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The time has come to make a revolution in your consciousness!

Beloved Babaji
June 25, 2011

Beloved Babaji

I AM Babaji.

I have come for a decisive talk today. And my determination must be passed on to those of you who are consonant with my vibration of transformation.

When I was incarnated, I kept saying that a revolution is on the way. And all the deadlines established for the beginning of the revolution have already elapsed. Therefore, get ready for the changes that will be truly revolutionary! And these changes must take place within your consciousness. And as soon as they happen in your consciousness, everything around you will instantly start burning in the fire of revolution because everything that is now running the show will be swept away — your entire familiar ambience, everything you are used to, all your habits and attachments.

It will inevitably happen because none of this complies with the Divine plan or meets the conditions of the evolutionary path of human development.

When persuasion does not work, and people are obstinate and do not obey the law, then force is used. When humankind does not obey the Divine Law, and the terms allowed for coming to awareness are expiring, it is necessary to apply enforcement methods of influence.

The things that you are used to and perceive as integral parts of your existence, in fact and for the most part, do not correspond to what should exist at this stage of evolution. Therefore, many spheres of human activity are to undergo truly revolutionary changes.

You are used to eating meat and meat products. You will have to give them up because the vibrations of the physical plane are rising, and in order for your physical body to be in harmony with these vibrations, you should switch to some higher vibrational types of vegetable food.

You are used to drinking alcohol. You will have to give it up immediately, once and for all. The same goes for tobacco and drugs.

You have a habit of using your sexual energy without limitation. You will have to become chaste because the vitality of the future generation of people will depend on the extent to which you will be able to preserve your sexual potential. All the unviable will not be able to exist in the new world.

You are used to getting pleasure from watching TV. You will have to break this habit because you need the quality of concentration on the Higher reality, and everything that fills your TV and radio airwaves prevent you from concentrating on the Higher reality.

You see that the changes to come will wipe away at least half of your industries and businesses, the entire mass entertainment industry, and the production of drugs and low-quality food products.

These are truly revolutionary changes. And all this must happen. Only in this case will humankind be able to manifest its capability for further transformational growth.

On one side of the scale there are all those blessings of your civilization that I have mentioned above, to which humanity is attached and still does not want to part with for the time being. On the other side of the scale is the very existence of planet Earth, the physical plane of planet Earth.

You have to decide on a tight historical time frame. The more time your contemplation takes, the less likely a seamless transition will be made and the greater the probability that a global cataclysm will destroy an unsuccessful civilization.

All this is because of your reluctance to change and your unwillingness to follow the Divine Law.

The Divine Law assumes that society should be based on completely different principles: when a person is able to increasingly manifest his Divine nature. Your civilization contributes to a person manifesting his devilish nature. Thus, the issue of choice is timely. And the choice mostly concerns whether you desire to follow the path of evolutionary development or to join the garbage dumps of unsuccessful civilizations of the past.

The Path is open for those of you who make the right Divine choice within yourselves and follow this choice, despite the fact that all those around you keep on following their old ways, detached from God and the Divine guidance. Even if something happens to the planet, you will get a pass to other worlds that are consonant with your vibrations. Therefore, we count every person who can prove his right to ascend to the next evolutionary stage.

You have been told about a vast opportunity that is opening up. You have been told that it is easy for you to change now because the entire Heaven gives you help and support. And it is truly a blessed time in which you live. Some individuals are evolving at a rapid pace. Others are just as rapidly sliding down.

Everyone is given a chance to survive.

Everyone is given a helping hand.

But the Law of free will does not allow intervention if there is no call for help from your side.

Yet even when the situation is completely hopeless because of the karma you have created, even when the utmost sinner is beseeching Heaven’s help at the eleventh hour, we have no right to refuse help.

So, call for help, and help will come!

Pray for salvation, and salvation will come!

Trust in God, and God will protect and guide you!

It is only your desire to change that is required.

It is your wish to serve the evolutions of planet Earth that is required.

Do not miss the opportunity that is opening up now!

It is hard to comprehend when all is well. The realization comes much more quickly when the situation grows so absurd that even the deaf and the blind start to realize that something is going wrong.

That is why I do not get tired of coming and keep shouting in your ears, The time has come!

The time has come to make a revolution in your consciousness!

I AM Babaji.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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