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A conversation with the people of Russia

Master Nicholas Roerich
June 8, 2010

Master Nicholas Roerich

I AM Nicholas Roerich.

Our conversation today will be serious. Therefore, attune yourselves. Who if not I will let you know the true state of affairs on the finer plane of the planet? Who if not I will let you know of the perils that endanger you now. Of course, in the first place, I would like to appeal to the inhabitants of Russia, because the karmic relations with this country still oblige me to work for its good now. I have karmic connections with many people who are in incarnation now. Therefore, I hope that some of them will read this Message of mine. I will be able to act, thanks to you and through you. It is not possible to postpone for the future that which is long overdue and is already happening. Now the country is faced with a choice.

There are no well-defined outlines about the future. It could have been possible for some time to try on the caftan of the Western model. However, it is obvious that this caftan is too narrow for the big Russian soul.

It is necessary to turn to the roots of Russia. It is necessary to trace everything truly heroic and bright that happened in the history of Russia, not only in ancient times but also what remains in the memory of the generation that is still alive and is gradually leaving the physical plane.

There were very ugly and dark things in the past. However, there were examples of incomparable heroism, devotion, and love to the homeland. It is necessary to choose the best and to cultivate it in the consciousness of people — not because we would like to strengthen the priority of the Russian nation but because we must regain national dignity and national pride. We have much to be proud of! And the history of Russia should be taught at the highest level in all educational institutions of the country.

All segments of society have an extremely depressed state of consciousness because there is no national idea that could unite people. And the overall state of people is now much worse than at the time of socialism. At least aspiration and dedication to the ideals were cultivated at that time.

People, deprived of the national idea, do not remember their heroic past and do not have any future.

It is necessary to think about that, and this situation should be corrected. There are people who are dedicated to Russia at all levels of the government and at all levels of society. That is why the first task is to confirm everything of the Light that still exists in society. People need ideals to aspire to. People are tired of faithlessness and hypocrisy.

There were talentless people and spongers who were a burden for the country in the past. But now sponging and laziness, the cult of money and pleasures, are placed in the iconostasis in all the media.

How are you going to march further, and how can Russia fulfill its Divine mission if vulgarity continues to run the show? Immorality and low standards have never been built almost to the level of state policy in Russia.

Many people take the eradication of banality and low standards from TV screens and social life as an encroachment on the foundations of democracy.

Consciousness, above all, should rise to democracy. Then it will be possible to contemplate democracy. And now it is necessary to ring the bells and save what still can be saved from this camarilla of deviltry that runs the show.

It is necessary for all inhabitants of Russia to think seriously about it. Even the best government will not be able to do anything if the people are ignorant and in the dark.

Of course, it is easier to govern people whose consciousness is at the lowest level. All control takes place at the level of animal instincts. Who needs a society comprised of people who think only about their physical bodies but have forgotten about God and the soul?

That is why I have come, and I will continue to come as long as this Divine opportunity does not stop. The time has come to seriously think about the future of Russia and to act as if the enemy was right outside. A volunteer organization is required to guard against vulgarity and ignorance. I will never get tired of repeating that the responsibility for the education of future generations lies upon everyone who now makes decisions and has some responsibility.

Russia has now reached a turning point. And the opposite forces have a significant advantage.

Therefore, all of you who are reading these lines of mine should not think that this does not concern you, that you are not in power and that nothing depends on you. The collective subconsciousness of the nation is formed by each of you. And the manifestation of heroism is possible not only on the battlefields.

There is still some time left. However, the door of opportunity is just about to be closed.

Every time I come, I try to wake your souls up from the dream. The awakened soul will not ask what to do and wait for clear instructions. The awakened soul acts in accordance with their internal guidelines and is ready to exploit whatever is manifested. And sometimes, for many of you, it will be a feat just to give up everything that contributes to the decline in society: alcohol, drugs, tobacco, stupid numbing music, talentless broadcasts on television and radio. That whole industry of earning money exists only because you are feeding it with your money and your energy.

Society is ill. However, if there was no opportunity for change, there would be no reason to come and give our Messages.

The probability that everything will change and will change for the better still exists. And this probability has to exceed 50 percent, and this will happen only if you do not just read these words of mine but also manage to apply my words in your lives.

There are no bombs, but people are dying as if there were bombings. And what is the worst of all, their souls die quietly and senselessly. There is no occupation, but people are severely tested when the enemy is lurking in every home in the dark twilight of human consciousness.

I have come today for a conversation with the people of Russia. And I believe in the great future of this country.

The dawn always comes after the darkest night. And I hope that the dawn of the Divine consciousness is still achievable for the people of Russia.

I AM Nicholas Roerich

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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