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You have to be ready for constant changes in your consciousness

Lord Maitreya
April 11, 2006

Lord Maitreya
About Lord Maitreya

I AM Maitreya, having come to you again.

From this day forward and in the nearest future, something amazing will take place in your lives. You will not be able to live according to the laws and stereotypes typical for you earlier. The laws of the physical world have been changing and have already been changed. Therefore, those of you who think that nothing is changing on the planet and nothing is happening will have to witness the opposite in the nearest future. The planet is moving toward transformation; the planet is changing according to the plans of God.

The more that some of you cling to the old and obsolete, the more painful the process of changes will be for you.

In your consciousness you have to be ready for constant changes and alterations. Every single thing will undergo changes in the nearest future. Your consciousness goes through tremendous changes. If you look at your life with an open mind, you will be surprised to find out how much it has already changed, and it is still changing.

The changes that take place in the world are very significant; and if some time ago those changes took hundreds and even thousands of years, now the process is accelerated to several years. This process is going on regardless of the will of those who wish to continue living within the old limits, no matter whether those are religious limits, moral relations in society, or other spheres of human activity.

Therefore, we come to inform you once again of the changes that are taking place and which have already taken place.

The cycle of the Dictations that we have been giving through our Messenger started just a bit more than a year ago. If those of you, who carefully read and reread those Dictations, look at your lives and at the life around, you will notice the changes. What is more, you will notice that many points from our Dictations, which seemed important and timely a year ago, have become obsolete by now.

The changes in people's consciousness have never been so rapid during the whole history of human development on planet Earth.

The resistance of those forces that stand for the illusion is obvious. They act through everyone who has some imperfection and who chooses to get under the influence of those forces within themselves. Therefore, we are calling you to attentively analyze your actions, your motives, and your reactions to other people's actions.

The point is that the returning of karma is also accelerated. And if earlier you could face the consequences of your wrong actions only in the next incarnation, and you grumbled about why you had been born in such unfair conditions, now you have an opportunity to face the consequences of your wrong choices within a year, and in some cases, literally the next day. Therefore, you can watch the Law of Cause and Effect influencing you, your relatives, and the people around you. You just have to look at what is happening with you from the right point of view and with an open mind.

Now everyone has a chance to get acquainted with the Law of Karma in practice. It is impossible to blame God, saying that some individuals do not have proper behavior but yet they are safe and sound. Look attentively and you will see what happens to those who neglect the Divine Law and pretend to be the master of this universe.

There is a universal Law; and there is a definite order in the Universe. I am happy to inform you that in accordance with the cosmic terms, order will be established on planet Earth in the nearest future. The Divine Law will manifest in people's lives more and more. And it will become more and more difficult not to follow this Law.

It is similar to going up the stream of a tumultuous mountain river. No matter how you try, the stream will carry you away because it is useless to struggle with God. You should obey the Divine Law operating in this universe.

We are carefully watching that the rise of vibrations on the planet is not followed by big cataclysms. We have managed with it so far. But the process of changes will continue more successfully if you take away from your consciousness all those obstacles that impede your changing and your following along the path of changes.

Every time we come and remind you of the transformations and changes that the planet is going through, there are always a certain number of skeptics who say that nothing is changing in their lives, and they do not notice anything. Well, we can only be glad that the changes are so gradual and mild that many of you do not even notice them or pretend not to notice them.

Now, I would like to tell you one more important thing. It is about your moving along the Path of Initiations. No matter whether you wish that or not, your personal advancement is possible only when you assume certain obligations before the Ascended Masters and accept the Laws existing in the universe.

There is a Law that is not well known on the planet, but this Law is unavoidable just like the law of Karma. According to that Law, after passing a certain part of the Path, your advancement along the spiritual Path requires your voluntary subjection to the Higher Law existing in this universe and taking the steps of the Hierarchy.

As soon as you stand on the steps of the Hierarchy, all the Ascended Masters provide you with their patronage and help. The only thing that is required from you is your subjection to the Law, humility, obedience, and the discipline of a disciple.

Do agree that when you enter a certain institute you are obliged to obey its rules. Why do you think that you can master the Divine science without following certain rules and the Law?

So, I am leaving you today, and I am giving you some time to think about how strong your determination is to follow the Path of the apprenticeship and how much you could sacrifice in your life in order to get access to the Divine Wisdom.

I AM Maitreya, and see you on the Path of Initiations.

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