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The Great Mercy of the Heavens

Beloved Alpha
June 24, 2013

Beloved Alpha

I AM Alpha.

I AM your Heavenly Father. I have come. Today the cosmic news has come and this Messenger is empowered to convey this news to you.

I have arrived from the distant worlds. I have come in order to anchor my Flame and my Presence in the chakras of the Messenger.

It has never been possible before. We have performed this experiment in order to speed up the events and to enable humanity of Earth to come in contact with the energies of the Higher worlds.

I must assure you of the fact that the safety of your transition to a higher level of vibrations is determined only by your perception of the changes that are taking place.

The extent of your perception of the Higher worlds in your consciousness and your ability to obey the Law of the Higher worlds determine the safety of the transition of humanity to the new level of consciousness, to the new stage of the evolutionary development.

Therefore, I have come to remind you about your mission and your Source.

You have gone through the evolution in the dense worlds, and now you must return to Me, to My world which is your Home.

Now I have opened the window of the cosmic opportunity for you. This is My personal dispensation and opportunity that I grant to humanity of Earth.

From this moment you can appeal with your calls directly to Me. If there comes a moment in your life when it seems to you extremely burdensome to bear the surrounding sufferings and severities, then you can appeal directly to Me with your call, and I will do everything possible to ease your situation.

However, in return I ask you to constantly keep the memory about our meeting today in your consciousness.

Some time will pass, and the illusion will start swallowing you down like a quagmire. The inner Light will fade, and your being will lose the orientation. All the space around you will turn gray, and you will no longer distinguish the Light from the dark, the white from the black.

This is why I have come today: to give you My opportunity and to enable you to use it anytime.

Put in a prominent place the words of the call that you will say when the surrounding environment seems unendurable to you or when it seems to you that you have run out of strength to bear the severities of the world around you.

You can say My call every day, and within 24 hours after you have said it you will have My personal protection and patronage at your disposal.

So, you must stand before the altar. Find a moment when nothing can disturb you. Enter your inner space, take shelter in there, and say the following in the silence of your heart:

"In the name of I AM THAT I AM, Beloved Alpha, I ask You to activate Your dispensation. I ask You to send Your Fatherly Ray into my being. I ask You to extend Your helping hand to me and to guard me from any negative energies and vibrations within the next 24 hours. I am Yours, O Lord, come and protect me!"

From this moment I am making this call active and available for you.

It is a Great Mercy of Heavens to have an opportunity to be under My personal protection, while being in the hustle and bustle of your world.

You can resort to My protection as often as you can and as is necessary for you.

Each time when you pronounce the call I have given, its effect is intensified.

However, you ought to understand that this call simultaneously intensifies My Presence in your world. And this means that the opposing forces will follow to the place where you pronounce your call.

If you say the call once a day, you get My protection for 24 hours. If you say the call more often, I manifest My Presence near you, and together we will withstand everything that is not Divine in your world.

If you are ready to enter the ranks of My warriors, I will be there with you in your service up to the end.

All the warriors of Alpha are under My personal guardianship. However, very few people take a risk to join My forces, because from the moment of My mobilization you must devote your whole life to Divine service.

There are very few people on Earth who are able to do it. Only few people are able to bear the ceaseless effort and the refraction of the energies flowing through their bodies.

I would like to set at ease those who have already started experiencing fear and doubts. You are not ready, and the opportunity to join My ranks does not concern you.

But there are several individuals among those who are reading this Message who are ready to enter the ranks of My warriors.

You are ready to step forth in the first ranks of the warriors of Light.

Some time will pass, and the number of My warriors in your world will increase. And in cosmic measures, quite soon there will remain only My warriors in your world.

This does not mean that there will be a war. This means that the Light will win a victory over the darkness. This is inevitable because this is the Cosmic Law.

I have come today in order to remind you about your Divine Source and your Divine mission.

Reside in the state of devotion and readiness, and I will always be with you!

I AM Alpha, your Father in Heaven, I AM!

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

The Teaching of the Ascended Masters in the book "WORDS of WISDOM. Volume 1"

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