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You are destined for the Golden Age!

June 18, 2011

About Saint-Germain

I AM Saint-Germain!

I have come today, ladies and gentlemen, to once again assure you of the devotion of the Ascended Hosts to the Truth and Service to evolutions of planet Earth.

This Service of ours we intend to put into life! We intend to actively put into life the fundamental principles that society should be built on in the future Golden Age, which I keep promoting in your consciousness. As you become more and more imbued with the ideas of the Golden Age, these ideas will start manifesting on the physical plane.

You are destined for the Golden Age because such is the Will of God and such is the desire of the Ascended Hosts now!

No matter how strange it may seem to you, we are full of optimism and we continue to associate the rebirth of the Golden Age with Russia. The more the resistance that our principles and ideas cause in the minds of the population of this country, the sooner the pendulum will swing to the other side. All that seemed like an elusive dream will completely turn around and present another side. And those qualities that now impede transformation, God will turn to His advantage. Be confident of the fact that the changes and transformation will take place. The stars, the cosmic opportunity, and all the Ascended Hosts are already set for the coming of the Golden Age. One small problem remains, which is how the necessary changes will take place on the physical plane. Even in the case that it does not happen as we expect, during the lifespan of the current generation, it will happen in the near future.

Do not keep the Ascended Hosts waiting! Get involved bravely in the formation of the new consciousness and new way of thinking. It is exactly when you, in your consciousness, admit the fact that everything can change, and everything can change according to the Divine Law that these changes will occur.

Beloved, you have the tremendous job of changing your consciousness. And I must tell you in confidence that we have already done the main part of the work. We have sent a sufficient amount of the Divine energy of change into your world. Now this energy has lifted the debris of anything that is old and moribund, which must eventually be swept away by the wind of evolutionary changes.

So you need not lament that everything is bad. Aspire to the Divine impressions in your consciousness. Keep the childlike faith in a miracle within yourself. And the miracle will certainly happen!

You need to develop and cultivate inside yourself a sense of the significance of everything that is happening within and around you. It is this moment when there is a turning from the old to the new that is always experienced in a dramatic way. Do not be afraid of the prospect of changes. Think about the enormous possibilities that are opening up!

Think about the fact that new opportunities will open up for you the prospects of an entirely new existence where you will be able to look to the future with more confidence, and fear and uncertainty will disappear. Age-old habits and attachments inherent in people will dissolve and dissipate like clouds. And the sun of Divine opportunity will illuminate the perspectives that will open to your sight.

Do not focus your attention on the negative around you. Welcome a thought in your consciousness that everything can change, and everything will certainly change, and everything will change for the better.

I say again: A cosmic opportunity for Russia and subsequently for the whole planet continues. And I am ready to come into incarnation myself and lead the government of the Golden Age, once the conditions for my incarnation are created on Earth.

I myself am preparing the necessary conditions on the subtle plane of planet Earth. And I welcome anyone who is willing to change his negative state of consciousness to the state of anticipating the changes for the better.

Beloved, everything depends on your consciousness. And by cultivating the right attitude, the right behavioral patterns, and regulating the moral norms of behavior in society, it is possible to achieve great changes in a matter of years.

Of course, the resistance of the forces that stand for the old is colossal. But precisely due to this colossal resistance, we have an opportunity to oppose it with the equal power of change. And sooner or later we will succeed in making a breach, and the changes will pour into the physical plane like the waters of a bursting dam.

We believe that there will be a sufficient number of individuals among you who are ready to serve in the advanced vanguards that will face all the attacks and withstand them with dignity!

I am speaking about an inevitable process when the new consciousness replaces the old one. At first it germinates in the minds and hearts of the very few brave individuals who have the courage to confront the old thinking in the favor of the new thinking and old behavioral models in the favor of new patterns of behavior. At the beginning, our representatives in the physical plane will look like white crows. However, we will enhance every action, word, and deed. After all, one person who is afire with materializing the idea of the Golden Age for planet Earth can ignite the hearts of many people who are nearby.

We need light-bearers who are ready to sacrifice themselves, to sacrifice everything they have to smooth the progress of the new ideas and the new way of living that will inevitably replace the old way of living.

Get involved in the work of transforming life on planet Earth based on Divine principles and Divine guidance!

After all, it is so easy, beloved!

You only need a desire, and we will fill you with any determination you are lacking.

Just a small aspiration on your part is required, and we will fill you with energy and power!

Manifestation of love and compassion toward people who need love and compassion is required, and we will give you the Divine opportunity to transform society!

Are there daring and courageous people among you?

Have your hearts heard my Message today?

If you are ready to enter our vanguards of volunteers, write a letter to me, and I will be personally in charge of your training and give you the necessary instructions.

I am sure that there will be a long queue at my retreat tonight of people who want to help the evolutions of planet Earth!

I am waiting for you!

I AM Saint-Germain!

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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About Saint Germain

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