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You can turn around and get back to the Divine Path of development at any point of the Path

Sanat Kumara, December 20, 2015

Sanat Kumara

I AM Sanat Kumara. I have come again.

It is sad to watch what is happening on Earth at this difficult time.

It could be possible to avoid the worst scenarios. And we are ready to do everything possible and impossible in order to save the largest possible number of human souls.

However, beloved, now it is your turn. Do you yourselves want salvation?

Do you have the strength to continue Life?

How it is sometimes difficult to understand what prevents you from returning to the Divine Path.

What prevents you from finding inner confidence in the existence of God and eternal Life?

Within just a few years, faith in God alone is able to return both the Divine models and the Moral Law into your life.

However, in order to experience the true faith, you have to work hard on yourselves. And at least you should follow the recommendations that we have been giving over the past 10 years through our Messenger. Is it difficult to you to follow our advice and recommendations?

Why do you prefer to drift down in a muddy stream of surrogates kindly offered to you by the mass media?

Why don't you make any effort to protect yourselves and your children from everything that cripples your souls and restricts your abilities and strength to go along the Path of Light?

It is never too late.

You may turn around and get back to the Divine Path of development at any point of the path.

Haven’t we told you about it?

Yes, great karma has been created. Yes, it is difficult to break out of the low-grade energies and negative states of your consciousness.

We teach that the confession of sins and repentance for committed mistakes can relieve half of the karmic burden, and the remaining half can be neutralized by the pure energies of prayers.

If the most conscious part of humanity cannot accept our recommendations and follow our advice, another path opens up, a more difficult path — the path of suffering.

I must tell you that humankind has already stepped over the threshold and is taking its first steps along the path of suffering.

Many of you complain about your lives, about the lack of joy and love in your lives. However, these are only the first steps along the path of suffering that you have chosen. So you can imagine what is waiting for you ahead…

We have always shown humanity an easier path. We continue rendering all the necessary help, so that at least a small number of souls can choose the path of salvation and follow it. We continue applying our efforts even when the dispensation of the transmission of our Messages is over.

Each of us has sacrificed the energy of our personal attainments in order to come and give a Message to humanity. Each of us is doing everything possible and even the impossible. We are applying all the power that the Karmic Board allows.

However, our more subtle energies go past your consciousness because your consciousness is constantly deep in the negative vibrations of the surrounding reality.

Therefore, we tirelessly remind you of the fact that in order for you to use our help and support, you should do everything possible to maintain your vibrations at the highest possible level.

Unfortunately, it becomes impossible in big cities. Cities are the bastions of those forces that have wrapped humankind and do not give it any chance to follow the evolutionary path.

We lost our battle for cities.

However, those people who live in small settlements are still capable of perceiving our vibrations and keep their consciousness at quite a high level.

We have done everything possible in order for you to move out of the cities. Modern technologies allow you to have quite comfortable conditions away from the cities.

However, it is impossible to act in place of you in the physical plane.

We have taken all the necessary steps in advance in order to ease your transition and your suffering. But we cannot do your part of the work for you.

Do understand that the time interval is coming when it is possible that you will not be able to get back on the safe evolutionary path.

And this is your choice.

No matter how hard it is to watch you taking steps toward the abyss, we cannot stop you if you decide to jump into it.

I have come today in the hope to bring to your consciousness the truth that the final chance to avoid the path of suffering is coming.

This opportunity is still open for the chosen ones.

I AM Sanat Kumara. Om.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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