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Successful development of society is impossible without sustaining true spiritual traditions

Lord Lanto
December 25, 2014

Lord Lanto

I AM Lanto.

I have come again. I hope very much that our talk today will be useful for you and for your souls.

You know that it is very important in your time to concentrate all your efforts on maintaining inner balance, the balance of your energies. I will not reveal any secret if I tell you that practically all real human spiritual achievements are determined by only one thing: the ability to maintain the state of inner peace and oneness with the Creator despite any external circumstances.

This is the exact quality that Teachers of humankind tried to develop in their disciples

When a Great Teacher came into incarnation, he always created a circle of the devoted chelas around him. And those particular chelas provided the support and success of the missions of Light, which the Teachers of humankind are always bringing to Earth.

However, in your time the very concept of the Guru-chela relationship is lost.

You have no traditions and no respect for the Master. Barbarism has seized all spheres of human life.

When the consciousness of the majority of humankind is constantly at the level of satisfaction of purely animal instincts and needs, high spiritual achievements cannot be expected. All spiritual achievements were always provided by the traditions of certain spiritual schools. The institute of maintaining spiritual traditions always existed. Your time is the only exception.

In more ancient times, people knew that without maintaining true spiritual traditions the successful development of society was not possible.

Any society whose foundations are substantially deprived of spiritual traditions is doomed to degeneration and extinction.

Despite the apparent attractiveness of the currently-existing Earth civilization worshiping the golden calf, this civilization will not continue. Unfortunately, it is doomed because it tore itself from God and therefore, tore itself from the source of Divine energy. And you know that everything in this world is supported and exists only thanks to the Divine energy.

Voluntary rejection of the source of energy dooms a civilization to non-existence.

It always happened that way in the past ages.

Unfortunately, the history of humanity existing in chronicles at this time only covers several thousand years. If you had an opportunity to look deeper into the past ages, you would have living examples before your eyes that would show that leaving God and using the Divine energy in the wrong ways led to the destruction of highly developed civilizations, highly advanced from the technical point of view.

The destruction of Atlantis can be given as the last historical example. The legends that still exist tell about a huge continent that was destroyed in several days; it just immersed in the depths of the ocean.

Only selected followers of the Teachers of humanity survived; these were the ones who kept the devotion to God in their hearts.

At that time, about a million years ago, the continent of Atlantis was in a constant state of war. The people that inhabited that continent were separated according to the main principle of their attitude to God and His Law.

Some people used the Divine energy solely for satisfying their increasing desires and whims.

The other, smaller part of humanity maintained their devotion to God. There was constant animosity and confrontation between those two groups.

In their inner essence, those are truly two completely opposite directions for human development. The first is aimed at serving the ego and satisfying its desires. The second is aimed at serving God and neighbor.

Look carefully at the situation that is now formed in the world. Do you not think that history repeats itself?

This history repeats with enviable constancy. But in your time there are a significantly smaller percentage of people who stand for true Divine principles in their lives.

This is explained by the fact that poor students are living now on the planet, the people who have fallen behind in their development, their spiritual development, from the advanced part of humanity who are dwelling at higher energy levels now.

Your time is called the Kali Yuga. This is the exact name of the age of degradation and the absence of the priority of God in people’s lives.

With all the seeming outer pomp and with all the technical achievements, the existing civilization is doomed to destruction. It is exactly due to the fact that it has torn itself from God and His Law.

The big and still-increasing population of the world signifies the approach of some critical point. In His boundless mercy, the Creator gives all souls a chance to manifest their true Divine nature. But during a thousand-year sequence of past incarnations in which the currently incarnated individuals showed non-divine behavior, the conditions in which they have to show Divine behavior patterns now are not the best.

That is how the Law of Karma works.

If people still wish to indulge their desires and passions, then in every following incarnation they have worse and worse conditions impeding the manifestation of their Divine nature.

There is nothing apocalyptic or hopeless in the picture that I have just described. Every person has a chance to change the vector of his or her aspirations toward the Divine at any moment.

Our task is to come and give you our Teaching, which is truly a reliable indicator of the right direction, the direction for immortality of your souls.

Those who will find strength, courage, faith, and aspiration to follow the path that we are showing, will create the grain of the next civilization of the Golden Age.

Those who prefer to follow their animal nature will finally have an incarnation in conditions that best corresponds to their inner essence.

I hope that today we have had an important talk bringing much clarity for your souls.

I AM Lanto.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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