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I teach how to overcome violence in consciousness

Pallas Athena
June 23, 2014

Pallas Athena
About Pallas Athena

I AM Pallas Athena, who has come to you.

My time has come to give my instructions and directions to those sincere seekers of Truth who show interest in the Teaching that we give.

I should tell you that we are not always satisfied with the results of our instruction. There are happy moments when our Word ignites people’s hearts and we notice with contentment how a person literally blooms before our very eyes. His entire being is illuminated with the Light of Truth and Love, and the Divine Love is literally streaming from the eyes of that person.

There are also examples of the opposite such as when a person finds great difficulty with our Teaching, the Messages that we give. He is captivated for some time trying to understand the basics of the Knowledge given by us. However, time passes and that person ceases to read our Messages and goes to search for the Truth in a completely different place.

We feel very sorry in such cases, but we cannot do anything because the Law of Free Will does not allow us to interfere in people’s decisions.

However, we do not give up hope that sooner or later, humanity will be able to overcome the opposition of its unreal part and break through into the vast scope of the Divine thought.

I AM Pallas Athena, the Goddess of Truth; I also oversee many other spheres of the human life. And today I am experiencing special joy from meeting you because I am giving you my Message on the territory of my beloved Greece.

Oh, you cannot imagine how glad I am and how thrilled my being is!

Ancient Hellas. How many hundreds of years have passed since the time when the inhabitants of this place worshiped me and built temples and sanctuaries dedicated to me.

Time has passed, and now people worship other Gods. Yet, I have not lost hope that the time will come when all people enter into the Spirit and become filled with the Divine Truth so that the entire world is only a manifestation of the Divine Truth. And the entire world is a gift of God for you, for your souls, in order to help you develop and get to know yourselves and the surrounding world.

There is so much that is beautiful and charming in this world. There is so much of what God has given to humankind absolutely free, as a Divine gift. There are sunrises and sunsets, there is the heat of the sun, the song of the birds, the blooming of the flowers, the singing of the wind, and the babbling of the brooks. God has given so much to humankind!

However, humankind has turned away from the Divine gifts. Even the gift of immortality that was granted to your soul when the soul was being created, is no longer comprehended by you.

With astonishing persistence, you create your own non-divine patterns and worship them like a golden calf and feed them with your Divine energy.

There was a time when I could be present among the people. It was in ancient times. I told the people that the time would come when they would forget about God and forget about my existence. Nobody believed me.

Now when I tell you about God and about the Ascended Masters, there are very few people who can believe that we really exist.

That is because your consciousness contains a lot of information, but the Truth, the Divine Truth, has left you.

Therefore, your main objective will be to bring the Divine Truth back into your world, and after that the Divine harmony and Divine peace will come back into your world, and then your life will be filled with meaning.

Now you are deeply immersed in your invented problems. You are seriously troubled by the things that do not deserve your attention. You are immersed into the problems and situations that should not be present in your world. And the more and more attention you pay to these situations, the more and more you feed them with your Divine energy.

Completely invented things are multiplied by the mass media and gain a physical form with the help of your energy.

You obediently expose your being to a whole stream of lies replicated by the mass media, and this stream of lies carries you and makes you perform actions that you will be ashamed of after the death of your physical body, when you get into our Retreats. You will be terrified when you remember the situations that you yourselves created under the influence of false indoctrinations and obvious lies.

The other Masters and I constantly come across souls that cannot recover from the shock they experience when they see the whole horror of the evil that was done during their last incarnation.

Many of these souls want to incarnate again in order to atone for their sins, for their dirty deeds. However, we see that the soul has received so much trauma that it will take many hundreds of years to regain Divine peace and harmony and to incarnate with a fairly conscious desire to work off the karma.

I know and I see how difficult it is for the souls of the people who come into incarnation in order to work off the terrifying sins of their pasts. These people suffer and undergo dreadful challenges.

One must gather all his courage and demonstrate tremendous dedication in order to overcome all the challenges and prevent any new bloodshed because the person who has taken weapons in his hands in order to take revenge and who has stained his hands with blood deprives his soul of the opportunity to follow the spiritual path for many incarnations.

On the contrary, the person who overcomes the desire to take revenge and humbly tolerates all challenges that he encounters opens the Divine Path for himself in his next incarnation.

I am also the Goddess who provides instruction in the sphere of military art. Usually, when I give instructions in my Retreat, I teach the souls the ways of distinction in the use of weapons. If you take weapons in your hands not to take revenge and not to gain any profit like killers and hired assassins do, but only with the virtuous goal to defend your motherland, your home, or your family, then even the karma of the murder that you commit will be many times smaller than the karma of those people who commit murders in order to gain a profit.

There are different motives that people have when they take weapons in their hands. Unfortunately, just like thousands of years ago, the karma of humankind cannot be unraveled without violence and bloodshed.

However, any bloodshed should be perceived as a lesson for your soul. And a proper reaction, the correct assessment of what is happening in your consciousness, can work off the karma of violence in your consciousness without coming down any further to the physical plane in the form of new violence.

This is how I teach how to overcome violence in your consciousness.

You will be surprised to hear this, but a much greater karma is created not by the people who produce violence but by the people who support this violence in their consciousness.

This is because the violence that is committed now is the result of the aggression that had previously dwelled in your consciousness. So, if there is aggression present in your consciousness now, it will become the cause of the next bloodshed.

First, you create conditions for the growth of hatred, aversion, and aggression in your consciousness, and then it all comes down to the physical plane in the form of wars, bloodshed, and terrorist acts.

Think over my words today, and do not create the grounds for future miseries.

I AM Pallas Athena.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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