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I am giving you a guaranteed way Home

Lord Maitreya
April 23, 2006

Lord Maitreya
About Lord Maitreya

I AM Maitreya, having come to you again through my Messenger.

I have come! And as always, I intend to give you a Teaching and instructions necessary for your advancement along the Path. Your Path is the Path of Initiations. How many of you think about the Path of Initiations, living your life? How many of you have at least the slightest idea of that Path?

You have heard and read in different sources that there is this Path of Initiations. And today I have come to tell you that the Path of Initiations is in fact the fastest and the shortest way that leads you to God. That is the Path of ego rejection. That is the Path of your willing consent to go through certain tests, even the hardest ones, to make your way Home shorter.

That is the Path that you choose of your own free will. That is the shortest way, leading you Home. You can choose another way. And that way will be more pleasant, but it will incommensurably take more time. Moreover, following a very pleasant way that doesn't require any tension on your part, you sometimes risk getting lost and fail to find your way Home, and you also risk not getting back to the starting point of your Path. Therefore, I have come, and I am telling you that I am giving you a guaranteed way Home. However, your way along that Path will require all your strength. You will have to sacrifice much that you have. But the most desirable sacrifice for us will be your ego that you should inevitably leave, following the Path of Initiations. All the tests on your Path are aimed at one thing only, at leaving your unreal part; and you should establish a close connection with the real part of you. Therefore, I come again and again to urge you to take it seriously and to warn you that the Path that I teach through my Messenger is very severe, though your return Home, on condition that you stand all the tests on your Path, is guaranteed. You can choose whether to follow that Path or not. Nobody can force you. I am just giving you the information, and you are making your choice.

There are many different teachings in your world. There are correct ones among them, and there are completely wrong ones that take you away from the Path and contribute to your delusion. So, every time that we get a conductor in the physical world, we give information about our Path of Initiations. It is the Path of Initiations that was taught by Jesus and Gautama Buddha. It is the Path of Initiations that was followed by initiates at all times. Now we invite you to renew the ancient traditions and try to cultivate them in your society at this stage.

First, you should know that there is the Path of I AM. That Path opens for you through those who have already gotten the necessary initiations and have given their temples for Serving. Your way Home can be completed through these people, one of which is our Messenger through whom we give these Messages. You get a guide on the physical plane. And at the moment when you accept our Messenger as your Guru, you stand up on the steps of the Hierarchy, and the whole Hierarchy serves you and helps you in your advancement along the Path. It is a very simple Path. However, it would seem as though that simple step becomes an insurmountable barrier for many of you. You see an ordinary person burdened with human imperfections in our Messenger; and you cannot see the true essence of the Messenger behind the human manifestation, the essence that allowed us to stop our choice at that person. When you deal with the true representative of our Hierarchy on the physical plane, and when you completely and unconditionally accept our Messenger as your Guru, the opportunity that the Heavens give at this historical moment for planet Earth opens for you. Of course, only you can decide whether to use this opportunity or not. But, I am telling you that at this time there is no Messenger living in the West and brought up in Western traditions who represents our interests. Therefore, I urge those of you who have not decided yet to use the given opportunity, weigh all the information thoroughly, and make your decision. The window of opportunity is open for many life-streams now. And if you use this opportunity, you will make your Path much shorter. You choose the shortest way, leading you Home.

However, if you are not ready for such a radical step, do not let that circumstance confuse you. All of you are at different stages of your advancement along the Path.

We drop a rope of opportunity for you. And if you do not feel enough strength to grip that rope and climb the upright rocks, well, then wait for another opportunity. But I do not think that you will have the other opportunity during this life.

You should love severe conditions of tests. You should believe with all your being, and finally, stand up on the steps of the Hierarchy that has been leading you and taking care of you for millions of years. And every time, when the window of opportunity opens, it is similar to our throwing a net, catching some souls, and taking them out of the illusion.

However, others prefer to stay in the illusion, and that is their choice.

Now, when our talk has become so frank, I would like to tell you one more thing; you will decide to what extent it will be necessary for your consciousness. We have made a decision to make one more gift from Heaven to you. And that gift is so precious and so blissful for your souls that only those individuals who are still too deep in illusion will not be able to appreciate it. Our gift is the following. Today we announce the beginning of one more Divine dispensation, a Divine opportunity. I will take each of you, who will write a letter to me today or during the immediate month period and wish to follow the Path of Initiations, to my School. But the condition is that you accept our Messenger as your Guru. Without that condition, neither I nor any of the representatives of the Hierarchy can render you all the help that you need.

You accept our rules of play, and only after that we will start giving you all necessary help and support.

I understand that such a decisive announcement will be a source of doubts and anxiety for many of you. However, that is why our schools exist, so that you can live in a state of constantly overcoming your unreal part. And for some people, the needed decision will be made easily and will not cause any tension within. For others the given condition will become an insurmountable barrier on the Path.

And if you feel a very strong resistance and indignation within, I would advise that you go deep within yourself to find out the reason for the given state of yours. What is the cause of it? For you it is the signal that there is a problem within you.

However, you should know that all your problems are connected with the strength of your ego; it doesn't want to lose its power over you. That is why this step is so necessary. And without this step you lose the opportunity of your advancement at least until the end of your current incarnation.

We have never spoken so openly and so concretely.

We hope that your consciousness is ready for such a serious talk.

And now let me say goodbye to you until our next meeting. And I hope that you will make a wise decision in your heart.

I AM Maitreya, hoping for you.

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