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Lord Maitreya
June 16, 2011

Lord Maitreya
About Lord Maitreya

I AM Maitreya.

I have come again to hold a talk that will be useful for the development of your souls.

Do you know that every one of our visits is accompanied by great expectations from many souls who are incarnated now? They are waiting for the precious transmission of the Word. And none of the pleasures of the outer world can disturb the inner silence that comes at the moment of our communication.

As you may suspect, our talk concerns the Path of Initiations, the Path on which the Ascended Masters are instructing you. You can search and find other paths, but we can guarantee only the Path that we have been leading humankind along for millions of years, since the moment when humankind acquired reason. Therefore, today the time has come for me to give you the guidelines. I think that our communication will be helpful for your spiritual growth and advancement along the Path.

So, we have spoken about the Path of Initiations many times, and each time we revealed one or another facet of our Teaching. Yet, our Teaching on the Path of Initiations is still a mystery for many of you. You do not see a connection between many of our Messages that we give, and sometimes you contemplate this or that Message in perplexity and find contradictions between the points of individual Dictations.

Beloved, it is the first time that we have made an attempt to give the secret esoteric Teaching to such a large audience. And those people who read our Messages are at various stages in the development of their consciousness. That is why the Messages contain information for both those who are just approaching us and our Teaching and for those who are already taking their first steps along the Path, as well as for those who are steadily following the Path of Initiations. Each person is given his own special information. When you reread the Messages a second time and a third time, another meaning will open to you — one that you did not accept during your first reading or just passed over it — because now your consciousness has changed, and you have become able to perceive the Truth from a different angle.

Ancient Truth says that a person who gets in touch with the Teaching for the first time in his current life must, as a rule, continue his progress on the Path for his next seven lifetimes. A person who has just come in touch with our Teaching for the first time in this life (and such people are among the majority of those who read our Messages) will have to continue his advancement along the Path during the following six or seven lives. In every life you are given an opportunity to overcome several qualities that impede you on the Path and earn several Divine qualities that you have to acquire.

Thus, for most of the people who read our Messages, there is a Path opening up before them that is designed for seven incarnations. And only when you enter the final stage of the Path, you yourself become the Path. You are able to demonstrate your Oneness with the Creator, and you can completely identify yourself with your Higher Self.

Such is the Teaching. And no matter how lengthy such a process of advancement along the Path may seem to you, from the viewpoint of the innumerable incarnations that you have already passed through on Earth, it takes a mere moment. If our disciples did not withdraw from the Path, then all of humankind would be able to pass the initiation and transit to the next evolutionary stage in a few thousand years. However, as you can see, this does not happen.

It does not happen for you if looked from your non-ascended viewpoint. But if we looked at it from our viewpoint, we observe how here and there daring individuals storm the Peak of Divine consciousness. And when such a person reaches the Peak, all Heavens applaud him.

Therefore, those of you who have come across our Teaching for the first time ever and are reading our Messages might be discouraged by the duration of the terms. However, there are already dozens of people among those who read our Messages who have been following the Path of Initiations for more than one life. And those people have a special value for us. Each of such individual is taken under our tireless control and guardianship, and for you we are ready to give more knowledge and information than what is contained in these Messages. At your level of consciousness, you obtain an ability to read between the lines and see and anticipate much more than what is written in these Messages.

Although I am saying the same words for everyone, everyone will read exactly what he needs to read for himself right at this particular time.

For those who really need it, I will come and provide a Teaching and guidance. Each of my disciples is under my tireless care.

My main service to humankind is to take care of my disciples because I myself can come to the world of people through my disciples. This is very important at this point in time because the vibrations of the physical plane do not allow any of the higher Masters to be present in incarnation, even with the whole might of their causal bodies. But humankind needs guidance. Therefore, each of you can help humankind of Earth by purifying your body-temples and giving me or the other Masters a chance to be present on Earth at least for a short while.

We use your eyes, your hands, and your feet to carefully and gently give guidance and to realign the course that humanity is following. Therefore, there cannot be any unimportant people; each person is important if he fulfills the role that he must fulfill in this incarnation now. Even if it seems to you that what you are doing is not important, do not jump to conclusions, because from our ascended state of consciousness, all of your small actions fit into the plan that we are implementing on the planet.

Do not think that you must do some very important job somewhere on the other side of the globe. Most often, you are right there where your work is most needed, and it is not necessarily heroic work on the salvation of human souls. It can be work on bringing up your child or helping your destitute relatives. Every person who is around you, those who are in your environment and need your help, happened to be in your environment for karmic reasons. And by helping them, you are able to work off that layer of karma that impedes your advancement along the Path.

From life to life you are given a chance to work off the karma with those souls with whom you thoughtlessly created karma in your previous incarnations. Therefore, pay attention to the circumstances of your current life because as a rule, a person who is in your environment and who, as it seems to you, hinders you, is the individual with whom you must work off your karma in the first place. Do not lose hope if your efforts do not lead to a positive result. Simply apply your efforts to harmonize your relationship as much as possible. Cosmic justice will appreciate your efforts to overcome your unreal part and your desire to work off the karma of your previous incarnations.

I have given you all the guidance for today.

I AM Maitreya.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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