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I have come to clarify the situation that has developed on the planet

Gautama Buddha
December 24, 2014

Gautama Buddha
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I AM Gautama Buddha.

I have come on this day to speak about the most important topic that may be worrying and concerning many of our devoted disciples.

I have come to clarify for you the situation that has developed on the planet.

Despite the fact that the Karmic Board session is in full swing, there is hardly anything that can affect its outcome. The facts and events of the recent past are quite clear for the decision to be made — the decision that has matured and that I will not notify you about.

However, I need to tell you some details about the situation and the urgent need for your decisions and actions following these details.

You yourselves can analyze the situation on the planet without our help. I do not think that any of you would dare assume that the situation is changing for the better. The opposite is much more likely.

We were expecting this, and we have always warned you that the situation on the planet is very difficult and requires all of your devotional service and all your monumental efforts not only to change the situation but also to turn it around in the right direction.

We have used every effort to stabilize the situation on the planet, but I cannot say the same about you.

It is too difficult to accept the fact that all our efforts aimed at having our Teaching germinate in the hearts of as many individuals as possible have faced a rock-solid wall of misunderstanding and antagonism that comes from the collective unconscious of humankind.

The cyclic development of the Universe and of human society presupposes that there are cycles of development and cycles of recession. The extent to which humankind follows the Divine Laws and the extent to which the majority of humankind is ready to accept the authority of the Supreme Law in their lives may cause either a global demolition or just a partial pause of the stable development of humankind at its critical points.

To say it more precisely, we have entered a period of unfavorable external circumstances for planet Earth.

You know, and we have given this Teaching many times, that the outer manifestation corresponds exactly to the inner aspirations of the majority of humankind on Earth, or at least of some critical mass of humankind. That is why we tried to impact the consciousness of the most progressive part of human society through our Messages, so that by changing society’s consciousness we could influence the situation on the planet.

Our efforts were constant, and you cannot complain that we had left you without our instructions and our guidance even for a year.

We provided the smallest details, which if you followed our guidance, you could easily change your consciousness within the shortest possible time.

The opportunities for transmitting our Teaching have run out.

Everything in this world has its beginning and its end.

This does not mean that we will leave humankind on your own. No, this is clearly not the case.

However, we reserve the right to change the conditions of how we will participate in the processes of regulating the evolution on planet Earth.

We will continue to render assistance to humanity. But it will be assistance of a completely different nature.

There are two main ways of changing the consciousness of humankind in accordance with the Divine Law of evolution: the way of Teaching the Divine knowledge by means of the Word and the way of Teaching the basics of the Divine knowledge by means of returning the karma for the missed opportunities and mistakes.

The first way has currently exhausted itself. We can no longer waste the Divine energy, as our efforts did not yield any results.

That is why in the near future you will have to approach the understanding of the Divine Truths from another side: through suffering and deprivation.

There is always an opportunity to take an easier path. However, that path is open only for the few of those who are sincerely following the Ancient Teaching and have forever tied their lives with God.

The rest of humankind will unfortunately have to face the return of the karma that they have created themselves by misusing the Divine energy.

Should I say in what ways karma will be returned to humankind?

I think that each of you can understand these ways yourselves or read about it in our previous Messages that we have been tirelessly giving for the past 10 years.

The whole Teaching was carefully verified by us, and you cannot say that you have not received it to the extent that is available for your comprehension at this stage of evolutionary development.

We can no longer give what is not in demand among you.

Therefore, you will be able to make a lot of revelations in the near future if you reread our Messages through the prism of the events that will soon be taking place.

Each person will make his or her own choice. Each person will receive the results of his or her own choice. Those of you, who have chosen the illusionary world and have been enchanted by its evil attractiveness, will remain in the world that you have chosen.

Those of you who did not give in to the enchantment of the illusionary world and chose the Divine world will continue your evolution at the new energy level.

The whole Teaching about the time of choice, the time of separating the grain from the chaff, the time of the final battle between the Light and the darkness, has been given by us many times.

Now the time is coming when the consequences of your choices must be manifest in the physical plane.

First, the choice is made in the plane of thoughts and feelings, and then that choice comes down to the physical plane.

Today I have told you much more than what is acceptable for your consciousness.

My talk today is aimed at helping the few to whom this assistance can be rendered.

I AM Gautama Buddha.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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