SiriuS - Ascended Master's Dictations

Salvation is in your hands!

Master Morya
December 22, 2016

I AM Master Morya!

Have you been waiting for me?

Well, I have come!

How many of you were expecting the plans of the Masters to be realized?

You were hoping, weren’t you?

Now we come and tell you again and again that our hopes did not come true and that an unprecedented predominance of the opposing forces took place.

It is frustrating and painful to hear about this disappointing outcome of the many-year mission of Light that we have been realizing, or rather were trying to realize in Russia.

To those of you who do not believe this information and are trying to get some hope for the future, I will say, “Look around!”

All your “achievements” of recent years can be seen with the naked eye.

There are no positive changes either in the sphere of education or healthcare, or social protection, or the spiritual realm.

We have lost one of the most critical battles of this century.

What is to be done now?

Beloved, in any situation God can always find a solution that would correspond to the evolutionary path of development.

The opposing forces won.

That is wonderful!

It is seemingly a victory.

It is impossible to defeat God.

Any action against God will lead to manifold counteractions directed at those who performed that action.

Did the ruling elite reject the Divine principles of public administration?

Was it proclaimed that immortal life should be achieved in the mortal body?

Was it declared that material values have priority over the spiritual?

That is wonderful!

The Law is enforced inevitably and mercilessly.

Everything that has torn itself away from God will not be able to survive for any significant historical period of time.

The more the forces of darkness manifest themselves, the closer is their end.

How will it happen? Let me not answer this question.

Those who use the forces of nature to reinforce their control over the world will be removed from the planet without remorse.

Those who let themselves sink to an animal-like level of consciousness will finish their existence in caves and forests. Then, a few thousand years later, a new humanity will find the remnants of these new “Neanderthals” in remote places of the globe.

What should those who consider themselves light-bearers and are baffled with the new reality do?

For you, the task remains unchanged.

You must act, act, and act!

During your time, it is impossible to achieve personal salvation only by means of prayers and meditations.

Service is required; helping those who need help is required.

You must make provisions for the future.

Highly developed souls cannot come into these current conditions.

Only the souls of underdeveloped evolutions can be attracted into the conditions that exist on Earth now, especially in big cities.

Therefore, in order for worthy, advanced, and spiritually-developed souls to come into embodiment, you must create the conditions for the arrival of these souls on the planet right now.

Each step — from the preparation of future parents, to the conception of a child, to their upbringing and education — must be well thought out.

You will determine for yourselves whether you will do that in separate communities or within the borders of existing localities.

However, the conditions in big cities are not suitable for the coming of the future saviors of humanity.

Your task is to prepare a platform, a sort of Noah’s ark, to preserve the gene pool of Homo sapiens.

Everything is important: food, water, living conditions, and education.

If it becomes necessary to go live in the woods to provide the needed conditions, then you should go to the woods.

If it becomes necessary to create new laws to provide the needed conditions, then you should go into politics and insist that these laws are passed.

You cannot ensure personal salvation for yourselves at the present time without helping humanity as a whole.

You will not have a passing score to be allowed into the Kingdom of God.

Therefore, prepare for work.


Roll up your sleeves!

It is exactly now that self-sacrifice for the sake of the future of humanity is required!

Salvation is in your hands!

Do not wait for step-by-step instructions!

Get to work immediately!

I AM Master Morya!

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina
Translator Hanna Mityashina
Proofreader Grant Vospher and Teri Arndt