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You create your future and the future of the whole planet at the moment of conception of your child

June 17, 2011

About Kuthumi

I AM Kuthumi, having come to you to give a discourse that will be useful for your souls.

Today we are going to speak about the concerns that are very close and understandable to everyone. More specifically, we are going to talk about your future, about your children, and about the generation of people that will replace you.

By human standards a short period of time will pass, and a new generation of people will take the place of the generation that is living now. And each successive generation should be better than the previous one. However, this does not always happen. Why? Perhaps many of you wondered why your children are different from you. Why are they impudent, disobedient, and guided in their lives by completely different principles from those you were guided by in your time? What is the reason for this?

I will approach this subject from a standpoint that is probably unexpected for you. I will ask you to remember the period of time that preceded the moment when your child was born. There is no need to share this memory with anyone. Just try to recollect how it happened that a baby was born to you.

Perhaps you will remember that you accidentally discovered that you will have a baby. You might have even been sad or vexed by that fact. Maybe you had not even planned to have a baby and yet he emerged.

What were you thinking about when enjoying a love affair with your partner? I suppose that most of you were not thinking about creating a new human being who was to come to this world and become a creator of this world.

Your energy flows where your attention is directed. Were you thinking about getting pleasure for yourself or for your sex partner? The precious Divine energy was directed at getting pleasure.

But the Divine Will played a trick on you and a baby appeared. What did your child get in this case? What part of the Divine energy?

You yourself disposed of the Divine energy and directed it to getting pleasure. What, from that precious energy, did a new being who was so eager to get into your world receive?

You supplied your child with only the residual amount of the Divine energy. That is, the entire Divine energy boost that was supposed to be granted to your child throughout all his life remained on the things around you when you were seeking pleasures.

I think now you remember that moment?

Some of you may say that you were expecting a baby and praying for its birth. And indeed, your child was long expected and welcomed by you. But remember those days of your youth that preceded your child’s birth.

You wanted to get sexual pleasures; you experimented with your sexual energy. You did many things that you are even ashamed to remember. And every time you got pleasure you were wasting your sexual potential, which was required for your child’s birth so that your child would be healthy not only physically but also mentally. And when you settled down and were looking forward to the conception of your long-awaited first-born child, do you think that he received much of the Divine energy? Didn’t you supply your child only with the residual amount?

If your sexual pleasures were wild and indecent, what soul do you think you can attract as your child? Everything is attracted according to vibrations, and the soul you will attract as your first born child will be attracted to you after you have burdened yourself with a significant amount of karma accumulated while satisfying your desires.

After your reflection, haven’t you come to realize that you yourselves are to blame for all the problems of the next generation of people on planet Earth?

You cannot say that you have nothing to do with the fact that every new generation is less and less viable than the previous one.

Therefore, in order to change the situation on the planet, we come and give our Teaching. You should be clearly aware of the connection between all your actions and the consequences of your actions.

Only when you learn to control your desires, thoughts, and feelings, will you be able to gradually overcome the karma of your past wrong choices and deeds.

However, I have to warn you about another mistake. Many of you are inclined to blame yourself for those improper deeds that you performed in your youth. And sometimes this feeling of guilt gives rise to a whole range of psychological problems. And instead of strengthening your focus on your child and family in order to correct your past mistakes, you plunge into depression and even start to feel fear of Divine punishment.

Beloved, God does not want to punish you. He wants you to realize your mistakes and not to repeat them in the future. There is no sinner without a future. And sometimes a person who has realized his mistakes and repented for them can do much more for humankind than a person who does not commit any improper acts because of fear of Divine punishment.

Direct your energy to a positive path! Do not chew over the scenes of your past sins and mistakes again and again. That will only make matters worse because you will be directing the energy to the same wrong path. The river of the Divine energy that flows through you should find a new channel for itself and wash away the consequences of all the past wrong states of consciousness.

Constantly concentrating on the positive and on a desire to help those around you, especially your children, can transform the energy of past mistakes and create a new opportunity for the future of your children.

Complete realization of past mistakes and a fervent desire not to repeat them are quite enough to change the karmic consequences and create a bright future for your children.

Do not forget that you have created karmic connections with your children. And there is a strong probability that in your future incarnations you will be the children of those individuals who are your children now. In order to alleviate your karma in the future, you should primarily be concerned about your children's souls now.

Everything in the world is interconnected, and you need to be very careful and thoughtful about everything that you do.

The purpose of my talk today was to give you the knowledge about the importance of a thoughtful approach to planning a child’s birth. In fact, you create your own future and the future of the whole planet at the moment of conception of your child. Think about that the next time you satisfy your sexual desire.

I AM Kuthumi, with care for your souls and the souls of all the living beings.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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