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You must maintain your devotion to the Supreme ideals in any of your surroundings

Master K-17
June 25, 2014

I AM Master K-17. I have come through our Messenger for the first time.

Perhaps you have heard my name from the previous Messengers. I represent the Space Security Service on Earth.

The fact of my arrival signifies the importance of the current moment for you because I use this chance of communication extremely rarely.

So, I have come today not to provide a Teaching or guidance. I have come today in order to give you specific recommendations and warnings.

From my point of view, the situation on the planet has taken an extremely dangerous turn. It is very hard to hold back the forces that oppose us. And all the might of the Hierarchy of Light is barely enough to hold the situation.

You can see that in the events that are happening on Earth. Fighting conflicts and military operations become more active here and there. Here and there the worst manifestations of human consciousness are raising their heads.

There are plenty of forces that do not wish humanity to choose the Divine Path of development. These forces are trying and they will do their best to take as many souls as possible away from the Divine Path. For this purpose, all measures are taken and the most insidious techniques are used.

You know that the opposing forces cause distortions in the most sacred areas of human life. In previous Messages you have been told about many ministers of religion who actually do not serve God. I will remind you about the other side of human life — about wars and bloodshed.

The instigation and the expansion of various hot zones on the planet are taking place by cultivating hatred and aggression in the mass consciousness of humanity.

It is clear that a process is occurring whereby aggression is growing in people’s consciousness. This is happening above all through mass media, most of which is under the patronage of the forces that oppose us and also through the computer games industry that both children and adults like to play. Many of these games have the participants shooting with various guns and killing their opponents. So, a seemingly harmless pastime becomes the source of increased danger in your time.

Children have always played war. This is how they have developed the qualities of warriors and defenders of their Fatherland. It was cultivated and welcomed by us. But now, instead of cultivating noble motives, killing, easy profit, and the lust for blood are cultivated. In addition to computer games, there are some movies in which aggression is cultivated and killing of people is colorfully shown, so the boundaries of what is moral and what is immoral, what is good and what is bad, are gradually diluted in young people’s consciousness.

Young people who are raised on such low-grade manifestations as battle-types of computer games and aggressive fighting movies lose their sense of reality. There are many organizations that attract young people fooled by movies and games into their ranks. After several years of brainwashing their consciousness with the ideology of violence and aggression, professional mercenaries and assassins are formed from these young people.

The first step seems quite harmless. At the age of six or seven, a child sits in front of the computer and shoots at toy targets. At 12-13 years old, the same child starts watching movies that cultivate violence.

By the age of 16-17, this individual is ready to be recruited into an organization of mercenaries and assassins.

That is how the system reproduces violence. First, violence is fixed in consciousness, and then in 10 years this violence is manifested in the physical plane through young people who have never heard about God but who have dedicated many hours to watching the scenes of murder and violence.

In a society where there is no supervision over the moral aspects of children’s upbringing, it is very difficult to eradicate violence.

That is why we, the Ascended Masters, come and remind you of the necessity of concrete activities in the physical plane. These activities must be carried out at the legislative and social levels, as well as at all levels of state structure in all countries of the world.

There are certain forces that will resist.

However, I must remind you of your task to act according to the Divine patterns of behavior. It does not matter whether your actions will be successful or not in the end. The correct motives and the right actions are what is important.

This is what will stay with you, with your soul as your life experience, and this life experience will transit with you into your next incarnations.

As for the experience gained by the individuals whose aspirations are opposite the forces of Light, their experience will also be left with them. However, there is a difference between these experiences.

When you make a Divine choice and act according to the highest moral models, you raise your vibrations and ascend along the spiral of evolutionary development.

When you do not make your choice in favor of the Divine manifestation, you move to a descending spiral and your soul slips down the steps of involution.

Thus, a very fast separation of the souls that are capable of further evolution from the souls that settle in the lower planes of being and gradually move to nonexistence is taking place in your time.

Your task is to understand that it does not matter what other people do. Before God, before Divine justice, it will not be an excuse for your soul that you were acting like everyone.

No, you must learn to make a Divine choice even if all the people around you are involved in non-divine activities.

This is exactly the initiation that the currently incarnated souls are undergoing now.

You must maintain your independence and absolute devotion to the Supreme ideals in any environment around you.

Now, after I have warned you about the current moment and its specifics, I would like to say a few parting words.

You are warriors in your world!

You are the warriors of Light!

You are the Knights of Spirit!

Never — under any circumstances in your life — forget about that!

Your duty is to Serve God and all of Life!

I AM Master K-17!

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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Tatyana Mickushina
Omsk, Russia