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Always stay in Love, and everything will start changing around you

Beloved Mother Mary
December 23, 2014

Beloved Mother Mary

I AM Mother Mary, having come to you.

Today, I would like to talk to you about your needs and your necessities of the hour. Many of you turn to me for help. I can render my help to many of you.

However, there are a certain number of souls who are so burdened with the unnecessary load of their past sins, that I wish I could but I cannot render them my help. My angels and I are constantly in a state of service and special attention to your requests and appeals.

I must tell you that even when the help cannot be given in all fullness, we do everything possible in order to alleviate your sufferings.

The tears of repentance that I often see in your eyes during our conversation tell me much more about you than your words and even your prayers.

You cannot imagine what kind of work the Ascended Hosts have to do in order to enable your souls to realize many of your sins and to repent for them.

When repentance comes into your heart, your karmic burden becomes easier by half. And you can dissolve the remaining half by your daily prayers and efforts aimed at relieving the plight of other suffering souls.

Believe me that your help to the suffering souls is invaluable in your time.

Many people do not even realize that they are suffering. They cannot understand this because they have nothing to compare their state with. They are so burdened with their problems and concerns that they do not see even a gleam of Light in the total darkness of their surrounding life.

So, give the ray of hope to these souls. Open your hearts to Love, and send a small part of your Love to each suffering heart in your world.

This will not be hard for you, will it? This will not be difficult for you, to warm the violent hearts of politicians, economists, government officials, and commercial structures with your Love, will it? After all, you can overcome the stereotypes within yourself and see in the most (in your opinion) malicious and ossified government and business officials, the hearts of people who just do not know Love.

Many people have fallen under the spell of the illusory forces.

They are sleeping and are having horrible dreams, and they try to promote their dreams into their lives.

This is because there is no God or His manifestation, Love, in the hearts of those people. The lack of God is exactly the thing that makes many politicians do horrible deeds. If someone’s Love could warm their hearts with at least a short impulse of Goodness and Light, we predict that many horrible consequences of their actions could be prevented because they will change. The impulse of Divine energy can dissolve fear and aggression in the hearts of the most hardened criminals and God-haters.

It happens sometimes that at a particular moment a person wakens from his dream, and tears of repentance appear on his cheeks. The repentant person can no longer cause harm to others, to children and elderly people.

Therefore, do take the trouble to grow Love in your heart at this dark time and send this Love to those who, in your opinion, need this Love so that the hearts of those people can change. This way we will be able to change the future of the whole planet by our mutual efforts, no matter how sad and joyless the future may seem.

We can change any situation on planet Earth by our mutual efforts.

I am urging you not to be lazy and to improve yourself and those imperfections that are still blocking the manifestation of Divine Love in your hearts.

Think about what is preventing your hearts from manifesting Love.

Think about how to dissolve the ice of fear, aggression, and lack of faith that literally fetters your hearts.

Think about what you can do for other people — not only for your relatives but also for all those people on whom public opinion depends.

Sometimes, one person who has enough influence on society can change public opinion to overcome the negative tendencies in the world.

You must be firm in your faith, and with your faith you will be able to let so much Love into your world that the hearts of many people will change.

Everything can be changed, beloved.

Everything is possible with God’s help, absolutely everything. You just need to focus all your efforts on God, His presence in your lives, and His guidance in all your deeds and actions.

Every day and from day to day.

Do not think about those who have forgotten God and show not the best human qualities. Think about Divine Love that is growing in your heart from day to day.

Always stay in Love, and everything will start changing around you.

If you lack faith and devotion, remember me. Remember those quiet minutes when you were able to catch my eye or look at my image and get an answer to your question.

Remember those moments of peaceful joy during our direct communication that you experienced in your life from time to time.

Beloved, I am always with you!

We are together!

I share all your misfortunes and sufferings with you completely, and I do everything possible to alleviate them fully.

May peace, calmness, and goodness always be with you.

I AM Mother Mary, loving you and taking care of you.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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