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Your task is to save your soul

Sanat Kumara, June 20, 2014

Sanat Kumara

I AM Sanat Kumara.

I have come today exactly at the time scheduled by us.

As always I intend to use this Divine opportunity in order to give our Knowledge and understanding of the transformations taking place on Earth to humanity living on Earth now.

We have stated in our previous Messages many times that the vibrations of the physical plane of planet Earth are rising. We have told you what you have to do so that your own vibrations and the level of your consciousness correspond to the new reality.

Those of you who have steadily followed our recommendations received an unprecedented leap in your development. Unprecedented opportunities and prospects for inner development are open to you. You are on the top of the wave of the Divine opportunity, and this will allow your soul to continue its evolution at the new level.

You have managed to use the given opportunity! You have managed to seize our helping hand and heeded our advice!

It did not happen to the majority of humankind, however. Most people got into the whirling of energies and are not aware of all the processes taking place.

They are in a situation where the new energies are ousting all karmic blocks from their being, all the blockages of old energies. This resembles a spring-cleaning that you do in your home. You shake up old stuff, sweep up the garbage, and chaos and mess swirl around you for a while.

Do not wait for somebody to come and clean up the mess in your house. You are the only person who can put things in order within your being and nobody else can do it for you.

Therefore, we warned that every one of you who is living on the planet at this transitional time will have to make your choice and will make it.

Now, as with all unattractive general situations on the planet, you have an unprecedented opportunity for your own development.

What was quietly hidden in the depth of your being in old times, centuries ago, has now risen to the surface thanks to the energies of change.

You can notice it in yourselves and observe it literally everywhere.

Is it good or bad? Undoubtedly it is not very good for problem-free living in the physical plane but it is a great opportunity for the development of your souls.

We have gotten a tremendous Divine dispensation for the transmission of our Messages in advance, 10 years before this moment. Our Messages are meant for helping your souls get prepared for the energy leap.

And indeed, many received our help. We only regret that the number of people who have gotten our help and support is not very big.

Even among those people who could get in touch with our Messages, thanks to their karma or vibrational level, the percentage of individuals who accurately follow our recommendations is not very high.

You read our Messages and continue your usual way of life. You cannot still believe that simply following our recommendations you will make your living much easier, and you will definitely save your soul.

The lack of faith impedes humankind to take our recommendations seriously. The lack of faith is the stumbling block for many souls.

I will explain to you why you are afraid to believe, why you are so wary about any new teaching and even about old religions.

There is no other sphere of human life where there are so many distortions as in the sphere of faith. This is obvious and realized. In essence, the matter of faith is the most important matter for every human being. If you have faith and you are sincere in your faith, you are already saved.

That is why our opposing forces do everything to compromise every source of Truth in your world and every true Teaching. The most common way is to create many false teachings and sects. In such an abundance of lies not only faith is lost but also hope for a better future.

The next method that our opposing forces use includes lies and slander. All the authentic things are blackened and dragged through the mud. This alienates many sincere seekers of Truth and draws them away from the Divine Path of development.

So, what is offered in turn? You are offered numerous temptations and a great many traps in the physical plane, and when you get into these you are cut off from the evolutionary path of development.

Your Path is the Path of Initiations. You are facing the hardest tests and obstacles on this Path.

Only the most faithful person is capable of overcoming all the traps and temptations of the physical world.

Therefore, do remind yourself of God and the Supreme reality throughout your daily life.

No hour of your life should be lived without God. Only when you are constantly focused on the Supreme reality, do you become invulnerable to the opposing forces and acquire the gift of distinguishing between what is beneficial for the development of your soul and what causes irreparable harm.

I would like to draw your attention to this fact once again: The current period of time is primarily a time to separate those souls who are capable of further evolution from those who are not capable.

Your time provides you with tremendous opportunities for your spiritual growth. You can easily discern on which side everyone is acting. This is due to the fact that politicians, financial dealers, representatives of the governments, and authorities cannot hold fine-looking masks on their faces any longer.

All the masks are thrown off, and it becomes obvious who takes which side.

When you see or know who takes the side of non-divine forces but continue supporting them because of your fear or profit, you factually take the side of these forces.

Therefore, before making any decision in your life, thoroughly weigh all the consequences that it will bring to your soul.

Your physical body will be left in the earth; your task is to save your soul.

That is why all wise men of all times preferred saving their souls to losing their bodies.

Think over this Message of mine.

I AM Sanat Kumara. Om.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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