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Master Morya
June 21, 2010

Master Morya
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I AM El Morya.

It is sad for me to give today’s Message.

You know that I was the one who obtained the dispensation on the Great Central Sun for the transmission of the winter cycle of the Messages. And I also advocated the opportunity to give this summer cycle.

However, the Divine opportunity for the transmission of our Messages has ended.

You probably thought you would always receive our energy.

You forget that we are as responsible for spending the Divine energy as you are. And every dispensation, every Divine Grace, goes through a thorough a process of careful concordance at all levels of the Cosmic Hierarchy before being granted.

Nobody can complain that you have been offended during these six years that we have been giving our Messages. We gave our Teaching widely at the most accessible level. We have literally spoon-fed you, and now we have the right to count on the result of our efforts. The karma of our efforts requires balancing if they have been made in vain.

That is why we have been looking forward to the fruits of our efforts. And today I have to state the regrettable fact that we have not gotten the expected result, and the Divine opportunity of transmitting the Messages through the Russian Messenger is over.

The way you treat our Messenger and our Teaching creates karma for you. All the Light that has been pouring upon you but has not been used in a proper way for the growth of your consciousness has created a huge karma for humankind.

Everything is dual in your world, and even the Teaching that we give may be used by you for Good as well as for evil.

So, in order to decrease the karma of humanity in connection with the disqualification of the energy contained in our Messages, we are compelled to stop giving our Messages.

The Karmic Board and the Highest Cosmic Council will decide how further events will develop.

For my part, I am ready to continue my Service to humankind, but I cannot exceed the limitations that you have created by your incorrect attitude toward the Word.

Nothing will change for you physically. You will continue your existence for some time. But what we always warned about and tried to shield humankind from will inevitably happen. And here we cannot say that we did nothing and did not undertake all possible and impossible efforts.

The Law of free will does not allow us to stop you if you decide to jump into an abyss. And that is exactly what humanity is doing now.

So, those seeds that we have sown in people’s souls during this time will sprout only if you create fertile soil so that they can germinate and sprout.

We are forced to step aside and take the position of observers.

The most regrettable fact is that many of the best human representatives are incarnated at this difficult time for Earth. And how we feel when we see that they obediently, like a snake to the flute, perform those movements accepted in society as if enchanted by the magic of the illusion.

It is necessary to make a breakthrough in consciousness because without this, humankind is doomed.

You either follow the way that complies with the requirements of evolution or replenish the garbage dump of history as one more evolution that has not passed the test of the magic of the illusion.

It will hardly ever work out well to set out the postulates of our Teaching more comprehensibly and accessibly.

I ask that you take my words attentively and thoroughly consider them in the remaining time.

I am concerned about my chelas who are incarnated and for whom I bear karmic responsibility. For you this is probably my last appeal that you can read and understand with your external consciousness. As for my work with you at my sacred retreat in Darjeeling, I will continue to meet with you and give the Teaching. However, the veil of the illusion is so thick that it is unlikely that you will be able to remember with your external consciousness the words that you will hear from me in my retreat.

Since you apparently need some time for considering and depositing our Teachings, you should know that if your soul becomes ripe and you suddenly see everything around you with the eyes of your Higher Self, remember that we are always beside you as caring nurses, ready to render all the necessary help as you come out from the illusion.

But if you rely upon our serving your ego and satisfying all the whims of your ego, then you are deeply mistaken. We cannot endlessly feed your ego with Divine energy.

For it is said, Do not cast pearls before swine.[1]

Thus, make your choices and make a decision! Every healthy sprout of your consciousness will be protected with care.

All the weeds of the human consciousness will be removed to the cosmic garbage dump.

I AM El Morya.

[1] Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and then turn and tear you to pieces. (Matthew 7:6.)

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