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Pallas Athena
June 14, 2010

Pallas Athena
About Pallas Athena

I AM Pallas Athena.

How quickly the time has flown by since our last meeting. And now the eve of the Karmic Board meeting has come again.

This meeting takes place twice per year and is set to coincide with the days of the summer and winter solstices. At each meeting we summarize which actions (planned at the previous meeting) have been done and define the plans for the future.

This time we are not in a hurry to announce our plans to you. Regardless of how much we tried to accustom people to the process of interaction, nothing happened. That is why today I will keep silent about everything that is related to our plans.

Soon you will see everything by yourselves. And I hope that the Great Central Sun will patronize us in the realization of our plans.

We relied on the rapid development of events and on a lightning-fast growth of consciousness, and this was possible. Now the astrological opportunity has changed, and our actions will be verified in precise accordance with it.

Now, I would like to proceed to the things that are more vital and comprehensible to you. In particular, I would like to discuss the process of our interaction with you in relation to the care of the natural environment that surrounds you. It is urgent to immediately change the course of humankind connected with the uncontrolled and rapacious attitude toward nature. The harmonization of the relationship with nature will be able to lead a new level of people’s lives. In fact, the energy that you take in a rapacious way is everywhere. It flows through you. Only the level of your consciousness hinders you from taking advantage of these types of energies.

When you harmonize yourselves and come into alignment with the forces of nature, these forces become obedient to you and you can manage them.

Beloved Jesus demonstrated the control of energy in the matter. And the miracles that He demonstrated were possible due to His inner achievements.

Of course, your way of living is far from perfect, and you will not be able to take control of the four cosmic forces until you put yourselves in order as well as everything that surrounds you.

Believe me; you do not need so many gadgets and machines to exist sensibly in the world. Everything has to be organized much more wisely, harmoniously, and simply.

When you do not abuse nature but cooperate with it instead, then the energy that you spent to overcome the natural processes will be returned to you in the form of many revelations that will make your lives easier.

It is necessary for you to become more sensitive toward all life that exists together with you on Earth and that you do not pay attention to. I am talking about the elemental life, the spirits of nature.

Everything that you do hinders their work. You need to cooperate with them. And then thousands of beings of the invisible world will be able to help you and take care of you. Now they run away in panic as soon as they see people.

Your inner harmony and consonance with the Divine world can rectify the situation.

I am not sure that all human individuals are capable of such cooperation with the elemental life. However, it is necessary to encourage the younger generation to learn to listen to nature and observe the invisible life.

When you get a considerable distance from populated places, regardless of whether you are in the mountains, fields, or forests, invisible beings watch you from everywhere, from every bush. And those among them who have never seen people are very curious and may approach you and even touch you. A particular sensitivity is required in order to feel the presence of the elementals. Those beings differ according to the elements, and due to their mediation you can control the elements of fire, air, water, and earth. Do not think that those beings will build dams or windmills for you. The control of the forces of nature lies in a much finer sphere.

The refinement of humanity that we call upon will be able to establish a connection with the elemental life and use the energy that is everywhere around you. Everything is energy. However, you will be able to use this energy only when you reach the level of consciousness that will allow you to interact with the kingdoms of nature.

Now the elemental life runs away in panic as soon as it glimpses a human being. The elemental life suffers from a lack of understanding that you show to it. Elementals are like little children who do not understand why adults behave that way, breaking natural laws and violating Divine principles and values.

The refinement that I am talking about becomes possible when humankind reaches the next stage of evolutionary development. In the meantime, you are just slipping into the illusion, moving from one spectacle to another, from one pleasure to another.

There are no shows and pleasures of your world that can substitute for the co-creation with nature, elementals, and God for your soul. The human was born for creation, and in this way he is similar to God, but not to constantly receive endless pleasures from life.

The situation becomes more complicated because most of humanity cannot perceive even these simple words that we are saying. However, it is necessary. Once again it is necessary to learn the new principles of interaction in everything. Isn’t it obvious to you that your civilization has come to a dead end?

You have been slipping and have not been moving anywhere for two hundred years now.

We show you the way to change the situation on the planet. But in order for humankind to be able to advance along this path, you have to transform your inner nature and to overcome the most blatant manifestations of your ego: aggression, intolerance, envy, greed, and hatred. Then you will be capable of manifesting the Divine qualities of Love, compassion, mercy, mutual aid, and mutual support.

Today, the aim of my talk was to direct your thinking to the positive path that you are going to follow if you want to develop and not sink into the thickets of illusion without a trace.

I AM Pallas Athena.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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