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A Teaching about the changing of consciousness

Lord Surya
June 22, 2014

Lord Surya

I AM Surya.

I have come again through our Messenger.

Today, our talk will be devoted to the most vital issue of your time, namely, we will devote our talk today to the changing of your consciousness.

It can be said without any exaggeration that not only is the issue of changing of consciousness the most important one but also the Teaching about the changing of consciousness is the most important Teaching that we pass through our Messenger, along with the Law of Karma and the Law of Reincarnation of the soul.

All of these three Laws, if you follow them in your lives every day throughout a considerable period of time, are capable of providing immortality for your soul.

Of course, if you do not believe in God, if you do not believe in the Highest Law that exists in this Universe, then our Teaching will not produce the necessary effect on you.

However, let us get back to the Teaching about the changing of consciousness.

I once again draw your attention to the fact that this Teaching will be capable of providing the immortality of your soul. Why is it so? It is because your world is a reflected, illusionary world. And practically, you find yourself in the outer illusion that corresponds to your level of consciousness.

Everyone resides in his or her own illusion. Residing in the center of a big city and meeting thousands of people, each of you would form the understanding of the external world that corresponds to your level of consciousness.

For example, two people that are walking along the same street would be in different illusions if their levels of consciousness differed.

One person would only notice the negative around him; he would only see the advertisements of low-grade goods, trash, or vulgarly dressed women.

Another person, who is at a higher level of consciousness, would direct his attention to smiling children, clouds, and the beauty of loving mothers.

Each of the two people would be residing in their own illusion.

God is so great that He allows each of you to be in your own illusion — the one that gives you the best opportunity for development.

The peculiarity of our Teaching is that it allows each person, at their level of consciousness, to gain an understanding of the direction that he should follow and improve himself, approaching the Divine models.

We provide the understanding of how, with the help of simple and accessible methods, you can change your consciousness so much that the surrounding illusion turns its Divine side to you.

Our recommendations are so simple that even a child can understand them.

If you are constantly watching low-quality television programs, if you are listening to the music that is destructive for your being, if you are intoxicating yourselves with narcotic substances, alcohol, and tobacco, if you are eating low-grade food, then would it seem strange to you if you managed to get into the reality that is close to the Divine models?

This cannot happen to you because you have done everything to separate yourselves from the Divine opportunity and the Divine manifestation.

However, God always leaves an opportunity for you, and you can make efforts and get rid of one bad habit after another. You can begin to gradually purify your being from everything harmful and immoral, and after some time you will be able to notice how your social surroundings change. You will gradually come into another illusion, the one that corresponds to your changed consciousness.

I have basically given you the essence of the Teaching, its core.

If you turn to studying our Messages in earnest and thoughtfully, then you will realize that for 10 years we have been Teaching you this simple Truth: the changing of your consciousness.

In dozens of Messages we tirelessly repeat the same things: If you surround yourselves with proper Divine models, give up observing low-grade models, quit bad habits, then the Divine world will open up in front of you.

Of course, we realize that our audience is too small to change the situation on the planet by changing the consciousness of selected individuals quickly enough.

Yet, I repeat again and again: There is a chance, and there will always be a chance, to change the situation on the entire planet with the help of just several thousand sincere followers of our Teachings.

Our Teaching can penetrate into the hearts of people and ignite their inner torches.

Even when you cannot change the situation on the planet but you sincerely aspire to everything Divine and you follow a righteous lifestyle, then you are already attaining immortality for your soul.

But if you are sincerely promoting our Teaching and are ready to sacrifice your own life for the sake of propagating the Truth on Earth and saving human souls, then you deserve the highest honors in our world.

I am telling you and repeating to you that the path of Service to the Divine Truth, the path of changing the consciousness, will not be easy because as soon as you begin to change your vibrations by following the Divine standards of behavior and high moral norms, the outer world begins to confront you. You are still in this world, but you no longer belong to this world. And, because the surrounding world has lower vibrations, it automatically begins to confront you.

You encounter temptations and you encounter direct confrontation. And you cannot fight back and answer violence with violence, because for you it would be a step backwards.

Only with the power of your Spirit will you be able to stop the external opposition and the inner confrontation of the negative energies that are still inherent in you.

Many of our followers believe that they stand at a very high spiritual level. They believe that the power of their Spirit allows them to withstand the outer influences. Yet, many of those people are at the first steps of their advancement on the Path. And you yourselves have to feel that delicate balance within your being that separates you from the moment when you can withstand the outer forces with the help of the power of the Spirit. The rest of our followers must actively confront external imperfections.

You must take action; you must be actively involved in external activities and gain your experience. And only after several incarnations as active advocates of morality and the Divine Law, will you strengthen your Spirit to the extent that you can withstand the outer negative forces with just the help of your Spirit.

I will reveal a secret to you that even now there are people in this incarnation who withstand the forces opposed to us with the power of their Spirit. However, none of you will ever know their names. These courageous beings are doing everything so that the physical platform is not destroyed by the imperfect human consciousness.

You, those who read our Messages, must use all your energy and apply all your skills for active involvement in the physical plane. Only collective positive actions are capable of overcoming the existing negative tendency in the world.

I AM Surya, and I was with you on this day.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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