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A Teaching on attitudes toward labor and money

Beloved Babaji
June 7, 2010

Beloved Babaji

I AM Babaji. I have come to you again.

I will come to you while I can give my Teaching through this Messenger.

Of course it would be much better if I came to you as at those times when I was in my Ashram in Haidakhan, and I could give my Teaching directly.

But those times have gone. And a new incarnation will require considerable efforts from the Ascended Realm. That is why I use this present opportunity because even this opportunity can vanish.

Humankind does not learn and does not want to learn. The problem is in the laziness of your soul that wants to rest and does not want to work.

What nonsense it is that you have to rest. Why do you think that you will be happy if you rest?

I gave the Teaching about Karma Yoga. And I continue to assert from my ascended state of consciousness that only Karma Yoga, the efforts of constructive labor for Common Good that you direct correctly, can change and reverse the situation that has formed in the world.

It is labor, correct labor, which can change everything.

While you work to earn money, you move nowhere. What nonsense it is to attach your labor to some result on the physical plane. Labor itself is of great value. And true labor is the highest good for the development of a human soul.

Reconsider your attitude toward work. Ask yourself this question: Why does labor no longer bring you joy?

It is strange to see the result of your labor as earning some pieces of paper. What are these pieces of paper in the Divine world? They belong to your world, the world of illusion. In the Divine world, a very different result of your labor matters, namely the skills and invaluable experience that is needed for the development of your individuality.

After your incarnation you will return to our abodes and suddenly realize that your life has passed senselessly and aimlessly. You were in pursuit of some pieces of paper that you called money in order to get pleasures from your life again and again. But no matter what pleasures you got, you became bored with them some time later, and again you sought after money to buy some new pleasures.

The most important thing is the pleasure, the pleasure of labor that is as natural as breathing, which is lost to you for some reason. You are too deep in the illusion. And the simplest things that are accessible for a child have become incomprehensible for you. A child works from morning until night. He or she is always busy. He or she is creating. It only seems to you that he or she is playing. He or she remembers the Divine world, and he or she knows why they came into incarnation. But in several years the child loses interest in laboring, after getting in touch with your system of values because labor itself is not appreciated in your society. Only the ability to earn money is valued in your society.

At the time when I was in incarnation, I saw the attachment that people had to money. And I liked to test those who tried to approach me and move to live in the Ashram. I obliged them to collect a certain amount of money and give it to me.

That is how I determined to what extent a person was devoted to me and the Teaching that I was giving. In fact, I made them part with the main thing that they had the greatest attachment to: money.

Many of them thought that I needed money for constructing the Ashram or they thought that was my way of collecting money for the Teaching. It was silly to think that the Teaching can be obtained for money.

There is no true value that can be obtained for money. Love cannot be obtained for money. Devotion cannot be obtained for money. Serving cannot be obtained for money.

Only an imitation of the Divine qualities can be obtained for money. Try to make a nightingale sing for money. The same thing happens when you try to obtain the Teaching for money.

All money, like any other kind of energy, is given by God. And it is Him you should be grateful to for everything: for food that you eat, for clothes that you wear, for shelter that you have, and for the Teaching that you receive from us.

Consider my words when you have time, when you are free from vanity, money-seeking, and pleasures.

There is another side of this Teaching that I give to you today. It is a respectful attitude to the money energy as toward any kind of energy, because everything comes from God. And while your society is so imperfect that there is money in it, you should have the right attitude toward money. And your desire to give a donation for some good cause from the bottom of your hearts has deep roots and is quite reasonable because money that works for some good cause can work off your karma. That is how you can clear yourself from karma.

But that will work only if your donation is sincere, and you do not regret parting with your money. While money exists in society, you have to carefully monitor your attitude toward money and the way you spend it.

Like everything in your illusionary world, money has a quality of duality. And you can spend it in order to either multiply the illusion or to curtail the illusion. In the first case you create karma, in the second case you work it off.

I have come today to give you this Teaching on attitudes toward labor and money so you can follow this Teaching in your lives. Otherwise, if you receive the Teaching but do not use it in practice, you create the same karma as if you had performed wrongful deeds.

I AM Babaji.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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