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I wish to help each one of you

Beloved Jesus
June 24, 2012

Beloved Jesus
About Beloved Jesus

I AM Jesus.

I have come to you now, today, because I have something to tell you. Thanks to Divine mercy, other Masters and I can still come and give our Teaching to humankind of Earth. My duty is to tell you about the Path that I was following and that each of you can follow. This is the Path of Love, the Path that is lying within your hearts. Only at the level of your heart do all the contradictions and everything that separates you disappear. Then, when the majority of humanity raises their vibrations to the level where they approach the vibrations of the heart chakra, only at this level of consciousness will all the negative manifestations and everything around you that do not conform to the Divine standard disappear.

Therefore, each of you who wishes to get closer to God can exert an effort and desire to follow my Path, the Path that I teach.

Many people want to heal and even more people wish to perform miracles, to walk on water, and to revive the dead. But I taught much more important things that escape your consciousness because they do not lie in the field of outer manifestations but in the field of the hidden qualities of your soul.

In the folds of your soul, you should find your Divine opportunity, your Path to the eternal world, your Path to peace and goodness and to meekness and humility.

It is exactly the qualities of your soul that determine your further evolution. And this has nothing to do with the outer manifestation.

The Inner Path, the Divine Path, is always with you all the way through your incarnation. However, very few people recognize this Path and follow it.

There are too many temptations in your world. And modern ways of communication and mass media are so trumpet-tongued that you cannot hear the voice of your heart behind their noise and commotion.

I can only be present in your hearts. Then, when you are able to hear the voice of your heart, you will also be able to recognize me. You become able to see me and communicate with me.

We are separated by the illusion that is remaining around you. But the commotion of the world is falling into silence and vanishing thanks to the efforts of those who aspire, those who are devoted to God, who believe and love.

Therefore, I have come today in order to talk to you about your aspiration. Your quality of aspiration and constancy is able to overcome any barriers that stand between you and me.

Just wish to apply effort; just wish to follow my Path. I promise my support to each of you. And the power of my support and help depends on the strength of your aspiration.

I wish to help each one of you. And I understand your difficulties very well. In its last convulsions, the illusion tries to hold you from your return to God. And this becomes more and more obvious. The most barbaric arsenal of means is deployed in order to alienate you from God and from my Path: blaring music, alcohol and drugs, fascination with objects, and escalating desires to possess things. All this is an extreme manifestation of the opposing forces. And when you are able to rise in your consciousness above your attachments and desires, then your four lower bodies become disenchanted with the lure of the illusion and you become able to see me and perceive the Divine world.

Your return to my world only depends on your own aspiration and your inner choice. You do not need to call anyone to come with you. You do not need to vociferously demand that people come to God.

I will reveal a secret to you. And the mystery of this secret is that each of you is able to pull millions of souls out of the debris of the illusion by showing them the Path, by becoming the Path itself. But for this you do not need to call anybody or force anyone to follow the Path with you. The Divine world acts with finesse. And the harmony that you obtain within yourself will do the work for you. Your vibrations, your state of consciousness itself will show the Path to those souls who are ready to return Home.

Your illusion is dense only while you believe in it and are attached to it in your consciousness. As soon as you reveal another reality within your being, the illusion of your world fades and disappears like a night fog. The twilight of your consciousness is illuminated by the Divine Light emanating from your hearts.

The Divine world is not somewhere far away from the world. The Divine world is constantly near you. And whether you will be able to cross the threshold between our worlds and approach me depends only on your everyday efforts.

I am where you are. I am standing right in front of you and extending my helping hand to you. See me. Disperse the fog of illusion that is blinding your eyes, and take my hand.

You are able to overcome all the barriers on your Path. As soon as you manage to believe in God and accept His help, you will feel relieved. And the most difficult life situations that you face will not dishearten you anymore, because you will obtain the understanding that you will go through all the difficulties. No matter how hard the Path is, you will be led by Hope, Faith, and Love.

All the obstacles can be overcome when are walking with God.

The inner Light will illuminate the Path for you in the worst life situations.

I believe in you and in your aspiration and devotion. Together we can overcome any resistance and reach that part of the Path from where a breathtaking view of the Divine summit opens up.

I AM Jesus.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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This book contains selected Messages from Jesus, a Great Divine Being. In the chaos that exists in the world now, the only regulator and guarantor of stability is the inner governor, the human conscience, or God, who resides in every human being. We come to you in the hope that many of you can understand the truths being given by us at this stage of human development. We sincerely hope that these truths will germinate in your hearts and you will become one with the Teaching that we are giving. (Jesus).

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