karma.

I have come today in order to explain to your consciousness the cause of the events that are coming, and each of you who read our Messages took part in the creation of these events.

The insanity of countries generates wars and their consequences — famine and humanitarian disasters.

Can this be avoided?

It can. For that, you need to accept the supremacy of the Divine Law in your lives.

There is only one Truth. All genuine prophets, Messengers, and missions throughout the entire history of the development of humankind carried only one Divine Truth: about God who is everything that surrounds you.

It is about God inside of you and God outside of you.

Only faith in God and love for all of Creation can save humanity in the near future.

Now I must leave you.

The burden of karma must come down on humankind in the form of the cover of darkness.

The suffering can purify the consciousness in the same way as prayer and repentance.

I AM Shiva!

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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