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I hope that my Message will light up the hearts of those who still have a sparkle of Divinity glowing inside!

Master Morya
June 21, 2015

Master Morya
About Master Morya

I AM El Morya!

Urgency requires this Message to be strong or harsh.

We said that there was no opportunity to give more of our Messages through this Messenger.

This happened not because we did not wish for that or because the Messenger could not manage it.

We said that there was no opportunity to give our Messages because a lot of the energy contained in our Messages was not in demand among you, our incarnated chelas.

We must state this fact with deep regret.

There is so much different information in your world.

There are so many different books and so much information scattered about on different pages of the Internet.

But we do not come to give you information. We come in order for you return Home through our help and with the knowledge being given by us.

Your world in the form that it exists now, cannot satisfy the souls that remember the other world, the Divine world. These souls remember true relationships between people based on brotherly Love and collaboration.

You, many of you, have lost that true and innermost ingredient that is at the heart of Being.

No toys and pleasures of your world can replace the Truth that is always with you but that you forget in the hustle of the day.

I have come to remind those devoted hearts that we have been connected with for numerous incarnations, about the Truth that resides in your hearts, in the innermost of your being.

It becomes more and more difficult for the Ascended Hosts to reach out to your hearts when they are covered with an impenetrable armor.

Few of the devoted and genuine that still remember God remain incarnated, and due to their devotion and great compassion toward humanity they are ready to sacrifice their very lives for the salvation of the souls of people who are lost in the illusory world and cannot see the Light.

For those few souls of Light I come in order to support and help them despite the decision of the Karmic Board not to give any more Messages through our Messenger.

My compassion and desire to help humanity overcomes all obstacles and all difficulties.

I have come on this significant day, the day of the summer solstice of 2015.

Today you can apply all your efforts and mentally change the situation on the planet for the better. Only a few light-bearers are required to keep the image of the bright future in their consciousness in order to clear away the darkness that is so saturated that people cannot distinguish the direction of their further movement.

All the energy in this Universe belongs to God.

God is the only One who can instantly change any situation in the world.

Only the Law of free will granted to you by God does not allow positive changes in the world. Neither the Ascended Hosts nor God himself can help you if you turn away from the help and forget the name of God.

I remind you again and again that all your problems and all the problems of your society are connected with one thing only: Your civilization separates itself from God.

It is in your power to get as much happiness, Love, and Divine energy as your being can hold.

The only barrier is your karma, the negative energy that lies between you and God and consists of your mistakes that you made in the past as a result of breaking the Law of this Universe.

For the last 10 years we have been giving the Teaching that gives detailed recommendations on how you can overcome the mistakes of the past and gain a state of inner happiness and peace.

But now the time has come when you must show that our training is adopted by you.

You must show your aspiration and persistence in your spiritual practices.

You must demonstrate how our Messages and the given dispensations and opportunities are adopted by you.

All that you need at this stage for your salvation is given to you in full!

If it is beyond your power to adopt the Teaching given by us, appeal directly to God and the Masters. Ask for help, ask for liberation, and help will come!

But if you still sit idly and hope for a miracle, you are risking too much, as the time is short and this time is the last time.

I hope that my Message will light up the hearts of those who still have a sparkle of Divinity glowing inside!

I AM El Morya!

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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