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The whole mechanism of a happy life is integrated within you

Mother Mary
June 11, 2010

Mother Mary
About Mother Mary

I AM Mother Mary, having come to you again on this day.

Many of you will remember this meeting with me for a long time because I will tell you something for your external consciousness that will give you the opportunity to remember our meetings in my abode.

Many of you, particularly those who feel a special closeness and affinity to me and who read my Rosaries, come to my abode during their nightly sleep, and I have the opportunity to talk with you. Although you forget our talks after you awaken, they still provide a significant support for your souls at this difficult time.

The souls of many of you cannot bear what is happening in your lives. When you come to me, you usually complain about your lives and ask me to take you back out of your incarnation. Many souls, the lightest and clearest, cannot adapt to the surrounding environment on the physical plane, and their souls remind me of roses trampled down in the dirt. And every night when I have the opportunity to meet with you, I straighten your petals and wash them with my tears.

I understand your condition very well. However, beloved, this is the state of the world now; the best souls feel depressed and do not wish to live, while the people who are not burdened with great virtues feel wonderful in the environment around them.

Beloved, your souls have taken upon themselves the heavy burden of incarnation at this difficult time on Earth. And I can only remind you of this and tell you words of comfort and wipe away your tears. But you must continue to fulfill your mission. Each of you is very dear to my heart, and this special connection with me will always help you at the time when it seems to you that you do not have any energy or any possibility to bear the rudeness and ignorance around you.

In the most difficult moments of your life, find the strength to get in touch with me in your mind. Just think about me, and I will manifest my presence beside you and share your burden. And you will feel relief and will be able to go further through life and completely fulfill your Service.

Your Service is to listen to the mockery from others and to bear all the rudeness that reigns around you. However, do not fall into condemnation. I, like my sister Quan Yin, teach you to show compassion for the souls of those who have fallen under the influence of illusion. The thirst for beauty, which is present in the souls of many people who cannot find beautiful models in the outer world, leads to inner discord and results in a revolt that manifests in bad habits and addictions that are nothing more than the desire for self-destruction.

All of you lack love and harmony. Some time ago you created your bad karma by your deeds, and now you are reaping the fruits of it. Beloved, if you can hear me now, if your souls respond to my words, please understand that all the heaviness that has fallen to your lot was created by you, by your incorrect actions in the past. That is why I cannot help telling you about the repentance and the awareness of your past sins and wrong deeds.

As soon as you can accept that you are responsible for everything that happens to you, you will choose the only correct road. If you firmly follow this path, then it will lead you out of the deadlock of dissatisfaction with your lives and of your unwillingness to live. You will feel the difference between the life around you and the life that God has commanded for you. You will be able to find those true and beautiful things that exist in the life around you, but you do not notice them because you constantly turn to where your mass media directs you.

We cannot be as loud-voiced as your mass media. Our voices are like the rustling of grass and the gentle murmur of a stream, so you have to attune your inner perception to our vibration and then we can be closer to each other. And you will regain the joy of life and the meaning of your existence. When your being is filled with Divine energy, you are happy because the Divine energy that is filling you can raise your vibrations to the most beautiful states of joy, love, inner harmony, and peace.

Unfortunately, most manifestations of your world are aimed precisely at lowering your vibrations, and you lose the consonance with the Divine world and become unhappy.

I do everything in my power to remind you that the world is beautiful. Your perception of the world changes depending on either your consonance with the Divine world or, conversely, on separation from the Divine world.

Many things that surround you can lower your vibrations, and you become unhappy only because you have surrounded yourselves with incorrect and non-Divine models.

Of course, your consonance with the Divine world is manifested within you, in your hearts. However, you have to take care that this consonance is not interrupted by the inferior manifestations of your world. I understand that it is very difficult to live in peace in the world and not to feel its impact. When you make the choice in your hearts to keep consonance with the Divine world, you become capable of gradually changing the surrounding environment, step by step, removing one low-grade manifestation after another.

Everything has definite vibrations, beloved. Everything is vibration. Your food has definite vibrations, your music has definite vibrations, the architecture of cities, clothing, and things that you use every day have definite vibrations. Some things carry positive vibrations and others carry negative vibrations. And sometimes one inharmonious thing can deprive you of your peace of mind and harmony.

It is especially necessary to be careful when you expose yourselves to the effect of constantly turned-on TVs and radios! You constantly expose yourselves to questionable models that deprive you of the opportunity to experience the Divine states of consciousness and consonance with the Divine world. Everything that I am telling you is so natural but I am puzzled when you listen to me and even agree with me, but as soon as you stop reading my Message you immediately return to your former lifestyles.

You have to follow our recommendations, and then in my abode you will not have to shed floods of tears and complain about your life.

The whole mechanism of a happy life is integrated within you. Why don’t you use it?

I AM Mother Mary, having been with you today.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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