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Mother Mary
June 23, 2013

Mother Mary
About Mother Mary

I AM Mother Mary.

I have come. What do you think we are going to talk about today?

I think that there are many things that you would like to discuss with me and many questions that you would like to ask me. However, I have not come in order to have a quiet talk today. I am in a decisive mood and ready for a serious talk that we will be having.

I would like to talk to you about your service and your obligations. Before coming into this incarnation, many of you have assumed many obligations upon yourselves related to your service for the world. Yet, by now you have forgotten what you have taken upon yourselves. And this is sorrowful. It is especially sorrowful now when the situation on the planet is still worsening, when darkness is obscuring people’s eyes and making it impossible to take a deep breath and aspire toward bright and joyful energies of regeneration.

First of all, I am speaking to the people of my dear Russia. But I am also ready to talk with many of my beloved children scattered around the globe.

I am happy when we combine our efforts together in a joint prayer for peace in the world. And I am sad when the rows of those involved in the prayers thin out, when momentary entrainment distracts you from the main thing: the prayerful opposition against any negative forces and manifestations of your world.

Together in our prayers we are able to change any situation in any country of the world. Together in our joint prayers we can reverse even the most difficult situation and direct it into an easy and joyous Divine flow.

I am ready to stay with you in your prayer. I am ready to join the people who appeal to me in their heartfelt prayers and ask for help.

God gives you unprecedented opportunities. God is ready to come to every aspiring person during sincere prayer. And together with Him I will stay with each of you.

I am craving for the moment of your sincere prayer in order to come and to reinforce it. Sometimes I come to those of you who have assumed the obligations upon themselves to read my Rosaries every day. And how surprised and disappointed I am when instead of prayer you plunge into other things that seem more important for you. I come exactly at the time of your prayer in order to strengthen it and to pray with you. I cannot find you, and this is very sad.

Beloved, do not upset me with your inconsistency and laziness. Do understand that now your prayers can only save and improve the situation that has been formed in Russia and in the world. Only with your prayers you can prevent the most terrible thing.

I am asking you. I am begging you.

Beloved, it is not hard, is it? Even when you do not have time to read a Rosary, just simply aspire to me with all the love of your heart. I will meet your eyes and understand that you remember me, though the circumstances do not allow you to spare the time for praying that day. I will come to you the next day, and together we will contribute our prayerful efforts for the Common Good.

The power of our joint prayers is reinforced now as never before. And I assure you that we can prevent the most terrible consequences of any incorrect actions of people in the past and present if we oppose the negative energies with our faith and unity.

Imagine a mighty prayer wheel that is rolling from one side of Earth to the other end. Imagine how the faithful voices of those who are praying merge into one loud voice. And this voice is heard everywhere on Earth.

Together we will be able to withstand!

I am telling you that the situation is so difficult that it is hard to believe it. And the only thing that I am asking you for now is to give me the energy of your prayers so that I can allocate the energy according to my view.

Entrust your prayerful efforts to me. Ask me for help and I will send my angels to help in those situations that seem unsolvable.

Imagine that my angels and I enter the walls of your government bodies. By our presence we will transform the situation and create the preponderance of the forces during any decision-making.

Imagine me during any negotiations that are taking place at the government level, as if I were also sitting at the negotiating table, and I will supervise any decision-making in your world whether it concerns politics, the economy, education, health care, culture, or social welfare. Your visualizations and prayers will allow me and other Ascended Masters to be involved in decision-making at any national level. Thanks to such a simple practice we can reverse any situation and direct its settlement along the Divine Path.

I know that many people are now suffering from depression, and I know that the hearts of many people are held captive by fear and hatred.

Beloved, all this happens because of the lack of God’s presence in your lives. The Divine energy is blocked not only by you yourselves but also with the help of mass media, which immerses you in negative states of consciousness.

Only the flow of Divine energy that you attract during your prayer can purify your bodies, your consciousness and subconsciousness, and forever liberate you from fear, depression, and hatred. Any imperfect state of your consciousness can be dissolved by the Divine energy that you will daily attract into your life with the help of your prayers.

I will stay with every one of you during your prayers. I will strengthen the influence of your prayers, and I will help you. But I cannot do anything for you unless you give me the energy of your prayers and the energy of your love that you send to me while meditating on my image.

Therefore, do not blame anyone if you experience negative states of consciousness, if troubles and misfortunes dim your eyes. God is so merciful that one prayer or one fervent appeal can be enough to change any situation.

You must manifest all your prayers and appeals only in the name of God.

We will be able to change any situation! We will do it! The Divine miracle is beside you. It is ready to be manifested, but the energy of your prayers and of your positive aspirations toward happiness, bliss, and good is needed to manifest the miracle.

You get what you strive for. If every day you argue about everything, if you criticize your government, all the people around you, and God himself, then you will hardly achieve a positive result, and it is unlikely that you will ever be happy in your lives.

If you are able to sustain faith and love in your hearts no matter what, if you are ready to protect yourselves and your nearest and dearest by your prayers and love, then the worst and irreparable things will go past you and your families and friends. And if from year to year there are more and more people who accept the priority of God and His Law, then no difficulties, no calamities or crises, can threaten your country and its people.

You can see that God always looks after you.

Let God into your life.

I AM Mother Mary.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

The Teaching of the Ascended Masters in the book "WORDS of WISDOM. Volume 1"

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