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We are clearly showing the Path

Master Morya
December 27, 2014

Master Morya
About Master Morya

I AM El Morya!

The time has come for our last Message for this cycle.

It is a pity to say goodbye, but the time for the Divine opportunity has run out.

We regret to come to a disappointing conclusion that the majority of our energies and efforts that we spent on transmitting our Messages for the past 10 years have not been adopted by our chelas who are currently incarnated.

Our voice is too weak against the cacophony that is continuously being transmitted into your world from television screens and sound speakers.

Yet, that is only half of the problem. The main difficulty is that your consciousness is firmly blocked from our vibrations by you yourselves.

We come and tirelessly send our rays to awaken your sleeping consciousness.

Now, when we have finally managed to carry through into your world our invaluable Teaching with tremendous efforts and an immense Divine mercy, after 10 years of meticulous work, what do we see?

All we see are faint glints of the Divine consciousness scattered here and there around the world.

Such weak response to our efforts is too unconvincing for the Karmic Board and the Supreme Council of this Universe to grant an additional opportunity and additional energy reserve.

Beloved, God has no limitations.

Absolutely everything is possible for God!

However, we have to take into account your free will. We cannot force you to follow the evolutionary path of development.

We can spend our efforts and try to persuade you, but we cannot make you do anything. This is the difference between us and many other masters and their representatives that appear here and there on the planet.

You know that we, as the Masters of humankind, are constantly helping and giving our Teaching throughout countless millennia.

You are also aware that your world is a dual world. It contains the Good and the evil, the Light and the darkness. Each of you can verify it for yourselves by carefully looking around.

Indeed, this world is a mixture of various manifestations opposite to each other. Only thanks to the Teaching about differentiation, the Teaching about the Good and the evil, and the Teaching about the Path of Initiations that we give, the souls that choose the evolutionary path of development are able to break free from the chains of illusion literally within one incarnation.

We are clearly showing the Path. We render our help to everyone who is asking us for help and support.

But we cannot help you against your will, or when you criticize us, or criticize our Messenger.

Beloved, the whole Teaching is being given based on the feeling of deep Love and Compassion to humankind of Earth. You are only able to absorb the Teaching based on the feeling of unconditional Love to God and the Masters.

That is why, when your hearts are filled with hatred and you search for those responsible for your miserable situation outside of yourselves, we cannot help you in any way.

You need to admit that it is much easier to find those who are guilty outside yourselves — in some country, social class, race or nationality, faith or religion — rather than getting down to the true reason for everything that is happening in your life.

According to the Law, everything that happens to you in your lives is caused by you yourselves, by your past choices and actions.

You reap what you sow.

Therefore, wise people in all times did nothing but fight their negative traits and imperfections. They understood very well that a more perfect consciousness corresponds to a more perfect outside world.

That is why the world that you currently reside in is the reflection of your imperfect consciousness.

There is no sense in seeking the guilty ones outside yourselves for the injustice that surrounds you.

When looking at your lives from the perspective of one incarnation, rarely can one trace the changes that happen in everything that surrounds you when your consciousness changes. One should be a very ascetic wise person to understand the changes happening around you, which are often intangible.

However, if you believe in God and the Wisdom of His Law, you realize that your birth in certain circumstances already corresponds to the karma that you have earned throughout a series of your past lives.

If you have firmly decided to follow the Divine Path regardless of any external conditions, despite everything that exists in your world, then your daily efforts will render invaluable help to your soul in 100 percent of the cases.

This help will not necessarily be manifested in the form of wealth, health, or longevity. Yet, the state of inner bliss, peace, harmony, and Love is sometimes more valuable and more rare on Earth in your time than material wealth.

We direct all our efforts so that you could be happy and constantly reside in God.

I am parting with you today with great hope that we will be able to continue our work with our devoted chelas in one way or another.

I AM Master Morya!

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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