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Keep your consciousness at the level where it is invulnerable to any temptations of the illusion

Sanat Kumara, June 14, 2011

Sanat Kumara

I AM Sanat Kumara.

On this day, I have come to you again to talk about the essentials, about what interests you, and about what we wish to deliver to your consciousness at this current moment in time.

I would like to add to this introduction that at the current moment, there is no task that is more important for us, the Ascended Hosts, than awakening the best representatives of humankind that are incarnated now from their centuries-old sleep. I hold personal responsibility for many of you because our close bonds, rooted back in the remote past, oblige me to render all the help to your souls that can be provided. This is primarily the help in awakening your souls.

When your soul awakens to the Higher Reality, you resemble a person who wakes up and is ready for the hustle and bustle of the New Day. Your consciousness begins to take in the Truths that were inaccessible for it even the day before because the veil becomes thinner as if somebody waved a magic wand.

It is happening in the same way now. We are seizing the cosmic moment that allows us to very carefully, with light and almost imperceptible touches, awaken your souls from sleep.

We are continuously and tirelessly directing our energies of awakening into the surrounding space. And now I am focusing my energies on those who are ready for awakening.

All the diversity of the surrounding reality requires your constant attention and concentration on the physical world around you. It is not the same with my energies. My energies make you direct your attention toward the world that is invisible to your physical senses but whose existence you suspect. And you know that sooner or later this world will become as familiar, close, and as dear to you as your physical world is for you now.

However, do not be in a rush to get into our world as soon as possible, because in order to exist at another level of consciousness, you will need to learn a lot. Therefore, do not waste your time during your incarnation. Develop those qualities and gain those skills that you will need in our world, the New World, into which you should inevitably transition.

Prepare your conduits for the perception of a more subtle reality. Always remember that your physical reality will try to hold you back as soon as you start aspiring to the Higher worlds. Such is the law of the matter. Such is the law of this Universe. The old and the obsolete will resist, but it must give way to the new. The resistance of the matter increases with the coming of the New Time. You feel it in yourself and in your environment. At times, the situation seems to have become absurd, and it becomes obvious for everyone that it cannot continue in that way anymore. There cannot be a deadlock on the evolutionary path of development. The way out must be found!

Beloved, you should slightly change your angle of view in order to see the sprouts of the New World, new consciousness, and new relationships behind all the negative manifestations that overfill your world.

All that you need for further development already exists in your world. However, the illusion, due to the inevitable law, keeps throwing new obstacles on your Path. At present, the main obstacle is the diversity of information that literally fills the Internet and mass media. One must find the grains of Truth in this ocean of information. It is those grains that should form a harmonious belief system in your consciousness.

I understand you and your difficulties very well. However, there is a criterion that you must use to find those grains of information that you need at this stage. In order to find these grains of Truth, you absolutely do not need to search through all the garbage that lies on the shelves of bookstores and on the Internet and floods the television and radio space of Earth.

You should pay more attention to your inner world and your inner sensations. If you are attuned with the Divine Truth inside yourself, then this tuning-fork sound of your soul will attract the necessary information to you from the surrounding space, while the information surrogates that have filled your world will not draw your attention or divert you from your Path.

Beloved, there is no task that is more important now than getting rid of informational garbage.

Maya,[1] in its powerlessness, throws more and more new temptations at you. You must carefully distinguish these temptations of the illusion from the real manifestations of the Divine world.

The key to the distinction is your attunement with us, the Ascended Hosts, with the Divine world.

Therefore, always keep your consciousness at the level where it is invulnerable to any temptations of the illusion and the arrows of Mara’s[2] army.

Your consciousness is very important, and that is why we pay so much attention to your training.

The towrope of the Divine opportunity that we are throwing to you in the form of these Messages can pull you out of the sea of illusion. However, you have to apply your own efforts as well, at least to grab this towrope and hold it tightly in your hands.

If you lose your concentration and get carried away by another illusion, then you run the risk of either putting off your advancement on the Path for a long time or getting completely lost in the illusionary world. Therefore, maintain your aspiration and always keep the focus in your consciousness on the best Divine models.

I want to warn you that the presentation of information in your mass media is aimed precisely at depriving you of the opportunity to keep your attention on one subject for a long time. Yet, without the skill of concentration it is impossible for you to overcome the resistance of the illusion at the present moment in history.

I came today in order to give instructions to those souls who are karmically connected with me. I hold personal responsibility for bringing you out of the captivity of the illusion into the expanse of the Universe.

I AM Sanat Kumara. Om

[1] Maya (Sk.). Illusion; the cosmic power that renders phenomenal existence and the perceptions thereof possible. In Hindu philosophy that alone which is changeless and eternal is called reality; all that is subject to change through decay and differentiation and therefore, has a beginning and an end is regarded as maya—an illusion. ()

[2] Mara (Sk.). The god of temptation, the Seducer who tried to turn Buddha away from his Path. (ibid.)

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